New Year’s 2015 Beauty Resolution

Smooth and Youthful Skin Starts With Good Skin Care

The New Year brings us a new beginning and a fresh start. When the New Year approaches, people promise themselves that this is the year they’re going to take charge and replace bad habits with good routines. This year you may want to think about starting a new skin care program; or if you’ve never had one, now is a good time to start. A good routine will improve your skin, giving you years of youthful complexion in the future. Discover new scientific methods that can make a difference to your skin, treating your complexion with new technologies in skin care, such as antioxidant serums and scrubs.

The first step to future skin health is finding a licensed Aesthetician. An Aesthetician is highly trained in the care of the skin and is state board certified in analyzing all different types of skin to advise you on what to use for your specific needs. Many Aestheticians work with Dermatologists, offering facials and specialized skin treatments in their offices. Most Dermatologists do not provide skin care programs; they supply skin treatments and medications. Below are some skin care options for you to consider adding to your daily routine.

Facial Cleansers
You want to avoid the “one-size-fits-all” skin cleansers. If you have dry skin, use a cleanser that will help nourish, protect, and re-moisturize the skin. If you have an oily complexion, use a cleanser that will help balance the oil production and reduce acne. For sensitive skin, use a cleanser that does not have herbs or a scent, as this can prove to be an irritant, causing breakouts and dryness. Instead, use a cleanser that deep cleans the surface and eliminates skin irritations.

Facial Toners
Face toners are essential for beautiful skin. They help to moisturize, while bringing the skin back to its natural PH balance. It also removes hard-to-cleanse residue left over from make-up. A good toner will also help exfoliate the skin and retexture the surface of the skin so the complexion will be firm and smooth.

Eye Creams
Eye creams are essential to avoid pre-mature aging and wrinkles. It is important to get one that is specifically made for the eye area. The skin around the eye is very thin and delicate and must be treated differently than the rest of the face. You cannot use face moisturizers around the eye area because they are too thick and will not moisturize or hydrate. A good eye cream will instantly firm and tighten eye contour, minimizing the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles.

Face Creams
While everyone is different, a face cream should be used every day to avoid dehydration. Using a face cream for your specific skin needs is not only beneficial, but essential. Look for creams that have been scientifically improved with enriched vitamins, antioxidants and peptides. It will keep the skin supple and hydrated. Research has shown that applying peptides with anti-oxidants and vitamins reduces fine lines, healing the skin from the inside out, thus reducing the formation of wrinkles.

Protect your skin’s future
We invite you to come in this year and sample our skin care products and treatments by Ongrien Technologies. We would like to educate you on a proper skin care program and help you achieve your skin health goals. Let this year be the year you love your skin. It’s Easy, simple, and a snap to get the skin you want.

He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear SSHS,
I did a lot of online shopping this last holiday season, and while most transactions went well, I had a real problem with a small online company who refused to send me my full order. Apparently some pricing information on their site was wrong, and they didn’t intend to sell all three parts for the price listed, but their excellent price was the reason I bought from them in the first place! Their Customer Service Department told me I could either return the part I did receive, for a full refund, or pay a huge amount for the additional two parts I still need. Unfortunately, I’d already assembled the first part, and I can’t afford the other two now, which makes my purchase a huge waste. Do I have any recourse?
Kathlene, Pleasanton, CA495510735

She Said: Ah, the famous Bait and Switch…perhaps unintentional but still wrong. They advertised one price, albeit accidentally, and then didn’t honor it. Not okay. So first, I’m going to preach a little and say, this kind of thing doesn’t generally happen when you shop locally, so here’s a little shout out to the mom and pop stores out there who want your business and will bend over backwards to get it. Anonymous online companies can come and go without regard for reputation, so “buyer beware.” That said, you were ripped off, so I did a little research and noticed you bought from a third party through Amazon. You’re in luck. Amazon has great customer service and the desire and incentive to maintain a good reputation with the public. Even though you weren’t really buying from them and they would prefer you reach a solution with your seller, their A to Z Guarantee (a tab at the top of their site) does exist as a final resort for buyers who haven’t been able to reach a satisfactory resolution. They’ll take care of you.

He Said: This sounds like the company made an honest mistake, but I have to echo Robin’s caution of Buyer Beware. I do a lot of online shopping and what I’ve found is if I compare the same product at several sites and its way cheaper on one, then it’s probably too good to be true. I really don’t see any recourse other than posting honest reviews about your bad experience on Yelp, Facebook, or Twitter. But next time around, if you see an unbelievable price online, give the company a call before you place your order just to verify what’s included in the price. No phone number? No deal! A listed phone number always makes the site and company more legit and customer friendly. Also check to see that their return policy and privacy policy are posted for everyone to see. And if you use a credit card or PayPal, you can always contest the charge to your account if something goes wrong with your order as long as you refute the charge on your account before you pay for it on the next billing cycle.

Robin Fahr is a public relations specialist and co-host with Shawn Shizzo on Conversations and He Said/She Said seen daily on Tri-Valley TV, Channel 30.             HeSaidSheSaidgraphic     Send your questions to

Random Thoughts for 2015

Wow. Another year; new hope, new renewal.

