60 Minutes

It only seems like “60 Minutes” has been on TV for 60 years. It is the longest running network television news show in history. Not the ratings juggernaut it used to be, but it still gets excellent ratings and remains timely. I would not miss it. Let’s see what you know about the show.

1. What year did it begin? It appeared originally as a bi-weekly show.

2. One of the original hosts left CBS in the 1980s because he was given the assignment of sharing the anchor desk with Barbara Walters. Who was he?

3. The other original host earlier served as a game show host on “The Big Surprise” and “Who’s the Boss.” Who was he?

4. A popular co-host joined the show in the 70s. He was a sober, thoughtful correspondent and worked until his death early this year. Who was he?

5. The first African American newscaster worked regularly on “60 Minutes” until his death 10 years ago. Who was he?

6. One of the delightful features of “60 Minutes” was the wry commentary the last five minutes of each show. The correspondent was never replaced upon his passing. A veteran of Stars and Stripes from WWII, who was he?