Take Me Out to the Ball Game

As spring splashes its way in, we are encouraged that Baseball is back. How do we exist the rest of the year when there is almost always a Major League game being played in the area? It is well nigh impossible to go to the park every day, but the magic of TV and radio brings it all home to us. What else is there to say? Play ball!

1. Where did the SF Giants play their home games their first two seasons in San Francisco 1958 and 1959?

2. Who played Dizzy Dean in the movie biopic “Pride of St. Louis?”

3. What Broadway musical hit was based on Douglas Wollop’s book “The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant?”

4. Sam Malone, the owner of Cheers of TV fame, had been a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. What was his nickname as a pitcher?

5. Who threw a perfect game for the Oakland A’s in 1968?

6. Who wrote the book “Moneyball?”