Trivially Presidential

Most U. S. Presidents are portrayed eventually in movies or TV. I think our new one will insist on playing himself. Let’s review some of the prez’s, both fictional and real, portrayed on the large or small screen.

  1. He played a skirt chasing prez in Absolute Power and an ex-president in Welcome to Mooseport–both fictional of course, but who was the actor?
  1. A distinguished Oscar winner, he played the title role on TV’s Mr. President in the early 90s. Who was he?
  1. Oliver Stone likes making movies about recent presidents. Who played George W. Bush in his movie W?
  1. Who played Woodrow Wilson in the 1944 movie, Wilson?
  1. It appears that 24 is coming back to TV. Jack Bauer is busy playing the prez on another show. Who played the POTUS on the first two seasons of 24?
  1. West Wing was very successful TV series about life in the White House. Who played the President on that show?