Advice to the Candidates

The 2016 general election will be here before we know it. Potential presidential candidates are well along at lining up, forming exploratory committees and organizing their fund raising machines. It is still too early to determine who the front runners will be, at least in terms of the Republicans, but on the Democrat side, if Hillary decides to run she will no doubt be the anointed one.83273505

Regardless of who is elected, there are a few very serious, top-tier issues that we must deal with, if we want safety and security for our citizens, any real hope for relative peace in the world, and more prosperity for all Americans.

The first issue is our economic strength. We must put the brakes on our ever-mounting national debt. We need courageous leaders in office who will take a stand in order to begin to turn the tide. A good place to start would be on proposals of more spending in Washington. We should simply re-employ the old saying from the Reagan era’s war on drugs, and “Just Say No!”

The other issue is our national defense and international relations. In case you weren’t paying attention, several warning shot have been fired across our bow. One was the attack on our embassy in Libya, where our ambassador and three American heroes were murdered. Another was North Korea holding our freedoms and economy hostage for a time over a ridiculous Hollywood movie.

We have porous borders, as our Senators tell us there are “sleeper cells” of terrorists on our soil now, and that it’s not a matter of if, but when we will be hit again. Seriously? Is being prepared for certain disaster the best we can do? We need to be pro-active, and to again refer to the Reagan era, our international posture must be one of peace through strength. But as we’ve grown weaker and more detached, our would-be enemies have become bolder, more active, and more vicious.

And when we hear reports of atrocities occurring in other nations, like 276 school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram and sold into slavery, or of young boys, literally being crucified by ISIS for playing soccer, is it really “not our problem?” When we hear things like this, the two phrases that really rattle my cage are: “We’ll have no boots on the ground,” and, “We can no longer be the policemen of the world.” Whatever happened to taking a stand on what’s right? Whatever happened to defending the innocent? Today we are on pretty thin ice as a world power. Lately, I’d say our leadership is about where it was just before Hilter marched across Europe.

If America is to retain any standing of global leadership, we need a true leader as President; someone with a backbone, skill, insight and the courage to do what must be done at the appropriate time—which is any time of our choosing, not in reaction to others.

Some advice to any candidate that wants to win the presidency: Be the kind of leader I just described, and the American people will rally to your cause.

5 Simple Steps to Have Youthful Skin for Life After Thirty

The beauty clock starts ticking at thirty. Things can go south very fast if you don’t start taking care of your skin. If you are thirty or over, now is the time to change your skin care regime from a department or drug store brand to an advanced skin care line, preferably from an Aesthetician.

With proper care, you can have fabulous skin in your forties, fifties, sixties and beyond. These promises are not based on my assumptions or observations alone, they have been proven by anti-aging cosmeceutical experts.

1. Serums. DMAE is positively one of the supreme ingredients to include in your everyday skin care ritual, because of the wonders it does for the skin. When this unusual nutrient complex is applied topically, not only does it work quickly—within minutes of application—it also continues to firm the skin over time. And it couldn’t be safer; it’s considered a food-grade substance, so you could actually eat it.

2. Cleansers. Using harsh alkali soaps and acne cleansers, can cause the surface of the skin to breakdown and bring about damage to the protective barrier, leaving it dry and vulnerable to disease. Using sensitive and mild cleansers that are rich in nutrients gently washes away debris and make-up without drying, at the same time nurturing the skin so that it continues to look, feel and act young and healthy.

3. Toners. While cleansing the skin daily, using a toner after cleansing is essential in taking care of your skin and keeping it smooth and healthy. Using a cotton pad with toner will take away excess make-up and oils and improve the surface of the skin. A toner with Peptides, Vitamin C, with a PH balance will benefit the complexion greatly and the skin will function with maximum benefits.

4. Moisturize. By age thirty you will see the effects of sun damage and loss of skin tone. Uneven skin tone, blotchiness and dark pigmentation are all signs of pre-mature aging. Skin starts thinning at thirty and takes longer to repair itself, than in your twenties. Stop using detergent-based moisturizers and switch to a scientifically advanced moisturizer with antioxidants and peptides, as these will help protect the epidermis from losing firmness and prevent sagging.

5. Eye Care. The eye area is the most stressed out area on the face. This delicate area cannot handle stress, allergies, alcohol, severe weather or sunshine. Eyes swell from allergies, alcohol consumption and stress. What you might not know is that when swelling occurs, toxins are left in the area and cause havoc underneath the skin. If not pampered early and correctly and given the utmost care, eyes will sag, look years older, and wrinkle fast. Eyes are the first to go when aging starts. Using a nonirritant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and a de-puffer eye cream specifically for the eye area is recommended.

