No More GIGO, Please!

Garbage in, garbage out. I believe the term originated in reference to computer programming; the idea being that the quality of the any result is directly related to what you start with. (Another colorful expression that certainly pre-dates GIGO—one that my high school algebra teacher loved to say—is, “you can’t get a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!”)

So let me ask you. Where are you getting your information? Is it coming from that highly-produced, market-driven TV news? While some media companies work a little harder than others in at least attempting to be unbiased, it’s pretty obvious that most broadcast and cable TV networks lean one way or the other, with the majority of their programming reflective of a point of view skewed in only one direction. CNN, pretty much left. Fox, right. MSNBC, again, left.

And then there is the problem of timing and access. What if you are ready for a little “brain food” right now? Is your cable or radio station going to deliver what you want, when and where you want it?484541353

Even if you find a station that you like, have you “had it up to here” with what seems like enormous time-blocks of commercials? I think it’s something like nine minutes of advertising for every five of content. At least it seems that way.

Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to find a place where you could access information and commentary based upon your own criteria—either by the personality that you want to hear, or the subject matter that you are most interested in? A place where the content is original, and virtually unpolluted by commercial interruptions?

I have found an answer—with The Talk Pod, you can say “goodbye” to those canned, repetitive radio and TV broadcasts that give you so little of what you want (and too much of what you don’t want).

Talent-wise, this new site is packed to the rafters with the best of the best in their fields, covering everything from politics and sports, to entertainment, wine and weather… and everything in between.

The names are familiar, certainly to anyone in Northern California, if not to the entire country; Barbara Simpson, John Rothmann, Lloyd Lindsey Young, Bill Wattenburg, Stan Burford, Ed Baxter, Rosie Allen, Ken Dito, Joe Starkey, Malou Nubla, Elizabeth Kate, and the guys from “Flick Nation; Steve Wagner, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk.

So long “GIGO.” Hello The Talk Pod.