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Next month we will celebrate our anniversary—nine terrific years of unique content that you won’t find in any other lifestyle magazine. Nine years of providing advertisers with a magazine with an unmatched shelf life. What do I mean by “shelf life,” and why does that matter to advertisers?”

The other I picked-up a perfectly good copy of the November 2009 ALIVE (our Tanzanian Connection issue) in the lobby of a local business. They were keeping it because they really liked the cover and the content. Some advertisers in that issue, which no longer appear in current issues of ALIVE, are still benefiting from their ads in that issue—now, five years later. And this is not uncommon, as we frequently discover copies of ALIVE that are several years old, still in circulation, so to speak.

If you’ve been reading ALIVE for any time at all, you’re probably aware of the fact that we offer a number of other 91407072services, outside of the magazine itself. It’s likely that you know we also publish books—ALIVE Book Publishing (, but do you also know ALIVE offers a number of other media-related products and services?

How about website design and maintenance, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), and social media management? And then there’s video production and cable television advertising on Comcast. ALIVE can handle all of these as stand-alone services, or in economical, bundled marketing packages.

Did you also know that ALIVE is partnered with an exciting new website and mobile application called The Talk Pod? If you haven’t already explored the site, be sure to do so—it’s amazing… and it’s free! ( and find “thetalkpod” in the Apple App Store).

And, speaking of “apps,” that’s another service we offer—mobile application development. ALIVE can create and launch a customized mobile application for you, again, either as a stand-alone product, or as part of a comprehensive, bundled marketing package.

The sign on our building says it all: Magazine, Web, Video, TV, Book Publishing. Whether you own a business or are simply an individual with a message that you’d like to communicate—remember, ALIVE is much more than a magazine!

Book Review: Good Grief Cooking

Lisa Rubino’s newest cook book,  Good Grief Cooking is anything but the typical cook book. Rubino takes readers through her personal journey with food and provides insight into why she included the recipes that she did. This cook book is meant for the average person with quick and easy recipes that don’t sacrifice on taste and fit into any lifestyle.perf7.500x9.250.indd

Good Grief Cooking begins with humans’ relationship with food all the way back to Adam and Eve. Rubino explains how food is always there for us through good and bad times and discusses the impact it can have on our lives. Every chapter she encourages readers to use food in a positive and healthy way just as she has done.

As Rubino tells readers the ups and downs of her life, she proves that there is no excuse to not cook healthy and delicious food for yourself. If a reader does need encouragement though, Good Grief Cooking is chock-full of it. With Lisa’s “if I can do it, you can do it” attitude and words of inspiration before each list of ingredients, everyone will want to try her fun recipes.

Every chapter has different types of recipes to help with certain feelings such as grief, anxiety, stress, ect.. There’s even a chapter dedicated to those who can help cheer you up the most, your pets! Rubino created dishes that you and your pets can enjoy together. There’s also a chapter dedicated to a trip gone wrong to Cuba, full of new and exciting ways to cook rice and beans. Other chapters have strictly breakfast dishes or just chicken cuisine, but my favorite recipes are the ones for desserts. The dessert chapter is a reward to its readers for getting through life’s struggles and oh boy, what a reward it is!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rubino’s biographical cook book and look forward to trying more of her mouth watering recipes. No matter how little cooking skills you have or what tastes you have, Good Grief Cooking has something for you. This book will help you through your struggles and encourage you to cook up something great. perf7.500x9.250.indd

If you’ve suffered from a lose that has you feeling hopeless and helpless, then you can’t miss Lisa Rubino sharing her personal journey of victory over grief, one bite at a time.

She’s written Good Grief Cooking for all those who have suffered from a serious lose. Discover how you can regain contentment and joy, by learning to make healthy food choices. Lisa is a real cook for real people, just like you.

Get a taste of Lisa’s unique recipes by joining her at The Lafayette Library, 3491 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, Ca. 94549 on September 29th at 6:30 pm.

ALIVE Book Publishing

ALIVE Book Publishing

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