We live in a wonderful, exciting time. At what point in our history has so much information been available to us at the stroke of a key or click of a mouse? Most of it good, some of it distorted beyond normal proportions.494309351

We have major societal and political decisions to make this year. In the arena of the latter, we will be looking at a new Congress controlled by one party, and the President of a different party. Will bitterness and finger pointing continue, or will they finally realize that we, the people, are getting tired of all the nonsense? It has been hard not to be bored with all the foolishness on the part of some members of Congress who seem mainly interested in wanting to destroy the President, and then him striking back with his own agenda. Can’t they understand that we pay them, and they need to at least start a dialogue?

They will need to sort out sending our military people back to places where we thought our war was over. They will need to sort out how to deal with Cuba. They will need to sort out foreign policy toward Asia and Europe. They will need to sort out immigration. They will need to sort out how to keep the economy strong and keep job strength growth. They will need to sort out how we protect ourselves from cyber warfare.

And what do we need to take care of? We will need to sort out what we want to do about our personal cyber security. We will need to sort out how we approach social media. Are we going to stop using Facebook and Twitter as much? Are we going to spend as much time working, and more time with family? Are we going to be able to sort out how our communities interact within our society? We will need to sort out where one person’s freedom of speech ends and another begins. Will we understand that racism lives in many segments of our communities and that police and community need to work with one another and respect one another?

When I was young, I had all the answers. As a teen, a right wing conservative, I had all the answers. In college in the Vietnam era, I became a liberal and had all the answers.

Now, as a “mature baby boomer” (whatever mature means) I realize having the true answer may be impossible in many cases. I find myself more and more wanting to look at both sides of issues and try to take the bright spots in both. Is that wussy, or is that smart? See I don’t even have the answer to that!

So I warned you coming into this column, it would be random and it is. I just hope and wish for the new year, 2015 that we all can spend more time trying to figure out how to live together and solve our problems rather than “hating on” people who may approach things differently than we do.

Can we try to make 2015, truly, a year of renewal; can we try to truly understand each other? If we can endeavor to do that, this could be the best year yet.

Does that make sense?

A Look Back

2015…Seriously? Clichés and me have a real love hate relationship, but time really does fly. The sprint to the end of the year has always left an indelible mark on me. Starting with the time honored tradition of giving thanks in November, then carrying that into December where we prove our thanks with gifts and gatherings (and oddly ugly sweaters) then January brings the warm, damp towel to drag across the surface of the year, wiping it clean to start again.

I have never been one to look too far in the future without realizing how I got to the present, so this month I would like to take a moment to adjust the rear view and recognize just how we got here.

In August of 2012 I was offered (I kind of begged) the opportunity to write for Eric and ALIVE Magazine. At the time, I was head long into my career, which had me traveling the globe, so naturally I thought it would be a travel article. I rapidly realized that not only was Harry Hubinger doing a smashing job on his Stamps In My Passport, but also we had oddly gone to many of the same places. Not wanting to squander the opportunity, I settled on the only other thing I knew at the time…restaurants. But I had no desire to write about food. I was going to suggest places based on their behind-the-scenes attributes that create return customers. A peek behind the scenes that I knew too well as a restaurant manager. Never a bad review. The places I didn’t agree with simply didn’t make the cut. Here then, is where we are today:

My Go-To’s:
If we need a patio and people we love, you can find us at Norms..always. Unless it is pizza night, then we will be at Jules!

There are places that are nestled in my heart for the rest of my time on this earth. Forbes Mill heads up the pack as my primary family, Incontro took me in and are the finest people I have ever known and Mi Casa is, well, my home!

What would memories be without a few fallen heroes? A few places are no longer with us but left their mark. The cowboy biscuits and gravy that started it all at Iron Horse Café (my first article) is now a Mexican restaurant, owned by an employee of IHC. Best in Show Hot Dogs had an ownership dispute. One guy took the cart and one took the truck, never to be heard from again. Pho Saigon is now Pho-Something Else and still very good, but not the original that fed me my first meal home from Africa.

Top of Their Game:
Rodney Worth wrote the foreword for my book What Seems To Be the Problem and promptly opened up two more restaurants. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him. Denicas is my wife’s finding, and the connection I made with her is real. Hopefully we work together one day (stay tuned). Yannis Greek Taverna is the finest Mediterranean food I have ever had, and you know I love Greek! Fudruckers is still the best business model I have ever found, even though my meat intake has slowed down. Sakura (Tony) will always be “our” sushi place, but your allowed to go…I guess. And I will never stop loving the salad bar at Round Table in Alamo.

I found out I eat a lot of sandwiches. Ikes blew my mind with their menu and back-story, Brass Bear will always be family, but my latest discovery is Gary at Slow G’s. He cares about what goes into your body and it shows!

I won’t even mention the road trips we took, but I certainly hope there are many more of them.

Happy New Year Loyal Followers! I appreciate you all!

1915 Rewind

It is now 2015. It does not flow trippingly across the tongue like 1915, does it? Few of us (including me) were around in 1915. Let’s take a look at it.

1. A World’s Fair was held that year. Where?

2. A pitcher made his baseball debut that year and hit a home-run in his first start. Who was he?

3. A famous movie made its debut that year. What was it?

4. U. S. entrance in WWI was precipitated by German’s sinking what liner that year?

5. Who was our president in 1915?

6. Alexander Graham Bell made a phone call to Thomas Watson that year. From where to where?