Facts about Skin Over 30. The skin’s oil glands reduce their production significantly after age 30, and the loss continues over the years. Regardless of your skin type, the bottom line is this: A little care can go a long way. For most people, a skin care program that emphasizes advanced scientific proven products can help heal the skin from the inside out and maximize the good qualities of your complexion by improving color, clarity, and smoothness, while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

He Said / She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear HSSS,
If someone takes their clothes off inside out, should the person doing the laundry fold them as is or turn them right side out? ~Cheryl in Livermore

He Said: Unless you’re running some kind of ‘Fluff & Fold’ laundry service, it’s not your responsibility. In my household, it’s the responsibility of the wearer, not the washer, to put the laundry in the correct way. The washer/dryer/folder has enough on their plate, so the wearer can at least turn the clothes right side out. If I were the one washing the clothes and they weren’t turned right side out, then they’d get folded the way they were put in. Come on wearers—it takes an extra two seconds.

She Said: While I generally agree with Shizz, I was reminded that some clothing items are best washed inside out to preserve the integrity of the garment. This does not apply, however, to dirty, scrunched up socks. Considerate people should unbunch those before putting in the hamper and not expect the washer to do that for them. Along these lines, people who don’t check their pockets lose the contents to the person doing the washing. That lesson gets learned pretty quickly when twenty-dollar bills are involved.

Dear HSSS,
Recently you discussed bathroom etiquette for men living with women, but what about a little guidance for the women who live with men? I’m a fairly neat guy whose roommate is a super messy female, and I have to share a bathroom with her. You think guys are bad? Help! ~Mark in Pleasanton

He Said: Having lived with women before, I feel for ya! Guys can be dirty, but women can be downright disgusting when it comes to the bathroom. I think it has to do with anatomy. Women use so many different products to take care of themselves, they take over the entire bathroom and leave us guys a little corner for our stuff. And what’s with the hair? I didn’t know Bigfoot lived here. My two simple rules for a shared bathroom are these: anything that goes inside your body (pills, feminine products, etc.), and anything that came off your body (hair, nail clippings, etc.) should be put out of sight before you leave the bathroom – either the cabinet or the trash, no exceptions.178375464

She Said: I won’t try and defend a slob of either gender. Across the board, waste goes into the wastebasket, not nearby. And speaking of the wastebasket, it’s for small items, like Q-tips and tissues, not the empty box your hair coloring came in. After products are used, they get put away—this is not a drugstore shelf. And when you brush your teeth, please make sure all the extra toothpaste goes down the drain. Spray off the hair you leave on the shower wall, and then remove it from the drain and put it in the wastebasket. Consideration: it applies to everyone!

Robin Fahr is a public relations specialist and co-host with Shawn Shizzo on Conversations and He Said/She Said seen daily on Tri-Valley TV, Channel 30 and online at Send your questions to

Protest Responsibly

The first month of this year has had many of us struggling with a social conscience question. The struggle comes out of an issue that seems so basic but becomes very complicated when we have to balance two divergent rights.

Freedom of speech is basic. It is imbedded in our souls as well as our constitution and laws. Part of that is the right to demonstrate and express ourselves if we feel that society is perpetuating an injustice. That truth is self evident. So when the hundreds of people took to the streets in our Bay Area, we all watched. I think we all agreed that they should express themselves. We might not agree with their views. They are complicated, but we most probably understood there right to protest—until they started infringing on others’ rights. It started with breaking windows and doing damage. The perpetrators didn’t appear to be the original protestors, but outside agitators and anarchists. Then it spread to closing down Bart stations. Then people started hopping up on the freeway and blocking traffic. At these points, they were violating the law.461771479

This was part one of a thought process of balancing people’s rights. For me, this is very interesting but also easy at the same time. I protested in rather large groups on my college campus. I protested in a movement to get the administration to institute a “Black Studies Program.” This was a revolutionary concept to those in administrative power at our “lily white” institution. They argued that there weren’t enough students to warrant it. We argued that if they offered it, maybe more blacks would be attracted. At one point our protests turned violent with outside agitators who took over the administration building and actually held hostages for a short time. When that happened, I was long gone, not wanting any part of it. Protestors were arrested, jailed and fined.

In the March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, the flash point of the Voting Rights legislation, people including Martin Luther King, Jr. were arrested and put in jail. All of this is tied together by the bonds of social justice and accepting the consequences of actions.

At my University, the people were in jail and were punished. In Montgomery, whether right or not, arrested jailed and punished. Our modern day protestors want to be cited, taken to jail, released and charges dropped. This is where today’s protestors don’t understand the message of Dr. King or the values of true demonstration.

When they jumped out of cars on the San Mateo Bridge and blocked traffic, they were cited and released. At that point, some prosecutors realized people had been harmed. Accidents had occurred and people’s civil rights had been violated. I believe the tide is turning. If protestors want to break the law in the quest of truth and justice for their cause, they need to be ready to pay for it. Subsequent protests for these modern day protestors have demanded charges be dropped and Bart Police be disbanded. The people making those demands are totally out of touch with the system. The message needs to be loud and clear: Break the law, pay the price!

