2017Mazda 6 The Sporty Family Sedan!

The battle of the mid-size car has grown not only in participants, but also in its threads of complexity. As time has flown by, the physical size of the mid-size vehicles gained in inches, and technology of the elite is now embedded common elements. Their ride and performance match the sporty elegance styled into flowing metal, chrome and plastics. The mid-size sedans are not your grandparents’ boring vehicle, but are now found in the driveways of all generations – even your grandparents’! The 2017 Mazda 6 is a proud member of this elite club and remains one of the best family sedan choices.

The 2017 Mazda6 is available in not one, not two, but three trim levels: Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring. Prices start at MSRP $22,780 and work its way to $31,530. The Mazda 6 experienced its last major styling change in 2013, and has stayed about the same, including the 2017 model. Fitted with muscular front fenders, an arched coupe-like roofline and a flashy rear end, the lines are beautiful and clearly parade the Mazda design flare.

To make your power options an easy choice, all the trim levels come with the same 4-cylinder SKYACTIV gas engine mated to either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission. The power generator is a 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder with 184 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque. Not the highest HP’s however weighing in at just around 3,200 pounds, it’s clearly enough to enjoy the ride. With the automatic transmission, you’ll enjoy EPA scores of 26/38/31 mpg (city/highway/combined).

I was impressed with the interior space and trunk room in the Mazda 6. The folding rear seats add to the convenience and flexibility of its use. The seats in my Grand Touring model looked amazing in white with dark gray trim beads and were very comfortable all the way around. Like with most sedans they claim to seat 5 but 4 adults are definitely more comfortable. Some cool “optional” features, you’ll enjoy include: rear heated seats, paddle shifters, heads up display, driving “Sport” mode, and multiple electronic connections.

Cool Features:

  • Rain Sensing Wipers
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Heads Up Display

The 2017 Mazda is well-equipped with safety features including (some are available as standard, optional, or not available on certain trims): dual front advanced airbags, driver and front-passage side-impact airbags, side curtain airbags, ABS brakes with Brake Assist System, Electronic Stability Control, Hill-Start Assist Control, rear camera, driver’s blind spot mirror, blind spot monitoring system, Cross Traffic Alert, and more. Other optional safety features include: Smart Brake Support with Collision Warning system, Lane Departure Warning System, and Lane Keep Assist System on the Grand Touring trim.

In Summary – The 2017 Mazda 6 knows how to combine the practical family sedan without making you feel you are driving a boring one. The Mazda 6 delivers a fun-to-drive experience while looking sharp and sporty. It’s loaded with fun and useful tech features and drives with confidence. If you are looking for a stylish mid-size family sedan then check out the Mazda 6.


2017 Mazda 6 Grand Touring

Base price:                  $30,695 as driven: $34,530 (including destination & optional

Engine:                       2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine

Horsepower:             184hp @ 5700RPM

Torque:                       185 @ 3250 RPM

Transmission:            6-Speedautomatic

Drive:                          Front-Wheel Drive

Seating:                       5-passenger

Turning circle:           36.7 feet

Cargo space:              14.8 cubic feet

Curb weight:              3,305 pounds

Fuel capacity:             16.4 gallons     

EPA mileage:              City 27/Hwy 35

Wheel Base:                 111.4inches

Warranty:                    3 years/36,000-miles powertrain limited

Also consider:              Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Nissan  

                                        Altima, Toyota Camry

Just Ask: How Are Your Doing?

I recently saw a news story on TV about people who had survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. The story included the accounts of two men who had both decided to take their own lives relatively early in life. One man, now in his mid thirties, jumped when he was only in his late teens.

Out of the estimated 1,700 people who have jumped off the bridge, only about 30 have survived. The experience for both men was nearly identical in terms of how they felt and what they realized, just moments after their hands left the rail—instant regret and the realization that they had made a fatal mistake.

One of the men, Kevin Hines, was only a teenager when he jumped in September 2000. He explained how, as he walked out on the bridge walkway, he had hoped someone passing would ask him if he was “okay,” because he had made up his mind that that would be his indicator—the only “sign” he needed—to change his mind and not jump. When one woman finally did stop him, sadly, she did not pick up on the despair in his eyes, and only asked him to take a picture. He obliged, handed back her camera, then leapt over the rail. In his own words, Hines explained, “I said to myself, ‘What have I done, I don’t want to die, God please save me.’ The moment I hit freefall was an instant regret – I recognized that I made the greatest mistake in my life and I thought it was too late.”

When I heard this my heart sank. How likely is it that so very many others of those who did not survive had these same exact thoughts? It is the picture of tragedy nearly too painful; too dreadful to consider.

