Ten Simple Skin Care Tips

Refresh Your Skin For Spring

  • Play It Cool

Use a toner after cleansing to dramatically balance and refresh the skin and to restore protective pH mantle. Using toners are one of the best-kept beauty secrets to smooth and protect the top layer of the skin. Your complexion will enjoy the results of renewed brilliance and the skin will look smoother and more youthful than ever. Sensitive toners are recommended for best results.

  • Easy on the Eyes

The eye area is extra delicate, so be sure to use eye cream products specifically formulated for this fragile area. Lighter eye creams with nutrients and anti-puff ingredients are best. Our Premier Firming Eye Cream by Ongrien is one of the finest in anti-aging. It reduces puffiness and dark circles, while preventing premature signs of aging and corrects existing photo damage.

  • A Light Idea

With the warmer months comes increased dryness in the air. Switch to a more hydrated version of your favorite moisturizer so skin doesn’t get dry and parched, causing wrinkles and fine lines. We highly recommend our Formula 20 for optimum protective for hydration, repair and anti-aging benefits.

  • Screen Test

All skin types are sensitive to sunscreens. We recommend using sunscreens that are light-weight, contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to prevent breakouts and clogged pores. These ingredients will block the harmful UV rays and protect the skin and reduce collagen breakdown.

  • Dare To Detox

Apply a good organic clay mask to the skin once or twice a week to draw impurities out of the skin and to deeply cleanse and detox pores. It minimizes large pores and congested skin. Ideal for all skin types. We recommend our Organic Clay Masque for optimum benefits.


  • Get The Glow

Get into the habit of exfoliating the skin every day, this will promote healthy cell renewal and maximize anti-aging benefits without damaging the surface of the skin. A mild exfoliant will provide the skin with exceptional smoothness and tone, while promoting a youthful, smoother complexion. We recommend our Organic Honey and Almond Scrub for maximum benefits for all skin types.


  • Here’s The Scoop

Antioxidants help protect skin against free radicals. Free radicals cause fine lines and wrinkles to form along with age spots, and skin cancer. Protect yourself with a topical cream that includes Esther-C, Lipoic Acid, Q-10, and DMAE. Powerful antioxidants will prevent collagen breakdown, your skin will look healthier, younger and smooth. Our Regeneration Serum contains a synergistic antioxidant combination of all four ingredients. Ideal for all skin types.  


  • Skin Deep and a Youthful Complexion

 Glycolic Acid is one of the most popular alpha hydroxy acids in skin care. It is a valuable addition to many of the super-antioxidants products (such as alpha lipoic acid and DMAE), because it works with other antioxidants, enhancing their antioxidant activity giving you a more youthful appearance. In short, Glycolic Acid aids in smoothing the surface of the skin, reducing wrinkles and decreasing sun-damaged skin.

  • Beauty Secrets

The secret to beautiful skin is all in the cleansing. If you use harsh products and do not cleanse the skin properly everyday your skin will suffer. Use cleansers and toners that are gentle yet powerful enough to clean deep within the pores and the surface of the skin. Do not use anything that includes alcohol or chemicals.

  • The Bottom Line

At The Rouge our advanced skin care line “Ongrien” starts with science. Our research team helped pioneer the advent of cosmeceuticals and has continued to lead the industry as one of the first companies to provide scientific evidence to support product benefits. Aroma therapy, organic products, and all natural plant based lines cannot provide the skin with anti-aging benefits, because they do not have the nutrients to support anti-aging cellular renewal or repair.                        







Beauty News: 10 Facts About Anti-Aging

There is a lot of confusion about anti-aging products today. To maintain and improve skin health you need an effective skincare regimen that must include antioxidants and nutrients to prevent future damage, protect the health of the skin, and correct existing damage.  

