Trivial Voting

It has not been great appointment television, but the debates among the republican Presidential candidates has kicked off another election season. Seems like an appropriate time for some Presidential trivia, keeping it light and not historically important.

1. In 1950, Irving Berlin wrote a song for the Broadway musical “Call Me Madam” which became a campaign slogan two years later. What was it?

2. Before his presidency, JFK wrote a book heralding acts of bravery over the years exhibited by American heroes. What was the name of the book?

3. Which President was captain and first baseman for Yale baseball team?

4. In which movie did Ronald Reagan play George Gipp?

5. Bill Clinton showed a light side by playing what musical instrument on late night TV?

6. Which U.S. president was an All American center for the University of Michigan?

Eugene O’Neill: No Trivial Playwright

September in Danville will be devoted to the memory of Ameroca’s greatest playwright, Eugene O’Neill. Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller are more well known to those of us who grew up in the latter part of the last century, but O’Neill, with a prodigious output, was the only American playwright to win a Nobel Prize. Let’s take a short day’s journey into his life.108_4_2

1. The most notable plays of O’Neill’s life were written while residing in a home in Danville. An easy one, by what name do we know this house?

2. A 1949 classic is set in a bar with the principal players being Hickey and Harry Hope. What is that play?

3. Greta Garbo’s first talking movie was a film version of which O’Neill play?

4. In 1940, four of O’Neill’s seagoing short plays were made into a great John Ford movie featuring John Wayne. What was the movie called?

5. O’Neill moved to Danville due to medical conditions relating to his wife. What was her name?

6. One of O’Neill’s daughters, Oona, married a famous Hollywood star. Who was he?

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