New Year… New You!

New cosmetics that can make you look ten years younger without a face lift!

Ever wonder why celebrities look years younger than they really are? Have you ever wanted to know the secrets and tricks celebrities use for looking youthful and age-less. Do you want to look ten years younger without getting a face-lift?

Of course every woman wants to look youthful at any age. This year, make-up is changing and the revolution is all about the right ingredients in cosmetics and how to apply make-up with that no-make-up look, making the skin appear youthful and eyes natural, using the right colored cosmetics for you. Make-up applied correctly can-not only make you look years younger but youthful too. Just look at Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez or Sharon Osborne. They look so much younger than they are! They not only look like they have beautiful, natural looking skin, but their make-up is beautifully applied with the right colors, giving them an updated, current look, making them look years younger.  Celebrities use cosmetics with age-defying ingredients, while defining their look with precise color harmony. By applying the correct age-defying highlighters and contours in the proper places, your skin will look younger, and by applying accurate eye and blush colors, you will achieve a more natural and true appearance.  Using the incorrect color and using them in the wrong places can make you look old and elderly.

Years Younger Make-up Beauty Challenge

This Year we want to give you a chance to redefine yourself, take control of your look and be educated on how to use the right cosmetics, so you too can look years younger. There is just too much confusion out there as to how to apply make-up correctly and effectively. It’s not about applying some unsystematic eye shadow color or disorganized eye liner or unflattering lip color; there is an actual art to make-up application and the ingredients too. You can learn these simple techniques by the professionals at The Rouge Cosmetics and achieve a realistic, beautiful impression and look years younger with just a few effortless adjustments.

In January we are kicking off the New Year with the Ten Years Younger Beauty Challenge, giving every woman a chance to learn how to improve their look with age-defying cosmetics and the correct make-up. Our professional staff will show you step-by-step on how to properly apply make-up using our state-of-the-art cosmetics by Fleur Visage. Every woman has individual needs and if you don’t look ten years younger, we will refund your money, no questions asked. We want to help you achieve the best “you” this year, putting your best face forward and achieving what you want without any strings attached.

So what are you waiting for……lets do the challenge together! Let this New Year be the start of something extraordinary for you and so worth discovering!


60 Minutes

It only seems like “60 Minutes” has been on TV for 60 years. It is the longest running network television news show in history. Not the ratings juggernaut it used to be, but it still gets excellent ratings and remains timely. I would not miss it. Let’s see what you know about the show.

1. What year did it begin? It appeared originally as a bi-weekly show.

2. One of the original hosts left CBS in the 1980s because he was given the assignment of sharing the anchor desk with Barbara Walters. Who was he?

3. The other original host earlier served as a game show host on “The Big Surprise” and “Who’s the Boss.” Who was he?

4. A popular co-host joined the show in the 70s. He was a sober, thoughtful correspondent and worked until his death early this year. Who was he?

5. The first African American newscaster worked regularly on “60 Minutes” until his death 10 years ago. Who was he?

6. One of the delightful features of “60 Minutes” was the wry commentary the last five minutes of each show. The correspondent was never replaced upon his passing. A veteran of Stars and Stripes from WWII, who was he?