Rainy Day Romance

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
If you don’t get this right
We’ll question your IQ… Emotional IQ that is!

Almost every man has a woman in his life. You may be thinking, not me, I don’t have a wife, not even a girlfriend. That may be true, but there are few men who don’t have a mother, a daughter or a sister. And before you think…that’s different; I’d venture to say that women are women whether they’re five, fifteen or fifty. We are born princesses and in the deep recesses of our hearts that never changes.

That’s where the emotional IQ comes in. Women are emotional and let’s face it, Valentine’s Day, as we know it, was created for women. So, this article is going to be somewhat of a “Romance for Dummies,” (nothing personal, guys).

I was just eating lunch at the counter of a tiny café I dearly love. Oops, I’m showing my feminine side, men don’t “dearly love” counters in diners. A friend came in and we were chatting and talking about the article I’m writing. She said she loves the old black and white movies, while I prefer the 90s—same movies, different eras. So, Rule One: You have to know the lady. If she’s five, you’ll be viewing Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast this Valentine’s Day. If you are lucky enough to be married to my lunch counter friend, you’ll probably be looking for An Affair to Remember.

I am a huge Nora Ephron (1941-2012) fan. She was amazing. She brought us films such as When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. These are some of my all-time favorites. She also brought us Julie and Julia and the acclaimed Silkwood.ALIVE Media when harry metsally

As you can see, she comes from a rather illustrious circle. Her mother and father were stage and screen writing team Henry and Phoebe Ephron who wrote Three’s a Family, Take Her She’s Mine, There’s No Business Like Show Business, Desk Set and last but certainly not least Carousel. Nora’s sisters wrote and she had three husbands, Dan Greenburg, a novelist, the Pulitzer prize winning Carl Bernstein, an investigative journalist, and Nicholas Pileggi, a crime journalist and screen writer. Rounding out the literary circle are her sisters and sons.

Back to our list of romances. Of course, you can’t leave out An Officer and a Gentleman. Then we have Patrick Swayze in the movie that was just waiting for him, Dirty Dancing. I think I must have bought him a new Ferrari with my ticket sales alone. Then there was the rags to riches (kind of) Pretty Woman. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts had an almost tangible chemistry that oozed into Runaway Bride as well.

Okay, are you guys ready to throw up or run yet? I’d like to go with anything Sandra Bullock and oh, yes, I re-watched Raising Helen with Kate Hudson over the weekend. She’s a wild child who becomes guardian of her sister’s three children. She lives in NYC, so she puts them in a Christian school. The pastor/principle is single, John Corbettand after trying to kiss her and her cringing, he has a really great one liner: “I’m sexy; a sexy man of God and I know who I am.” Okay, sappy but you have to watch the movie. It works.

So, men (on Valentine’s Day you’re not just guys) you can either make a touchdown or fumble the ball. The ball is in your hands, but if you plan on a cozy night in front of the fire you might want to purchase the movie or reserve it. Remember, the roses, champagne and chocolates are just part of the entertainment. If you pick the right movie, you might get by with microwave popcorn and Milkduds!

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