  1. Effective skin care that protects, prevents and corrects, starts with antioxidant nutrients including, DMAE, Lipoic Acid, Ester C, Coenzymes and Neuropeptides. These powerful antioxidants have been proven by medical science to reverse and prevent aging.
  2. Aroma Therapy, plant extracts and organic oils do not have nutrients to correct or repair the skins surface, therefore they cannot effectively restore or even improve the skins cellular function. While they smell nice, most people are allergic to highly based plant extract products, causing inflammation.
  3. Innovation and antioxidants is key to reversing the signs of aging. Cosmeceutical skin care lines continue to lead the industry with products that provide scientific evidence to support their benefits.
  4. Using Retin A is a good product as long as you use it in small doses. The skin already thins as you age. Using products to reduce wrinkles by deep exfoliation, will not only damage the surface, it will thin the skin causing the skin to age faster, thus forming fine lines.
  5. You need to build the surface of the skin with vitamins and nutrients to protect it from thinning and forming wrinkles. Highly effective antioxidants and nutrients, especially DMAE, will thicken the skin’s surface, protecting it from sagging and losing elasticity. DMAE firms, lifts, repairs, and improves the skin with extraordinary benefits.
  6. Ester C is a superior antioxidant. When combined with nutrients it neutralizes environmental assaults that can cause fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and serious skin conditions such as skin cancer.
  7. Using an exfoliant every day will not only improve and thicken the surface of the skin, it will allow the skin to function properly avoiding moisture loss and dry skin. I cannot stress enough how important it is to exfoliate every day. Your moisturizers and serums will work much more effectively and they will be able to penetrate into the skin, improving the surface and providing outstanding results in correcting and rejuvenating dry, premature-aging and damaged skin. 
  8. Lipoic Acid is 400 times stronger than Vitamin C and is supreme in anti-aging. This powerful antioxidant has exceptional benefits including, repairing and smoothing the surface of the skin. While Ester C is beneficial, taken together with Lipoic Acid will assist in repairing cellular degeneration and support healthy collagen rejuvenation and elasticity. 
  9. Cleansing and toning the skin twice a day not only allows the surface to rejuvenate, it lifts impurities and oils caught in pores. If you don’t cleanse the skin twice a day it can’t breathe or function properly and will break down, causing wrinkles to form. Do not use harsh soaps or drying products on the skin; use gentle foaming agents or gels for deep pore cleansing and always follow with a toner to balance pH levels.
  10. Last but not least, using a light combination of antioxidants in a serum-to-gel eye cream that contains anti-puff ingredients is essential to anti-aging and beautiful eyes. A good eye cream will protect the delicate eye area from oxidative stress, and revive under-eye skin and reduce the appearance of puffiness. Eyes that are constantly puffy age faster and look years older because of the constant swelling and receding.

The Rouge Cosmetics provides skin care consultations Tuesday through Saturday to help you with your very own customized skin care program. Invest in your future now with superior antioxidants and healthy nutrition in your skin care regimen. Aging is optional with the new standard of technology in skin care today.     


Spring Beauty 2017: Catch the Color

Did the long winter leave you yearning for energizing, glowing color? Introducing spring 2017, with fresh eye-popping palettes borrowed from the bolder side of nature. Inspired by wild and glowing yet natural color, this spring’s beauty colors will invigorate the senses with a splash of fun and saturated hues that coax you out of your sweater and into the sun.

What’s Hot Now

Soft and light nude lips are on the beauty radar this season. Put a little skip in your step by wearing a fresh new color of an enchanting pink to spice up those spring days ahead. Softer is better when it comes to lips, and nude pink glosses are here to brighten your days. I encourage you to switch gears from the winter tones of burgundies and reds to an effortlessly radiant modern nude or voluptuous neutral nude peach or a toned-down pink tone lip.

Color-Blocking Eye Shadow Kits

Chill street-side in subtle, spring eye shadow shades that suit an outdoor weekend with friends or family. Easy and eye-catching eye kits are designed to make life a breeze.  Choose a neutral kit for that oh-so-natural daytime look. Eye kits that have a pop of color will give the eyes an edgy uptown finish. Customize your eye kits and blend several colors together for a multi-dimensional, memorable look. Naturally pretty make-up pairs well with a soft baby lip color.


