Sully, Lorrie and ALIVE: A Look Back

The last time I saw Lorrie Sullenberger was in 2010, in my office In Danville. She and her husband, Sully, came to visit with an autographed first edition copy of his first book Highest Duty. in hand. Aside from bringing the book the reason for their visit was, essentially, for Lorrie to say “goodbye,” as the course of their lives had changed so much as a result of Sully’s “Miracle on the Hudson” landing, she would no longer be able to write her To Your Peak fitness column in ALIVE. Lorrie had faithfully continued her column for more than a year after that fateful day– January 15, 2009–submitting her final piece in the February 2010 issue of ALIVE.1

Looking back nearly eight years, to say that Lorrie and Sully’s lives have changed may just be the understatement of the century. They have been guests of honor at everything from a Presidential Inauguration and the Super Bowl to the Rose Parade and they’ve appeared on every notable TV program from 60 Minutes to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Sully has authored two books along with a re-release of hrs first j book under a clever new title-Sully-to coincide with the newly released film by the same name. Yes, I’d say “change” pretty well captures it when on top of all that they are being portrayed by Tom Hanks and Laura Linney in a movie directed by Clint Eastwood!alive-media-magazine-october-2016-56-sully-our-hometown-hero-michael-copeland

As the new film reinvigorates another wave of media attention, we thought it appropriate to take you back for a second look at our locally¬ connected, exclusive stories about the Sullenbergers that we originally published in April 2009.

First, you’ll again enjoy the casual interview that ALIVE feature writer Michael Copeland conducted with Sully and Lorrie In their Danville home where they discussed how the events on January 15, 2009 changed their lives forever, then you’ll read an open letter penned by Lorrie Sullenberger herself as she shares her thoughts and expresses gratitude for the outpouring of heartfelt letters they received soon after Sully’s miraculous landing in the Hudson River.

Finally, you’ll read author and ALIVE contributor Bob Fish’s unique perspective on just what makes someone a real hero-what sets them apart from the rest of us.

Even as the world might know the Sullenbergers as “celebrities,” here in the East Bay we still know Lorrie and Sully as neighbors and friends.

We hope you enjoy this issue of ALIVE, as you get to know Sully and Lorrie just a little better, too.

2016 Honda Civic Coupe: A Civic’s Lesson

I’m not sure if the driving force for me to trade in my 2-door for a 4-door was when we began toting my daughter, Cayla’s, friends around or if it was the daily back-breaking task of moving the car seat in and out via maneuvering it through the tight crevasse leading to the back seat! Either way, my 15 years of owning only coupes and convertibles took a hike. The truth is, I did not know how much I missed the sportiness of a coupe until I slipped behind the wheel of the 2016 Honda Civic Touring.

Even though this article focuses on the Coupe model, I should mention that the 2016 Honda Civic comes in both 2 and 4 doors both with LX, EX and Touring trims.

2016 Honda Civic CoupeNow in its 10th generation, the 2016 Honda Civic is a ground-up revision of the 9th generation, and according to Honda, it’s their most comprehensive and ambitious new-model development ever undertaken.

The development of the Civic Coupe and Sedan was led by Honda’s North American team—a first for Honda. The Civic is a major part of Honda’s legacy and the first car for many kids and young adults. Luckily, the Civic has grown-up in both features and size, compared to the original, cute, tiny box on wheels.

Virtually everything about the 2016 Civic Coupe is new. It has an all-new vehicle architecture, sporty and sophisticated interior and exterior styling, a more spacious and high-quality cabin, two advanced new engines, and a host of new premium features and technologies.

Further, with the addition of Honda Sensing™ safety and driver-assistive technologies on the Touring trim and the first application of Honda turbo engine technology applied to Civic on the EX-T and above trims, the 2016 Civic Coupe offers buyers a wider range of options than ever before. Civic models powered by the new 2.0-liter i-VTEC™ engine are designated as the Civic LX and LX-P trims. Civic models powered by the new turbocharged 1.5-liter engine are designated as the EX-T, EX-L (with leather-trimmed interior) and new line-topping Civic Touring, which reaches higher into the upper end of the compact car market than ever before.

Class-leading EPA fuel economy ratings of 31/41/35 mpg (city/highway/combined) for models with a zippy 1.5-liter turbo mated to a CVT and 30/41/34 mpg for models with the 2.0-liter engine tagged with the CVT and 26/38/31mpg for the LX with the 2.0-liter engine and manual transmission. Not bad at all!

Sporty truly describes the coupe with its swoop-like sheet metal. The roof has been lowered approximately an inch, while the shoulder line below the rear windows rises up a few inches. The tail and rear overhang have been tucked in another five inches. Since the Coupe and Sedan share a wheelbase, the Coupe’s shadow becomes more aggressive, with the wheels pushed out to the ends of the car, sports-car style.

2016 Honda Civic CoupeThe interior feels upscale with techy features throughout. The seats are comfortable and the seating position is low. It has gained more rear legroom now totaling 37.4-inches and the trunk space is 11.9 cubic feet (Coupe). The dash lights up like a video game and the controls are easy to operate. There is no radio volume knob, however, instead, a touch-slide bar. I preferred the old fashion knob for ease of use.

