Trivial Tomfoolery

I had some flak last month for the “you don’t know Jack” silliness. It seems to have been categorized as tomfoolery. Oh yeah! I will show you some Tomfoolery.

1. He won 300 games in the Majors, but is best remembered as the ace of the Miracle Mets of 1969. Who is he?

2. He played in Western movies in the silents, then hosted a popular radio show. His horse was Tony. Who was this famous movie cowboy?

3. Who was the “Sentimental Gentleman of Swing?”

4. He played a dopey chap on the Steve Allen TV show and finished his career playing the handyman at Bob Newhart’s inn on the “Newhart” show. Who was he?

5. Albert Finney played the title character in this Oscar winning comedic romp of 1963. What was the title character’s name?

6. He was the electrifying running back for the Michigan Wolverines in 1940, became a popular sportscaster, but is now more famous as the father of the star of TV’s most popular show. Who is he?