“I want a smooth and even complexion that looks natural.” Keeping it real with a beautiful BB Cream will make your skin look ultra natural and smooth. Your complexion will be kept safe from the harmful rays of the sun with a strong SPF 30.  Included in this amazing BB Cream is titanium dioxide, a primer, and smoothing peptides that will make your skin flawless and healthy. Adding a hint of light pink shimmer blush will give your skin a timeless, youthful glow.

Spring Make-Up Spring Updates

Spring is just around the corner and we are offering seasonal make-up updates starting February 10th.  Catch The Color and let us help you discover and choose the right look just for you with our new Spring Collection from Fleur Visage Cosmetics.  





New Year… New You!

New cosmetics that can make you look ten years younger without a face lift!

Ever wonder why celebrities look years younger than they really are? Have you ever wanted to know the secrets and tricks celebrities use for looking youthful and age-less. Do you want to look ten years younger without getting a face-lift?

Of course every woman wants to look youthful at any age. This year, make-up is changing and the revolution is all about the right ingredients in cosmetics and how to apply make-up with that no-make-up look, making the skin appear youthful and eyes natural, using the right colored cosmetics for you. Make-up applied correctly can-not only make you look years younger but youthful too. Just look at Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez or Sharon Osborne. They look so much younger than they are! They not only look like they have beautiful, natural looking skin, but their make-up is beautifully applied with the right colors, giving them an updated, current look, making them look years younger.  Celebrities use cosmetics with age-defying ingredients, while defining their look with precise color harmony. By applying the correct age-defying highlighters and contours in the proper places, your skin will look younger, and by applying accurate eye and blush colors, you will achieve a more natural and true appearance.  Using the incorrect color and using them in the wrong places can make you look old and elderly.

Years Younger Make-up Beauty Challenge

This Year we want to give you a chance to redefine yourself, take control of your look and be educated on how to use the right cosmetics, so you too can look years younger. There is just too much confusion out there as to how to apply make-up correctly and effectively. It’s not about applying some unsystematic eye shadow color or disorganized eye liner or unflattering lip color; there is an actual art to make-up application and the ingredients too. You can learn these simple techniques by the professionals at The Rouge Cosmetics and achieve a realistic, beautiful impression and look years younger with just a few effortless adjustments.

In January we are kicking off the New Year with the Ten Years Younger Beauty Challenge, giving every woman a chance to learn how to improve their look with age-defying cosmetics and the correct make-up. Our professional staff will show you step-by-step on how to properly apply make-up using our state-of-the-art cosmetics by Fleur Visage. Every woman has individual needs and if you don’t look ten years younger, we will refund your money, no questions asked. We want to help you achieve the best “you” this year, putting your best face forward and achieving what you want without any strings attached.

So what are you waiting for……lets do the challenge together! Let this New Year be the start of something extraordinary for you and so worth discovering!


Jingle Bell Rock: 10 Exciting Holiday Gifts!

1. Fragonard Parfums are here at The Rouge and just in time for the Holidays! French perfumes are one of the most luxurious scents in the world and they are all organic. Come visit us during the holidays and discover how utterly divine, modern and beautiful French perfumes are. There are many to choose from, with extraordinary and delicious scents for everyone!

2. Ring in the holidays and give her the gift of comfy lounge-wear. The Rouge carries fabulous sets of lounge wear by PJ Salvage. She will love slipping into the most beautiful, softest tops and pants, along with super cute robes and matching slippers. Pure happiness!

3. Ted Baker travel accessories are so beautiful from gorgeous journals to matching pens and travel pillows for long trips. Come in and see the huge selection of Ted Baker accessories for that special someone on your Christmas list. Exclusively at The Rouge.