The handling of the 2016 Civic Coupewas very sporty and confident, thanks in part, to the new multi-link independent rear suspension and larger stabilizer bars with bonded bushings for a more refined body control. The Civic Coupe is agile thanks in part to the assist brake torque vectoring for cornering precision and stability. A dual-pinion electric power steering with variable gear ratio helps improved steering feel and maneuverability delivering a fun-to-drive experience.

Cool Features:

  • Push Button Start
  • The Honda LaneWatch feature, which uses a camera on the right-side mirror to put a picture of your right-hand blind spot on the display screen whenever the right turn signal is activated
  • Available Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™

Safety on the 2016 Honda Civic features the Honda Sensing™ safety and driver-assistive technologies, next-generation ACE™ body structure, new crash stroke front frame design, and ultra-rigid high-strength steel floor for enhanced collision performance. Ranked highest-available collision performance safety ratings – a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score in the NHTSA’s NCAP, a TOP SAFETY PICK from the IIHS for the LX through EX-L trims and a TOP SAFETY PICK+ from the IIHAS for the Touring trim. Airbags include dual-stage front airbags, front side airbags, and side curtain airbags with rollover sensor.

In Summary –The 2016 Honda Civic Coupe is a blast to drive. Honda set out to prove it could still build a conventional compact vehicle that leaves its competition in its shadow. The touring is loaded with high-tech features, performance and handling, and a beautiful, sporty interior and exterior that is fun to drive. The passenger-side seat button creates the easier loading of both children and car seats in the back too!


2016 Honda Civic 1.5T Touring Coupe


Base price:                  $26,125as driven: $26,960 (including destination & optional

Engine:                        1.5-liter Turbocharged DOHC4-cylinder

Horsepower:              174 @ 6,000 RPM

Torque:                      162 @ 5,500 RPM

Transmission:            CVT automatic

Drive:                          FWD Drive

Seating:                       5-passenger

Turning circle:           35.7 feet

Cargo space:               11.9 cubic feet

Curb weight:               2888 pounds

Fuel capacity:             12.4 gallons

EPA mileage:              City 30/Hwy 41

Wheel Base:                106.3 inches

Warranty:                   3 years/36,000-miles powertrain limited

Also consider:             Kia Forte Koup, Scion tC, Mini Hardtop 2 Door, and the Fiat 500


He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear SSHS,

My mom and I are having a debate about tattoos. I want one, but she thinks it could get in the way of my getting a good job one day. I just don’t think that’s a relevant argument in today’s world. What do you think?                                                                                                ~ Chantal B., Berkeley

She Said: Certainly tattoos are mainstream these days, but your mom does have a point. There are some employers who might pass judgment, and if hiring came down to you and someone without a tattoo, I suppose, all things equal, you could lose out. How about you negotiate getting your tattoo on a place where it would be covered by work attire? Maybe not as much fun, but better safe than sorry!alive-media-magazine-october-2016-he-said-she-said-with-robin-and-shawn

He Said: You might think that tattoos are no big deal nowadays but not everyone is so open-minded. You have to understand that when an employer is looking to hire, they want someone who is going to benefit their company and not become a distraction. And it’s their right to think that way. If your tattoo is a potential distraction, then they will most definitely favor someone else for the job. I agree with Robin, get the tattoo but only somewhere where you can cover it.

Dear HSSS,

Do you think it’s normal for someone’s husband to use his wife’s toothbrush when on vacation because he left his at home?                                                                               ~ Grossed out, San Ramon

He Said: It’s definitely not normal and a little unsanitary, but you kiss his mouth don’t you? I’m sure a dentist would argue a kiss and sharing a toothbrush are not the same thing but what bad could really come of it? Just run the toothbrush under hot water for a few seconds or splash some mouthwash on it to kill any germs. Besides, sharing your brush is better than having to smell his breath while on vacation.

She Said: Where are you vacationing where he can’t just run down to the drugstore and buy another toothbrush? I’ve heard the argument, that you share worse things, why not a toothbrush?  My informal poll tells me guys don’t think there’s anything abnormal about it, but by and large, women object, so tell hubby you’ll share many things, but not that. Then carry a fresh spare while on vacation, just in case.HeSaidSheSaidgraphic

Robin Fahr is a communications specialist and host of Conversations seen daily on Tri-Valley TV, Channel 30 and online at Shawn is that guy that everyone goes to for advice. Send your questions to

Tips for Getting Your Make-up Professionally Done

A professional make-up application doesn’t have to cost a fortune—plus, it’s a great way to try out new trends and formulas. As a professional make-up artist, I think it’s a great idea to have your make-up professionally done once in a while, regardless of whether it’s for special event. Why? Formulas change, trends change and it’s healthy and fun to look fresh and updated. Wearing corals and bright pinks in the winter does not go with winter tone fashion. The same thing applies in the summertime, when you wouldn’t wear a berry lipstick and smokey eyes when going to the beach.

Every year the fashion industry reinvents itself and it just keeps getting better and better every year.  New formulas, fresh techniques and updated colors in make-up, when applied correctly, can make you look years younger, while keeping you on-trend and fashion-forward.

