San Francisco Stuff

My apologies for being a bit nonplussed. I had the great fortune of attending the 5th game of the recent NLCS playoffs at AT&T Park in San Francisco. I don’t think I can slip a Travis Ishikawa question past our discerning readers. Speaking of San Francisco (I was anyway), try the following.

1. The greatest car chase in movie history took place in San Francisco as Steve McQueen and the pursued covered every section of SF by simply turning a corner. What was the name of this classic movie?

2. The Giants came to town in 1958. Candlestick Park was not built until 1960. Where did the Giants play those first few years?

3. The current anthem to SF is Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” but prior to that it was the title song from the 1936 movie “San Francisco.” Who sang it in the movie?

4. Who was the mayor of San Francisco when Candlestick Park was built?

5. Who were the two stars of the TV show “Streets of San Francisco?”

6. In the 40’s, a future TV star played “Pat Novak for Hire,” a detective show on radio that was produced in San Francisco. Who was he?