DeNiro and Streep

As a fan of movies for much of a very long life. I develop admiration for certain performers who transcend. Such are the long careers of Robert DeNiro and my favorite all time favorite actress, Meryl Streep. Let’s take a look at their notable work.

1. It was the Oscar winning movie of 1978 and was the first pairing of Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep. What was the movie?

2. Streep won her first Oscar in 1979 for a supporting performance in what movie?

3. DeNiro won his first Oscar in 1974 playing the younger version of a character that won an Oscar for Marlon Brando two years earlier. Who was that character?

4. DeNiro won another Oscar in 1980 for playing what famous boxer?

5. Streep then won an Oscar in 1982 for playing a severely disturbed Czech refugee in what movie?

6. Finally, Streep won her 3rd Oscar in 2010 for playing what famous World leader?

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