Night at the Museum

Imagine if you will, attending a fund raising event at the Blackhawk Museums in Danville, and being greeted by numerous historic re-enactment characters such as General Custer, Jesse James, a Civil War soldier, and others who emerge from the shadows of America’s Old West history. Several such characters will be on hand to share stories of our rich past and guide visitors through the museums’ “Spirit of the Old West” exhibition.indian slider

Friends of the Blackhawk Museums is sponsoring “Spirit of the Old West – Night at the Museum” event to benefit the Children’s Education and Transportation Fund. The Western themed event at the Blackhawk Museum commences at five o’clock on Sunday, October 2 with a no-host reception followed by dinner, dancing to a live band, and live auctions.

Among some of the most exciting auction items are; a private tour for six guests to Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage in Burbank; four credentials to the 2017 Pebble Beach Concourse Club d’Elegance; a two night Tri-Valley Wine hotel package for four; “Night at the Museum” overnight sleepover; and a Monterey Weekend, two-person package that includes use of new Jaguar.

While strolling through the “Spirit of the Old West” exhibition, costumed characters will re-enact historic events with ‘first person’ accounts including Plains Indians, Settlers, Wagon Master, Frontier Army, Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and General George Custer who will invite visitors through the portal to the Old West’s thrilling past.

The “Spirit of the Old West” gallery features authentic Plains Indian 19th century mounts of buffalo, American eagle, bear and wolf specimens.  A 140-foot long, three-dimensional, topographical diorama of miniatures depicts a visual history of the American West including buffalo hunts, wagon trains, and General Custer’s Last Stand.

The exhibition includes thematic features such as historic photographs, a tipi, a covered wagon, and an extensive collection of Western memorabilia and artifacts such as Plains Indian eagle feather bonnets, buffalo horn headdresses, buckskin garments, tomahawks, war shields, ceremonial pipes, cradle boards, tools and spear points.

The Culture of the Old West is contextualized in the exhibits including all aspects of the West’s human presence; the Plains Indians, Cowboys, Homesteading Settlers and Pioneers, Cavalry and Wagon Trains—themes that formed the landscape of American Western history.

Friends of the Blackhawk Museums, a volunteer organization, raises funds to benefit the Children’s Education and Transport Fund that enables Bay Area schoolchildren to visit Blackhawk Museums’ International Automotive Treasures and the “Spirit of the Old West” exhibitions.

Last year over 8,700 children visited the museum, 3,600 of them brought by the Museum-sponsored bus program. Since the Museum’s school program inception in 1991 over 186,000 students have visited with a growing attendance since the opening of “Spirit of the Old West” exhibition.

“NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM” Event – Sunday October 2, 5 pm $60.00 per person

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Phone: 925.736.2280 ext. 234 or contact Joyce Tucker 925.736.9393