Trivial Matters

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It seems like holy matrimony is the subject of the month. Playing Trivia is not necessarily conducive to a long marriage, but my spouse and I are going on 53 years. I cannot really say that thinking of this stuff has contributed to the longevity, but you never know.


  1. Who played the “best friend” in the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding”?
  2. In the 1970’s, two New York Yankee pitchers swapped wives. It was a cause celebre. Who were those restless cats?
  3. One of the big TV episodes of the 70’s was the night that Rhoda Morgenstern, of the hit show “Rhoda,” got married. Who played the groom?
  4. Johnny Carson was never one to miss a bet. What singer was married on his program?
  5. Whose wedding captivated the world in 1956?
  6. “I’m Getting Married in the Morning” were the opening lines to a great song. What was the song and what was the famous Broadway show that it was sung in?

1. Al Jolson 2. George and Ira Gershwin 3. William Howard Taft 4. W. Somerset Maugham 5. Ed Wynn 6. Bill Rigney

Charlotte Miller of San Ramon

The first person to email or mail, no calls please, the correct answers to all of the above questions will win a $25 gift certificate at The Uptown Cafe in downtown Danville, compliments of Ben Fernandez!
Entries must be received by May 20, 2010. In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn at random. Please email your answers to, or mail to ALIVE East Bay, 199 East Linda Mesa Avenue, Suite 10, Danville, CA 94526. Employees and family members of employees of ALIVE East Bay are not eligible. Restaurant may be changed without notice.