4. This holiday season you may want to choose to give her a beautiful Michael Stars scarf. They are so gorgeous and soft you may want to get more than one. A scarf makes a great holiday gift because anyone can wear them; no size to fuss about, and they make a great looking outfit look sensational. Sure To Please.

5. Chill Body Treatments. With the fresh scent of a famed Zen sanctuary the Chill Line at The Rouge is one of the favorites among locals. Organic and purely heavenly, the Chill Body Line includes a marvelous scrub, body lotion, body wash and organic sunscreen. Love! Exclusively at The Rouge.

6. Vrai from Fragonard. Vrai (Meaning “True”) is a pure organic body line from France, that makes your body oh-so-soft and smooth. The French love their natural products, including pure cotton oil, shea butter, grape-seed oil and anti-oxidants, to treat dryness to give the body a more youthful appearance than ever before.

7. Ongrien Organic Multi-Active Mud Masque. While the holidays can be very tiring, revive your complexion with our Organic Multi-Active smoothing facial masque, to help brighten, smooth and restore the appearance of the skin. You will love the reparative effects, leaving the skin as supple as a newborn baby’s cheeks.

8. Fleur Visage Vitamin E and Vitamin C Lip Treatment with a tint. You’ve heard of chapstick, right? Now meet Vibran C, The Rouge Cosmetics exclusive intelligent lip treatments that are designed to heal and repair dry chapped lips instantly. Great for the beauty junkie!

9. Holiday Make-overs. If you’re scrolling through Pinterest just waiting for inspiration to strike your beauty fashionista-vibe, book a make-over at The Rouge for your next holiday extravaganza, where make-up designers are eager to create the perfect glam, glamour or naturalistic glow. Gift Cards available for Beauty Make-Overs.

10. Custom Foundations. Need a fabulous and most perfected foundation? Look no further; the pros at this quaint downtown beauty boutique will have you looking fabulous, working amid loads of natural light to craft the salon’s signature custom blended foundations, creating a flawless, gorgeously matched second skin look, just for you. Come in this holiday season to get one for yourself or purchase a custom foundation gift certificate for that special someone. She will absolutely love her skin.

Discover The Rouge Cosmetics for the best holiday pick-me-up ever!

Holiday Beauty

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Holiday Make-up Done

Whether you’re a beauty lover or not, getting your make-up professionally done is not only a positive experience but it saves you time and money. Whether you’re aiming for that Kardashian glam look or looking for a more subtle, Gigi Hadid-inspired natural look, your make-up is just as important as your hair and dress. The things you should know before getting your make-up done for the holidays may seem obvious, but they’re definitely still important. Whether it’s good skin care or using the right colors of the season, a lot of thought goes into what your look will be and how you’ll achieve it.  Going shopping for cosmetics for a holiday look can be stressful with all the thousands of choices, plus how often are you going to use those products again. It can be very expensive buying make-up for a couple of holiday events, getting your make-up done at a professional beauty boutique is not only educational, but cost effective.

While some women do their own make-up for their events, many choose to have their make-up done professionally. They do so because they know the artist will know the latest trends in fashion and that alone can save you hundreds of dollars in make-up mistakes. The professional will also be knowledgeable in colors that are in and what colors are out. You will have more confidence attending that special event while trending the latest style with that new movement in color shift. Some ladies don’t realize they can’t wear a coral lipstick with a red dress, just as you wouldn’t wear a pink lipstick with burgundy dress. A professional will keep you true to yourself and select colors that are perfect for you and the dress you’re wearing. 

Whether it’s the scrubs and masque’s you’ll be using the week before an event, or what types of looks you want the make-up artist to do, being informed is the best thing you can do. So what are the things you should know before getting your make-up done for the holidays?

