Emmy Awards

The annual Emmy Awards were on this past week. In the old days, the major networks picked up all the prizes. Nowadays, Netflix , Amazon and other alternate providers pick up plenty of loot. Let’s look at the Emmy winning comedies over the past 50 years.


  1. In 1956, the top comedy was a family comedy much like a few others of the time. Which comedy picked up the Emmy that year?


  1. Ten years pass, but we are still watching domestic comedies. This gem had a little more going for it. What was the Emmy winning comedy of 1966?


  1. Norman Lear came along in 1971 and changed what television comedy looked like. He did not produce the top comedy of 1976, but the traditional comedy more or less grew up that year. What comedy took the prize in 1976?


  1. The winner in 1986 borrowed players from previous hit comedies. What comedy won the prize in 1986?


  1. The 1996 winner was actually a spinoff from a great series of a few years earlier. What was it?


  1. The winner for 2006 was a true original, but was based on a British comedy of the same name. Which comedy took the 2006 prize?