This past April, construction began on a suicide prevention net on the Golden Gate Bridge. While this is a laudable project, the real solution to this kind of problem lies elsewhere. In some cases it’s addressing the needs of the mentally ill, but in many others—probably the majority—the solution can only be found within each of us. It has to do with how we see each other and whether we allow ourselves to be vulnerable—to lower our guard enough to truly empathize with others, and take the time to do so.

In my religious tradition, we believe that evil exists and that the “head” of evil is sometimes called the “Great Deceiver” or “The Father of Lies.” One of his greatest, most common lies is to have people believe they are “worthless” beings; people without value or purpose. Both of the men in that TV special had been deceived, as they instantly realized the moment they jumped. They, like everyone—like you and like me—are special, unique creations of a loving God who wants each of us to live full, meaningful lives of joy and love.  

So, the next time you’re off on vacation and you stop and ask someone to take your picture, be sure to look in their eyes for at least a moment and connect. They may just be waiting for you to ask them an important, life-altering question like, “How are you doing?”    

The Doctor is In

As most old people do, I spend an inordinate amount of time with doctors. You name it, I got it. While watching these amazing people doing wonderful work keeping us oldies alive, I thought about the wonderful doctors we saw in the movies, heard on radio and viewed on television. Let’s see if we remember these fictitious sawbones.

1. “Dr. Kildare was a popular movie series of the late 40s. Who played Dr. Jimmy Kildare

2. A prestigious Oscar is presented each year with his name attached, but we knew him as kindly Dr. Christian on our weekly radio. Who was the distinguished actor who played Dr. Christian?

3. Richard Chamberlain played Dr. Kildare on TV. What veteran actor played his mentor, Dr. Gillespie?

4. One of the most famous fictional doctors was Frankenstein. Dozens of movies have been made about him, but still the most famous is the original made in 1931. Who played Dr. Victor Frankenstein in that film?

5. What cartoon character always addressed people by asking “What’s Up Doc?”

6. Vince Edwards was a short term hit in the TV medical series”Ben Casey.” Who played his mentor, Dr. Zorba?


No Beauty Goals Are Out Of Reach

Summertime is a time to refresh your skin care and revamp your make-up for a lighter and more natural, “glowy,” bronzy-sunny skin look. Go natural yet seaside. Smooth your skin with an organic masque, finish with a beautiful self-tanner for that gorgeous, bronzed summer glow. I have always believed that true beauty and happiness comes from nourishing the body and the soul, therefore, whatever products touch your body, they also need to touch your soul. With all the great new finds this year you will be ready for summer in minutes, while looking bronzy, healthy and fabulous!

Amp up your glow with an Ultimate Cellular Repair Serum. Serums with peptides help to hydrate dry skin and repair skin cells, making it look smoother and more youthful.  It will smooth the skin instantly giving it that fresh, velvety summertime glow. 

Salty skies and sunny days just got even more exciting with our new beachside self-tanners—and they are more luxurious than ever! With the realistic color of a true tan you can go through summer looking fabulously sun-drenched and healthy without ruining your skin.   

You Glow-Girl! Organic facial masques are the way to go this year in skin care and with all the new smarts in technologies your skin will love them. Try a sun-warmed Marine Peel for that seaside smoothing effect, or our precious Sea Kelp masque for healing and smoothing.   

Master new techniques for summer with a new fusion bronzer; fusion bronzers allow the skin to breathe, all while looking perfectly bronzed, naturally. Add a little to cheeks, chin, and forehead, for that all-over, smooth-skin bronze sheen.

Try a new EYE-DEA! Update your eyes with a new peach or nude shadow on the lid followed by a gray purple in the crease. Line the eyes with a trendy army-green pencil to achieve depth and lift, (the more depth around the eye area the more youthful the eyes will look), then add a light khaki color under the eye to open eyes and define them. It will look fresh for summer. If your eyes tend to look red, apply a nude waterline pencil on the inner line of the eyes to take out the red and look refreshed. It will leave your eyes looking bright and not so tired looking. Great for vacations and traveling!

Summer Lip Forecast: Soft pinks, neutrals and light peach tones are the new seaside craze this summer. Glosses with natural ingredients and pigments keeps the lips hydrated and look great beachside.  New lip stains have it all, with the ease and convenience of a lip color, the full coverage of a lipstick, and staying power that lasts all day!  The new lip stains have a new, non-drying formula to deliver fullness and a plumper full lip look that is of-the-moment-modern.

We’re so excited that you are getting to know us! Come in to The Rouge Cosmetics to try all the new finds and discover your beachside bronzer and lip color, just in time for the salty skies and sunny days ahead.