Ambassador With a Golden Voice

Many people work tirelessly to support their favorite charity causes, spending umpteen hours on the road, on the project, and on target to do what they have committed to do. Volunteers make an enormous difference to non-profit corporations, and are rewarded with unheralded glory and the quiet knowledge that we have helped those who really need our talents. From selfless hard work we derive personal satisfaction—a reward in knowing that someone somewhere is living a better life through our dedication to charity works.

The virtue of giving abounds; we never know when our talent may do the most good. Each charity forges ahead with such people as Danville’s own George Komsky who serves as ambassador for Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes. His ambassadorship comes in the form of his splendid tenor voice. George makes himself available when a police officer or firefighter dies in the line of duty; he offers to sing pro bono at the funeral or memorial of fallen first responders to help heal the family through his music.

“I sang at the funeral of a Hawthorne Police Officer who died in the line of duty. There were thousands of mourners at the memorial service and I sang my heart out. I was really touched by the officer’s young family—a wife and two small sons. I hope my singing brought them just a small comfort— performing really touched my heart. I knew right then I wanted to offer my singing for families and friends at a time of need, just the beautiful music may touch them somehow. That was when I decided to sing pro-bono at funerals of those men and women who give so much for their communities, for their country…”

George maintains that by singing for charity events he is giving back to the community for all that America did for him and his family when they emigrated from the Ukraine. He wants to do the good things for others that were so generously done for his family when they arrived in California with limited funds after the disintegration of the USSR.

George Komsky has since achieved layers of success in the East Bay; the Monte Vista High School graduate excelled on the debate team, joined the choir, sang Verdi’s Requiem in St. Paul’s Basilica in Rome, was part of the Twelve Tenors national tour and the Irish Riverdance production, and a finalist on America’s Got Talent. He has produced and starred in several fundraising concerts all over California to packed houses.

His first Bay Area concert at Walnut Creek’s Lesher Center for Performing Arts sold out within days and his premier performance at San Francisco’s historic Herbst Theatre was SRO with people waiting in the lobby.

GHK Productions is presenting George Komsky Live in Concert revisiting the Herbst Theatre on November 19th donating a portion to Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes. The concert will be honoring all the California Police and Fire personnel who lost their lives during 2011 in the line of duty.

The fall performance will feature opera arias, Neapolitan songs and pop opera music. Seth Riggs, a renowned Los Angeles voice coach who worked with Michael Jackson and Josh Grobin, commented that “George Komsky is the next Andrea Bocelli” as he flawlessly crosses over from classical opera to pop opera.

Performance: Saturday, November 19th Ticket info: or call 415.392.4400.