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As we watch another World Series, we have to adjust to not seeing either of our beloved teams, the Giants and the A’s watching from home , like we do. It was not always like this. The A’s in particular won consecutive World Series, 1972 to 1974, which is still very rare. Let’s see how well we remember those glorious days.


  1. The 1972 Most Valuable Player in the World Series was an Oakland Catcher, who only became a regular the last few weeks of the season. All of a sudden, in the Series, he became a Homerun hitter. Who was he?


  1. A defensive highlight of that Series occurred when Oakland’s left fielder snagged a Dennis Menke line drive off the left field wall and saved a win for the A’s.  Who was that left fielder? 


  1. In 1973, the A’s took on the New York Mets. The Mets center fielder was a long time great local player finishing a fabulous career. Who was he?


  1. The highlight of the series, unfortunately, occurred when A’s owner, Charles Finley fired the A’s second baseman after game 1 for making the error. The player’s teammates were upset and wore a patch on the uniforms in protest. The second baseman was reinstated, but did not play. Who was he?


  1. In 1974, the A’s met the LA Dodgers. The A’s won in 5, primarily because of their pitching. One of them was selected as the MVP of the series. Who was it?


  1. The A’s that year featured a Designated Runner. This fellow rarely batted. He was a pinch runner. His one time running the bases in that series resulted in being picked off first base by the Dodger pitcher. Who was this player?

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