  1. Book Ahead Of Time: Just like you, others in the area will be booking for their make-up sessions. You’ll want to plan ahead and book in advance.
  2. Have A Look In Mind: Whether you want a dark smoky eye or a more neutral look, knowing what you want before your appointment is a great idea. Communication is key when it comes to having your make-up done.
  3. Talk About Foundation: Between the professional photos being taken or selfies, the likelihood of flash being involved is high. Flash can easily create a flashback in pictures that can completely wash you out. Make sure the make-up artist does not use a translucent powder; it’s better to use a powder that is the same color as your skin so you will look good no matter the camera lighting.
  4. Prep Your Skin: Be sure to keep your pre-event skin care in mind before you get your holiday make-up done. The week before the event start using a good masque, like an organic scrub, perhaps a deep exfoliation masque or a hydrating treatment. While make-up artists are incredibly talented, having a great base will make your face look even more flawless and smooth.
  1. Be True To Your Style: While something dramatic is great for holiday events, be true to your style. Don’t’ be so concerned about having a Pinterest-worthy make-up that will leave you fidgeting the whole night.

The team of highly trained professional make-up artists at The Rouge Cosmetics are excited to assist you and will give you the look you will love from on-trend, to super-all-out-glam or a natural youthful glow. They offer holiday make-up for all types of events. Please book your appointment early and in advance for best availability.  



Tips for Getting Your Make-up Professionally Done

A professional make-up application doesn’t have to cost a fortune—plus, it’s a great way to try out new trends and formulas. As a professional make-up artist, I think it’s a great idea to have your make-up professionally done once in a while, regardless of whether it’s for special event. Why? Formulas change, trends change and it’s healthy and fun to look fresh and updated. Wearing corals and bright pinks in the winter does not go with winter tone fashion. The same thing applies in the summertime, when you wouldn’t wear a berry lipstick and smokey eyes when going to the beach.

Every year the fashion industry reinvents itself and it just keeps getting better and better every year.  New formulas, fresh techniques and updated colors in make-up, when applied correctly, can make you look years younger, while keeping you on-trend and fashion-forward.

My clients update their looks every 3 to 6 months. You see celebrities changing their looks and locks all the time, why not you, right? Just like when you have something in mind for a new hairstyle, you bring pictures to your hair designer. In cosmetics you can do the same thing with the make-up artist. Bring photos of styles you like, also bring pictures of celebrities and models whose make-up you love to keep a good communication between you and the artist and to give them a sense of the look you’re going for. The make-up artist may have suggestions for how to adapt the trend to suit you rather than treating it literally. (By the way, the celebs most often mentioned by my customers whose make-up they want to emulate are Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, to name a few).

Application technique is just as important as any product, you have to know how to apply it correctly. At The Rouge we cater to women who need and want to know what is in style along with what they can realistically do. We offer make-up updates every season to help women achieve a more trendy and polished look, and as a bonus, you get to try on all the latest cosmetic trends without having to be pushed to buy. Alternatively, you can book a 90 minute lesson which cost a little more, but you will receive valuable information on the latest skin care, as well as a custom blended foundation, a full updated look for day as well as an evening style.

The Rouge also has a roster of free walk-in services called ‘Just One Look’ that will focus on a key feature; e.g., eye brow shaping, eye trends, custom foundation and how to choose the right lip color based on the season and your individual personality. These are based on artist availability and designed to teach our clients how to use products effectively and correctly. I say that you should give a pro make-up artist a try. You will discover the perfect go-to item and a hot new look that you will love.



2016 Fall Vibes: The Future Of Beauty

In fashion, change is the only real constant. It may be subtle or groundbreaking, but it’s the one inevitable in an industry dependent on reinvention. This year a new guard of trailblazing lip colors has upended the status quo with a quirky, off-kilter cool that redefines the ideas of conventional beauty.

A New Reality: The future of beauty in cosmetics is a new generation, ignoring yesterday’s rules and expectations, while experimenting with color and texture like never before. Lips have an unpredictable edge with colors ranging from teal, dark matte purples and sapphire blues, to nude pinks and bright reds too. Color is intense, impulsive and unusual, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

If you Dare: Make a statement by trying something entirely different, like a teal lipstick. This will fast forward you to the future with lightning speed.

