Spooky but Trivial

None of us believe in spooks, do we? None of us believes the monsters, vampires, zombies or ghosts we see on the screen, do we? I have been watching horror movies for 80 years and have enjoyed many of them. In observance of Halloween, let’s see if you remember them as well as I do.


  1. Boris Karloff played the monster, but who played Doctor Frankenstein in the original Frankenstein movie, circa 1931, and one of the sequels?


  1. One of the best was the original “King King.” Who was the beautiful actress who played Ann Darrow, the object of the big fella’s affection?


  1. One of the best remakes of a horror classic was “The Fly.” Geena Davis played the girl who really knew how to pick ’em when she falls for a guy who turns into fly. Who played the Fly?


  1. In the 1940s, RKO Studios released a whole series of horror movies that were short on special effects, but heavy with atmosphere. One of them was an adaptation of Jane Eyre and took place on a Caribbean island. What was its name?


  1. There have been several vampire movies of varying quality. However, the original Dracula is the one we all remember. Who played him?


  1. Alfred Hitchcock will never be considered a director of horror movies. But the most unexpected reaction this old soul has ever experienced at a movie is Hitchcock’s classic “Psycho.” The shower scene in that movie was the all time movie shocker. Released in 1960, I have not taken a shower since. Who were the two performers killed supposedly by   Norman Bates mother in that film?