FDR: Not a Trivial President

Ken Burns may have outdone himself with the 7 part series on PBS entitled “The Roosevelts.” What a job! Having spent so many of my early years with FDR as president, I thought he would be our president forever. Four terms of office! Can you believe it? Let’s do some FDR.

1. As with all Presidents, FDR threw out the first ball at the beginning of each baseball season for the Washington team in the American League. Although he could not put much on the ball due to his disability, local sportswriters thought he was one of the best pitchers on the woebegone team. The Washington team now is called the Nationals. What were they called in FDR’s time?

2. Just as much a member of their family as Franklin and Eleanor was their little dog. What was his name?

3. FDR was president through troubled years, including the Depression and World War II. He buoyed the spirits of Americans with a regular Friday evening radio show in which he just talked very reassuringly to the people. What was this radio broadcast called?

4. It sits at Jack London Square today. It was the Presidential yacht for FDR. What is its name?

5. We call it Camp David today. It was renamed by Dwight Eisenhower after his son. It is the presidential retreat. What did FDR call it?

6. Campobello Island in New Brunswick was an FDR favorite from childhood. Who played FDR on the stage and in the movie “Sunrise at Campobello?”