Competition Questions

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The 37th annual Kings X Trivia Tournament was held July 23 at Magoos Restaurant in Pleasant Hill and a rollicking time was had by all. Darrel Garrison’s team beat John Prokop’s team by 2 points in the nail-biter finish. Rich Berkery, who did a masterful job in pulling the whole thing off, was also the moderator and did a great job as the host. No sense in letting all his material go to waste, so with Rich’s permission, here are some of his questions.

1. From the famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” what was Boo Radley’s first name?

2. What Major Leaguer hit the most home runs in the decade of the 1950s?

3. 1956 was the first year that songs were listed as the top song of the year. What was
the first song in a foreign language to make number one?

4. What was the first animated television series? It lasted from 1950. until the 60’s.

5. In the movie “Who Killed Roger Rabbit,” all of the cartoon characters were in color
except for one. Who was the only cartoon character in black and white?

6. In the classic Abbot and Costello routine “Who’s on First,” what

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