The Doctor is In

As most old people do, I spend an inordinate amount of time with doctors. You name it, I got it. While watching these amazing people doing wonderful work keeping us oldies alive, I thought about the wonderful doctors we saw in the movies, heard on radio and viewed on television. Let’s see if we remember these fictitious sawbones.

1. “Dr. Kildare was a popular movie series of the late 40s. Who played Dr. Jimmy Kildare

2. A prestigious Oscar is presented each year with his name attached, but we knew him as kindly Dr. Christian on our weekly radio. Who was the distinguished actor who played Dr. Christian?

3. Richard Chamberlain played Dr. Kildare on TV. What veteran actor played his mentor, Dr. Gillespie?

4. One of the most famous fictional doctors was Frankenstein. Dozens of movies have been made about him, but still the most famous is the original made in 1931. Who played Dr. Victor Frankenstein in that film?

5. What cartoon character always addressed people by asking “What’s Up Doc?”

6. Vince Edwards was a short term hit in the TV medical series”Ben Casey.” Who played his mentor, Dr. Zorba?