California Sons in Retirement (SIRs), Part 3

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Third of a four-part series dealing with retirement.

Update: When we last met our retired hero, Rob, he had just returned from his first-ever SIRs meeting.

Rob’s mind was a bit muddled. The meeting had been OK. The guys he met had all been friendly and helpful. The lunch itself was about a six on Rob’s scale of zero to ten. The meeting was precise, and the boss at the head table, who apparently held the title of Big SIR, had kept things moving – a trait Rob appreciated. He had enjoyed the speaker. Once again, the presentation had been about the right length – not too long – but entertaining enough to keep his interest. One of the officers had given him an application blank with only a mild amount of perceived pressure.

So, considering all this, what stood in Rob’s way of filling out the application and signing on?

In short, he missed a younger crowd. It was a step for Rob to admit he fit into the group. He needed a little push, and how was he to get it?

Well, when he left the meeting he had been given a monthly newsletter. As he paged through it he began to find himself leaning toward joining. Then a bright idea came to him. He looked at the newsletter and found the guy in charge of golf. He recognized that he would like some of the other activities as well. It would be fun to get back to bridge, maybe a little poker, and the idea of an exploratory walk with the group appealed – but the true test for Rob would be golf.

He called the person listed as chairman of golf and lied just a bit by telling him that he was joining the branch and would love to meet some of the men for a game of golf. The chair told Rob how to log onto the branch golf web site and how to register to find the upcoming events. Then he said, “Rob, because you’re new I will put you with a group of men with about your skill level until you are properly registered.”

Well, the golf match did it for Rob. He arrived about a half hour before his tee time. The three other guys he was to play with greeted him. He didn’t have to hassle with tee times, and the other players were great. (By the way, he beat two of them which helped.) And, the price was under what he paid on the weekends.

The three men all loved golf, talked up their SIR branch, and were loose and easy to be with.

It didn’t take Rob long to fill in his application and send it along. After all, they were scheduled to play again next week. He might just check out the walking group. That one didn’t even require a sign-up sheet.