Christmas Trivia

Earlier and earlier each year, we hear Christmas music on our radios. How many of us still listen to the radio? We know all of them, so let’s have a little fun with them.


  1. In what movie was Irving Berlin’s song White Christmas introduced?


  1. Silver Bells is another Christmas song introduced in a movie. What movie was it?


  1. Who composed the lyrics to The Christmas Song?


  1. Baby it’s Cold Outside is hardly a Christmas song, but it is still played during the Yuletide season. What movie was it from?


  1. He was a one hit wonder when he recorded I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus in the early 50s. Who was he?


  1. Montgomery Ward( remember them?) had a promotion at Christmas in the early 40s that featured a novelty song sung by a Western movie star. What was the tune and who sang it?