Hustles, Scandals & Scams

As I sit here dreaming up this nonsense, I keep hearing about “Inflategate.” Are the New England Patriots actually deflating the footballs for an advantage? First steroids, now this. It seems we always have scandals and hints of wrongdoing in all of our endeavors. Let’s look at a few.

1. My favorite movie of 2013 was “American Hustle.” It was based on a famous American political scandal of the 1980’s. What was the scandal known as?

2. The biggest scandal in Baseball history occurred in 1919. What was it called?

3. In the late 1990’s a scandal hit the music world when a singing duo was discovered to have lips synched their way to fame on MTV. Who were they?

4. The television public was up in arms in the 1950s when it was discovered that intellectual Charles Van Doren was guilty of cheating on a popular quiz show. The integrity of all game shows was put into question. What was the quiz show Van Doren was on?

5. Who can forget Watergate? Who was the White House staffer who originally informed a Senate committee that skullduggery was afoot?

6. Old time radio was not immune to a little hanky pinky with the truth. Probably, the most famous sportscaster of the time had a weekly show wherein he described incredible feats of athleticism and amazing coincidences. It turned out, most of them were untrue. Who was this sportscaster?

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