Holiday Trivia 2016

Among all the things we get used to at the holidays is the proliferation of Holiday Television shows. Some of these, if not all of them, were made 50 years or more ago. A new generation comes along to enjoy them, so I guess we should too. So, let’s…

  1. The Charlie Brown Christmas Special plays every year. What celebrated San Francisco Jazz artist is responsible for the music in all the Charlie Brown specials?
  1. He owned a Major League Baseball team and was one of the first singing cowboys, but he is probably most famous for singing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Who is he?
  1. He played Patton in the movies, but he also played a memorable Scrooge in a very good TV version of “Christmas Carol.” Who is he?
  1. “Miracle on 34th Street” still delights families at Christmastime, although it was filmed 69 years ago. In the movie, Kris Kringle surprises the shoppers at Macy’s by telling them they can find a better deal at famous competitor’s store down the street. No longer in business, who was that competitor?
  1. It think everyone’s favorite movie at Yuletide is still “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I know my kids watched it repeatedly as kids and I watched it with my grownup daughter last year. What were the names of the cop and the cabdriver in that movie?
  1. In that movie, who played Mr. Potter, the town miser, who always tried to upset George Bailey’s plans to make Bedford Falls a more livable community?