Game Changers: Lip colors are wildly the focus this season with high-impact, colored liquid lipstick mattes. The new range of futuristic lip tones are teal, deep purple, sapphire blue and bright orange, to name a few. While not everyone can pull off these colors, young millennials will for sure start exploring the new color continuum. If you’re not up to exploring the new bold colors, try the new neutrals and bright reds in the liquid lipstick mattes. The non-drying formula delivers a timeless matte finish in high impact hues for everyone to enjoy, with delicious colors that are of-the-moment-modern.  I still love using gloss so I will be choosing a soft lip gloss to go over these remarkable Liquid Lipsticks for my own modern vibe. I say, “Always make it your own, while following some of the hot new trends.”

Easy On the Eyes: Lid-Loving Cream Eye Liners. These lusciously smudge-proof textured eye liner creams apply like a dream and then sets to an ultra soft, long lasting finish, leaving the eyes looking especially natural and oh-so-modern. Buildable color helps create looks that run from sheer to sultry, without caking or smudging.

Fall in Love with Color-Corrector Pens: Beauty experts and make-up artists are always the first to adopt new trends, application techniques and secret ways to create a flawless and youthful appearance. Try a color corrector pen for a younger retouched look, in real life. Our new color corrector pen concealers come in six fabulous colors, from light apricot, light green to light purple, to name a few. It helps to brighten the skin around the eyes and change the tone of the skin for that beautiful, youthful glow. If you have redness, try the light green corrector to banish ruddiness. Light yellow counteracts pink, and is best suited for dull skin tones. Discover the new beauty correctors coming to The Rouge Cosmetics this fall.

The team of professional make-up artist at The Rouge Cosmetics are excited to assist you with all your modern beauty needs, whether it is subtle and natural or bold and futuristic-dreamy. Their Fall Beauty Trend Event starts September 12 through October 30 2016.  Book your appointment today for a free Fall Make-up Update and discover a new you, or reinvent yourself with the new future colors with the looks of the season. Check out their Facebook page at “The Rouge Cosmetics,” for beauty tips, and special events.




Organic Perfumes Verses Synthetic Perfumes

I have had the pleasure over the years to travel to the South of France to discover new perfumes and to enjoy the artistry of perfume making by some of the most interesting Nose experts in the world. I love perfumes; I love the way a certain scent can transform the way you feel. It can lift your spirits, make you feel happy and can make you feel sexy and alive. I know a lot of girls love feeling beautiful in a delicious scent. Women love knowing that when they walk down the street, people are going to say “wow, she smells wonderful.” I want to help you find a natural organic perfume that is free of toxins and as unique as you are, while embracing your individuality.

I only wear natural and organic perfumes. I refuse to contribute to a poor air quality by wearing cheap, imitation scents. Synthetic fragrances are toxic, and I will have them nowhere near my body.

I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite organic perfume companies, called Fragonard Perfumery, located in France. It is one of the oldest perfumeries and one of the world’s foremost contemporary fragrance composer companies, offering unique scents for a new generation. You can’t get more organic than Fragonard; they grow all their own flowers for their perfumes in Grasse, right by the Mediterranean sea, where the flowers are so fragrant they couldn’t possibly, nor would they dare put synthetic chemicals in them, as that would ruin the exceptional aroma they already have.

Why Natural Perfumes?

• Whatever you put on your skin goes into your body.
• Synthetic perfumes “outgas” petrochemicals and hurt people sensitive to these chemicals.
• Fragrance chemicals are an environmental danger. The production, usage and disposal of them hurts us and the planet.
• The fragrance industry uses carcinogenic, neorotoxic, and chemical waste products derived from petroleum to make the scents that surround us every day. You then inhale these chemicals and apply them to your skin! Fragrances are the new second-hand smoke.
• Natural perfumes enhance your body’s own unique natural scent; synthetic fragrances cover it up.
• Natural aromas invoke deep emotional responses, your nose can tell synthetic from real, just like your feet can tell Astro Turf from real grass.
• You will love to know when wearing an organic fragrance it will not irritate other people.

