The 35th Annual Kings X Trivia Contest

The 35th annual Kings X Trivia Contest was held at WPLJ in Walnut Creek on April 12. Because my team won last year, I had to be the moderator. It is a lot of work, but the research is fun and I try to challenge the players, without trying to stump them. The winning team was Snot Rockets Anonymous (so much for good taste) led by a solid veteran, RJ Tincknell. They won by 2 points over the Magnificent Few, led by another stalwart, Jim Buchanan. Since I wrote the questions, there is no problem using them on you folks.

1. What music event occurred on August 29, 1966 and where?

2. Who was the last Major League pitcher to win 27 games in a season?

3. What do the following have in common? Tony Perkins, Charles Laughton, Robert Newton, John Malkovich, Geoffrey Rush and Russell Crowe.

4. From Peanuts, who was Charlie Brown’s favorite baseball player?

5. Who or what is Mom Chung and Big Alana?

6. The first time we see Rick in “Casablanca,” what is he doing?

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