Tailor Your Beauty Wardrobe with Custom Foundations

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The correct color foundation is one of the most important beauty products to have for women.  It is the coveted beauty accessory and understandably so – it makes the skin look flawless, youthful and healthier, but only with the correct color foundation will you achieve the most natural looking second-skin look.

A customer came in to our beauty boutique complaining she could not find a foundation to match her skin tone and that everything she tried made her look pale, cakey and unnatural. When questioned on what she was currently using, she told us she was using a ”one shade fits all” foundation tint, a cream concealer, followed by an application of a green stick pen and a mineral-based powder. These products and unnecessary steps were way too much, making her look cakey and pale. Plus, she was using products that had very little coverage, and her skin looked overly made-up and thick.

We suggested a custom foundation with AB coverage, with a warmer shade tint, mixed with a beige undertone, followed by a mica powder with 45 percent pigment, thus leaving the skin perfectly matched with full coverage to hide imperfections, leaving her skin looking beautiful and natural. She was elated that her skin looked so beautifully smooth, flawless and natural. Walking out the door, radiating her new-found beauty, she was ready to conquer the world with new confidence.

Foundations are one of the most sought after commodities in cosmetics today. It takes up to four years for a make-up artist to develop an eye for color, thus most beauty counter sales girls do not have the experience, nor do they have the know-how to choose the correct color for women. The “one shade fits all” foundation rarely works for everyone. Our client is a perfect example of someone being sold inappropriate products, not to mention wasted time and money. What women don’t know is that a perfectly matched foundation can make one’s skin go from dull and pale to a radiant glow in seconds. Custom foundations are also great for summer because you can have them made slightly darker from your base color with a bronze glow, giving your skin that natural, warmer summertime sheen. Your skin will look flawless—like not wearing foundation at all! 

At The Rouge they have been custom blending foundations and custom powders for over 20 years. They are committed to excellence and ensure that their clients have the most updated cosmetics in the industry. They are available Tuesday through Saturday to help women select the right custom foundation color, while color matching their skin using Fleur Visage Cosmetics.

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