Many of the modern perfumes you find at the mall are basically chemical soups wrapped in fancy packaging and marketed with million dollar ad campaigns.

Natural perfumes utilize natural plant extracts and essences, essential oils, resins, woods, flowers and spices. They are truly luxurious, and worth discovering and wearing. Natural perfumes do dissipate more quickly than synthetics (within a few hours), because they lack toxic scent-fixatives, but they can be reapplied to your liking.

The beautiful Organic Fragonard Perfume line will arrive at The Rouge Cosmetics in August. We are one of the first boutiques on the West Coast to carry this fine line of organic perfumes. Come visit us to discover how utterly divine organic perfumes are and how it will uplift the senses, mind and ground the body. There is something for everyone—feminine, sophisticated or modern—with many scents to choose from, in addition to new fragrances coming in every few months. Find out what the locals in France have been enjoying for years with this truly modern, eco-friendly perfume company, offering fine scents and organic body products. You will positively discover a new you, for sure.

Summer Cleansing


One of the secrets to beautiful skin is treating it once or twice a month to a facial masque, such as a deep exfoliant or a micro scrub and collagen booster. Facial Masques deeply penetrate the surface of the skin giving it that velvety smooth feeling, while the complexion looks silky, firm and youthful. Like having a professional facial, you can get the same results with some simple treatments at home, for a fraction of the cost, and have fun while doing it.  Each masque can do up to 20 facials and it only takes 30 minutes to have gorgeous looking skin.

What you can expect: Reduce the signs of aging, sun damage, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  With professional grade treatments you will achieve beautiful, smooth looking skin and a more youthful radiant complexion, while slowing down the aging process.

Marine Peel: This powerful exfoliator is specially blended to rejuvenate the surface of the skin for a visibly fresher, softer appearance, giving the skin a smooth youthful look. It’s a beautiful summer skin refresher!

Multi-Active Black Mud Masque and Scrub: A dual-action, all-in-one, deep pore exfoliator, removes pore-clogging impurities by removing dead skin cells while promoting cellular turnover. Humectants protect the skin against moisture loss. Looks weird; works amazing!

Collagen Renewal Masque: Vitamin-enriched antioxidant moisture masque revitalizes dry, dehydrated, thirsty skin. It leaves the skin nourished, hydrated and healthy, giving the complexion a radiant more youthful appearance. Goes well with Pellegrino and a twist of lime!

Sea Kelp Masque: Tones, firms, nourishes and replenishes skin with algae extract, sea kelp, Shea butter, Elastin and antioxidants. For a more lifted, firmer and healthier looking complexion.  It’s an instant face lift! Don’t you just love that?

Honey and Almond Masque: This mineral-enriched, active exfoliating masque gently detoxifies the face while restoring skin’s moisture balance. Improves elasticity, unclogs pores, decongests and eliminates dead skin cells, while leaving the skin polished, smooth and revitalized. Goes well with a spa-girls-night-out, laughing hysterically because everyone looks wonky.

For Oily and Acne Skin Types

Blemish Clay Masque: Bentonite is an organic, rich mineral clay that aids in decongesting pores, removes cellular debris and draws out impurities and balances the skin. Highly recommended to control oily skin and minor breakouts. Being in Control is Power!

Acne Control Sulfur Masque: A masque with sulfur, purified clay and strong decongestants will deeply cleanse oily and combination skin types prone to having breakouts and clogged pores. Dries and clears blemishes while preventing new breakouts. May use as a spot treatment overnight to diminish problem areas. Combating problem skin equals empowerment!

At The Rouge Cosmetics our mission is to improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise—provide advanced skin care backed by science and infusing organics. Come in this month and receive a sample of our superior line of new organic facial masques formulated to improve and restore youthful, radiant skin.