April Showers

Come on! Where is the rain? I am old enough to remember many rainy Aprils, so let’s go…

1. One of the great entertainers of the early 20th century had a huge hit with “April Showers.” Who was he?

2. A famous Saturday Evening Post cover of the 1940s showed managers and umpires gathered around in rain gear trying to decide whether to start the game. Who was the illustrator?

3. A famous story called “Rain” has been made into a movie more than once. Who was the author?

4. Same story, who was the main character, a South Seas woman who with a shady past?

5. In what show did we hear “Don’t Let it Rain on my Parade?”

6. The final play of the 2012 World Series featured the SF Giants 2nd baseman holding his hand out in the rain, praying the game would be over. Who was he?