Just Another Joe

OK. OK. I did it for Jack and did it for Tom. Now, Joe is asking for equal time. Everybody knows several Joes, which is not necessarily a good thing. But, what the heck. Let’s give him his due.

1. Who played Jedediah Leland, Kane’s former best friend, in “Citizen Kane?”

2. Ella Fitzgerald sang a song about a famous ballplayer in the early forties stating “we want you on our side.” Who was she singing about?

3. Ethel Waters sang a plaintive tune in the show “Cabin in the Sky” about her lay about, lovable husband. What was the song?

4. He was the information director and propagandist for the Third Reich. Who was he?

5. Bill Mazeroski is the only other hitter to end a World Series with a home run. Who ended the 1993 Series with a tater and for what team?

6. He caught for the 1946 World Series Champ St. Louis Cardinals, then went on to a 50 year career as a broadcaster of Major League games. Who was he?