Rogers & Hammerstein

“There’s a bright golden haze in the meadow,” are the opening lyrics to the American treasure Oklahoma, the first musical by the legendary team, Rodgers and Hammerstein. Rodgers wrote the music, while Hammerstein supplied the lyrics and libretto to a steady stream of great musicals from the 1940s to the 1950s. Let’s reminisce about their masterworks produced together and separately.

  1. Prior to getting together with Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein wrote the lyrics to the great musical of 1928, Showboat. Who was the music composer of that great show?
  1. Prior to getting together with Hammerstein, Richards Rodgers partnered with a wonderful lyricist in several hit shows of the 1920s and 1930s, such as Pal Joey. Who was that lyricist?
  1. She later won an Oscar for Gentlemen’s Agreement, but she got her first big break playing Ado Annie in R & H’s first hit Oklahoma. Who was she?
  1. Their next big hit was Carousel. The love song between Billy and Julie was the personal favorite of R & H. What was it?
  1. For their next hit, South Pacific, they hired a star from the New York opera to play the male lead and sing “Some Enchanted Evening.” Who was he?
  1. For their next hit, King and I, they chose a star from England who made her career in British music halls and some early Broadway musicals. Who was she?
  1. The most successful movie based on a R & H musical was Sound of Music. Julie Andrews starred in the movie, but who played Maria on Broadway?