Now back to the bigger point. We have to find a way in our society to develop better relations between law enforcement and the community. There is no doubt it would be much better if young men didn’t die in the streets. That is a very complicated issue. It needs to be worked from a lot of different angles. But just as young men shouldn’t be dying on the streets, the families of law enforcement officers should expect that their husbands, wives, children, brothers, and sisters to come home from their shifts. Their families should see them walk back through the door.

Free speech is a basic constitutional right in our society, but so is the right to move freely and carry on our lives. It is a very slender tight-rope for any thinking person. The take away for me is “express yourself, but be prepared for the consequences.” Untie the hands of law enforcement to do their job, and for goodness sake let’s work on developing better relations between the divergent communities in our society and law enforcement.

We have to work at it. Only that makes sense.


I am amazed by the lack of excuses I have had in my life, living in the San Ramon Valley, to go to that little shopping center high on the hill off of Alcosta Blvd. You know the one that sits higher than the rest and the only thing you see is the McDonalds. I believe I went to that McDonalds once out of desperation, and that’s it. Until a couple of weeks ago, there for a million dollars, I couldn’t tell you any other businesses in the center. That has invariably changed now,

My wife, bless her healthy soul, was the first to hear about Baagan. Our parallel quest and frustration for healthy dining out has led to a “no stone unturned” mentality in our house. Most stones overthrown reveal worms, but this time yielded an absolute gem.

Strip malls are not my most favorite places to visit, and Baagan kept the typical lighting (overhead and fluorescent) that came with the property, and that is the last negative thing I will say. The rest of the atmosphere is unique, almost clubby? The dining room floor made me feel like “vegan” was a verb and I was doing it in a nightclub. The manageable menu was broadcast on three mounted flat screen TV’s and medium level Indian dance music (think Bollywood) came in from above the vast open glass shelving hanging from the ceiling by metal wire dotting the floor space.

These shelves are methodically lined with various take-home health foods, like Cheesy Kale Chips, Gluten free health powders and teas. In the front of the restaurant was a squat white leather bound sofa ensemble around a glass table. It was just screaming for a red velvet rope. Here is where I sat and waited for my wife to arrive and was promptly served a hot cup of tea, which never found the bill. I don’t think it was preferential, simply policy and politeness. All around the squat table in the center were the non-descript white tables and black leather and metal chairs-simple and clean. The bright orange walls (coupled with the music) brought me right back to my days in the streets of Hyderabad. Every employee I interacted with acted as if they were the owner! This is exactly what breed’s success.

Now the food—Incredible!
I had the veggie burger with a house made bun while my wife had the quinoa wrap with avocado and a peanut butter cup smoothie (no peanuts). You order at the front, pick up at the window when called and bus your own dishes…awesome! Granted everything is ala-carte, but still, not a crumb was to be found afterwards. Next came the vegan cheesecake to split…. seriously…you wouldn’t know it’s vegan.

Angelique and Rajbir founded Baagan in Roseville on the basis that there just weren’t enough places serving what we should be eating over a counter. They quickly shot to the top of “the best of” everything lists and garnished quite a bit of media attention.

Things that set them apart (directly from their website):

• Healthy “fast food”
• We use mostly raw and organic ingredients and buy from local farmers.
• Our products are free from artificial colors and flavorings.
• Almost everything is gluten free.
• All of our products are dairy-free, casein-free, GMO-free and allergy friendly.
• We do not use refined sugar or high-glycemic index sweeteners.
• We soak and sprout our raw almonds, making them easier to digest and more health beneficial.
• We specialize in ayurvedic and Indian/East Asian spices, teas and ingredients.
• Their whole families eat this food daily!

The feel is India and Asian hawker food comes indoors to a subtle club atmosphere. The food is that clean, nourishing and good-for-your-soul feel.

You will know you’re in the right place when you see the huge metal slogan above the register: “Eat the Way Nature Intended.”

21001 San Ramon Valley Blvd

Hustles, Scandals & Scams

As I sit here dreaming up this nonsense, I keep hearing about “Inflategate.” Are the New England Patriots actually deflating the footballs for an advantage? First steroids, now this. It seems we always have scandals and hints of wrongdoing in all of our endeavors. Let’s look at a few.

1. My favorite movie of 2013 was “American Hustle.” It was based on a famous American political scandal of the 1980’s. What was the scandal known as?

2. The biggest scandal in Baseball history occurred in 1919. What was it called?

3. In the late 1990’s a scandal hit the music world when a singing duo was discovered to have lips synched their way to fame on MTV. Who were they?

4. The television public was up in arms in the 1950s when it was discovered that intellectual Charles Van Doren was guilty of cheating on a popular quiz show. The integrity of all game shows was put into question. What was the quiz show Van Doren was on?

5. Who can forget Watergate? Who was the White House staffer who originally informed a Senate committee that skullduggery was afoot?

6. Old time radio was not immune to a little hanky pinky with the truth. Probably, the most famous sportscaster of the time had a weekly show wherein he described incredible feats of athleticism and amazing coincidences. It turned out, most of them were untrue. Who was this sportscaster?

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