Fall Beauty Forecast

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In a world where all aspects of our lives are customized—from our Netflix queues to our coffee orders and Pinterest picks, the mass appeal of “One system for everyone” beauty line just won’t cut it. This is why make-up artist and skin care specialist, Theresa Taylor-Grutzeck, went super-niche with her Fleur Visage Cosmetic Line—a complete collection of products focused on her specialty: Beauty.

This line of cosmetics includes a one-stop-shop of beauty products, full of perfectly selected, trendy, modern products and beauty tools, all customized for women of all ages and backgrounds. This assortment includes custom foundations and powders, trendy tailor made custom compact eye colors, and popular smudge proof lip liner stains. These tools flip the script on how most women apply cosmetics, making the art-of-beauty fun, uncomplicated and easy to apply. “Lots of women are afraid and intimidated to go to beauty counters for fear of looking like a glam queen,” says Theresa.  “Today more women want to look like themselves with a modern sensibility, and I want my line to prove that it’s almost embarrassingly easy, fun and effortless to do makeup,” she adds.

With all the cosmetics Sephora or department stores might have to offer, The Rouge Cosmetics has made it easier for beauty customers, with their full line of expertly hand-picked products that work seamlessly to create a realistic look, customized for each individual. Truly, it’s a one–stop-shop for everyone to enjoy, tailor made to be effective, straight-forward and uncomplicated.

Modern Makeover Expert

When beauty retailer The Rouge Cosmetics asked customers about their beauty influences, they kept hearing the same thing: Women loved watching makeup tutorials online, but were intimidated by the finished looks and had trouble figuring out which vloggers were legit makeup artists. To the rescue: totally legit pro Theresa Taylor and Tia Woodson, are the go-to beauty gurus, who know what’s in and what’s out; what will make you or break you. They will show you what is updated, trendy, and in fashion, not to mention you can see the results in real time in less than 30 minutes!

You don’t need to watch beauty tutorials and endure hours of frustration; and you won’t get the overdone visages that populate the vlogosphere.  As Theresa says, “While I love the creativity shown with all those ultra-perfect doll-looks on YouTube, it’s unattainable in real life and it doesn’t look real. The collection of cosmetics we offer merges trends with wear-ability. I worry about women trying to achieve that version of perfection with their makeup. Instead, I like to bring out the real person, not a fabrication of someone they’re not.”

Fall In Line

“Beauty is a spiritual journey,” says Theresa Taylor, “Like the changing of the seasons the makeup industry is forever changing with them.” With fall approaching it is appropriate to start with a subtle change, especially if you are wearing darker colors or fall’s newest fashion trends. A key color element this season is neutral. Eyes and lips are hyper real, while looking ultra youthful, with skin looking silky smooth as satin.  Brows and lips take center stage in the new era of definition and refinement. Toned down neutral fuller lips, sculpted contours, and eye opening brows usher in a new focus on features. Subtle, natural, sophisticated, or modern—it’s time to get creative and redefine your beauty routine. “The quest for beauty is not vanity, but a ritualistic form of self-love that nourishes the soul,” Theresa says. It’s a philosophy that would have sounded fringe a decade ago, but for today’s juice-amped, gluten free, yoga-fied woman, it only makes sense to do some soul-searching while getting one hell of a updated beauty makeover!

Fall in line with the fall trends and book your make-overs starting at The Rouge Cosmetics September 1st through October 30th!  Appointments available Tuesday through Saturday.





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