Sit Down and Write!

Walk into any library or book store and what surrounds you? Books, right? Well, on one level this is true… but it’s not the complete answer, is it?

Aside from bound volumes of paper with letters, symbols and images, what you are really surrounded by are messages from the past; thoughts, ideas, wisdom and stories—and the accounts of history as experienced in what was once “real” time for someone else.462729485

So let me ask you. What would you like to say to your great, great, great grandchildren? What wisdom have you developed in your life that you would like to share with your kids—and their kids—that may save them from having to learn some of what you’ve had to learn “the hard way?”

In our fast–paced, high-tech world, we sometimes overlook the power of the written word. But as far as we have come—and as fast as it seems we have arrived at wherever we “are”—it is still true that printed words are the most enduring and impactful form of communication.

Sure, there are “classic” films; there are recordings, sculpture, paintings and other art forms that endure—but none of these compare with books in terms of volume and detail. This is why all organized methods of education are built around books.

Some, like me, believe there is a foundational, spiritual basis to the power of words—it’s why the Bible is referred to by many as, “The Word of God.” Books are the keepers of dreams and aspirations; the conduits of time transcendence through generations.

Perhaps you’ve never seriously considered your impact on the future. What will be your legacy? What would you like to contribute to the world that will be after you are no longer here? What would you like to say now that will reach forward and touch your future family and friends? One of my greatest joys with ALIVE Book Publishing is being able to help people do this every day.

Are you ready to record something for posterity? Isn’t it time to stop just thinking about your legacy?

Sit down and write!