My clients update their looks every 3 to 6 months. You see celebrities changing their looks and locks all the time, why not you, right? Just like when you have something in mind for a new hairstyle, you bring pictures to your hair designer. In cosmetics you can do the same thing with the make-up artist. Bring photos of styles you like, also bring pictures of celebrities and models whose make-up you love to keep a good communication between you and the artist and to give them a sense of the look you’re going for. The make-up artist may have suggestions for how to adapt the trend to suit you rather than treating it literally. (By the way, the celebs most often mentioned by my customers whose make-up they want to emulate are Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, to name a few).

Application technique is just as important as any product, you have to know how to apply it correctly. At The Rouge we cater to women who need and want to know what is in style along with what they can realistically do. We offer make-up updates every season to help women achieve a more trendy and polished look, and as a bonus, you get to try on all the latest cosmetic trends without having to be pushed to buy. Alternatively, you can book a 90 minute lesson which cost a little more, but you will receive valuable information on the latest skin care, as well as a custom blended foundation, a full updated look for day as well as an evening style.

The Rouge also has a roster of free walk-in services called ‘Just One Look’ that will focus on a key feature; e.g., eye brow shaping, eye trends, custom foundation and how to choose the right lip color based on the season and your individual personality. These are based on artist availability and designed to teach our clients how to use products effectively and correctly. I say that you should give a pro make-up artist a try. You will discover the perfect go-to item and a hot new look that you will love.



Emmy Awards

The annual Emmy Awards were on this past week. In the old days, the major networks picked up all the prizes. Nowadays, Netflix , Amazon and other alternate providers pick up plenty of loot. Let’s look at the Emmy winning comedies over the past 50 years.


  1. In 1956, the top comedy was a family comedy much like a few others of the time. Which comedy picked up the Emmy that year?


  1. Ten years pass, but we are still watching domestic comedies. This gem had a little more going for it. What was the Emmy winning comedy of 1966?


  1. Norman Lear came along in 1971 and changed what television comedy looked like. He did not produce the top comedy of 1976, but the traditional comedy more or less grew up that year. What comedy took the prize in 1976?


  1. The winner in 1986 borrowed players from previous hit comedies. What comedy won the prize in 1986?


  1. The 1996 winner was actually a spinoff from a great series of a few years earlier. What was it?


  1. The winner for 2006 was a true original, but was based on a British comedy of the same name. Which comedy took the 2006 prize?

He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear SSHS,

I have guests in my home quite regularly, and I’m getting fed up with all the dietary restrictions out there. From gluten and dairy-free to Vegans and Atkins, I feel like I’m running a restaurant when people come to stay. Any suggestions?                                             Juan Menu, Lafayette

concept of dietary restrictionsShe Said: Real food allergies and Celiac disease aside, it is not your obligation to check in with everyone coming to your lovely B&B to see what they will and will not eat. People are constantly jumping in and out of fad diets or eliminating food groups entirely, making it very difficult on hosts. I knew someone who went from Atkins to vegetarian in the same week, and expected everyone to oblige. That’s just bad manners. Do not cater to picky eaters. Issue your invitation and let all know what will be on the menu and that they are welcome to supplement their diets with items brought from home.

He Said: There’s nothing worse than taking the time and effort to host guests in your home then hearing them say they can’t eat this or that. It just makes you want to never have another guest in your house again. You can’t be expected to cater to everyone’s finicky food habits or needs so I suggest you politely ask ahead of time if they have any preferences. If any requests are unreasonable, then simply ask that they bring their own food that meets their needs or point them in the direction of the nearest store that has what they want. You’re providing the shelter and basic food, if they want more than that, that’s on them.

Dear HSSS,

A friend of a friend recently moved to the area, and I’ve been asked to show her around a bit and help her get acquainted with the area. I have a hectic work schedule and family life and really don’t have the time. Plus I don’t care for this person much. How can I get out of this?                         Janice, Danville


He Said: It’s always nice when a local can show a transplant around, but it’s not fair for a friend to expect this of you. First I would explain to your friend that you have other priorities and that you just can’t spare the time. Then, I would definitely let the friend know that you’re not fond of this person. If you don’t, this won’t be the last time this newbie reaches out to you. You can ask your friend to keep this info confidential or not, it’s really up to you. Also, there are literally a million social apps and websites where people can reach out and get info or meet people from an area when they move. Let the technology be their friend, not you.

She Said:  It’s time to just say no, and you will be amazed at how great that feels. You have little enough time as it is for your real obligations, and people will always ask, so it’s your job to protect your limited time. But, I do want to play devil’s advocate here a bit. You say you don’t care for this person, but how about inviting her to coffee when she arrives, telling her where some of your favorite hotspots are and giving her a second chance to be someone you do care for. Some of the best friendships start with two people not liking each other that much.  Her moving to the area could be a real game changer.


Robin Fahr is a communications specialist and host ofConversations seen daily on Tri-Valley TV, Channel 30 and online at Shawn and Robin also host He Said/She Said on       TheTalk  Send your questions to