Advice to the Candidates

The 2016 general election will be here before we know it. Potential presidential candidates are well along at lining up, forming exploratory committees and organizing their fund raising machines. It is still too early to determine who the front runners will be, at least in terms of the Republicans, but on the Democrat side, if Hillary decides to run she will no doubt be the anointed one.83273505

Regardless of who is elected, there are a few very serious, top-tier issues that we must deal with, if we want safety and security for our citizens, any real hope for relative peace in the world, and more prosperity for all Americans.

The first issue is our economic strength. We must put the brakes on our ever-mounting national debt. We need courageous leaders in office who will take a stand in order to begin to turn the tide. A good place to start would be on proposals of more spending in Washington. We should simply re-employ the old saying from the Reagan era’s war on drugs, and “Just Say No!”

The other issue is our national defense and international relations. In case you weren’t paying attention, several warning shot have been fired across our bow. One was the attack on our embassy in Libya, where our ambassador and three American heroes were murdered. Another was North Korea holding our freedoms and economy hostage for a time over a ridiculous Hollywood movie.

We have porous borders, as our Senators tell us there are “sleeper cells” of terrorists on our soil now, and that it’s not a matter of if, but when we will be hit again. Seriously? Is being prepared for certain disaster the best we can do? We need to be pro-active, and to again refer to the Reagan era, our international posture must be one of peace through strength. But as we’ve grown weaker and more detached, our would-be enemies have become bolder, more active, and more vicious.

And when we hear reports of atrocities occurring in other nations, like 276 school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram and sold into slavery, or of young boys, literally being crucified by ISIS for playing soccer, is it really “not our problem?” When we hear things like this, the two phrases that really rattle my cage are: “We’ll have no boots on the ground,” and, “We can no longer be the policemen of the world.” Whatever happened to taking a stand on what’s right? Whatever happened to defending the innocent? Today we are on pretty thin ice as a world power. Lately, I’d say our leadership is about where it was just before Hilter marched across Europe.

If America is to retain any standing of global leadership, we need a true leader as President; someone with a backbone, skill, insight and the courage to do what must be done at the appropriate time—which is any time of our choosing, not in reaction to others.

Some advice to any candidate that wants to win the presidency: Be the kind of leader I just described, and the American people will rally to your cause.

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