Many of us are unaware that we might suffer from OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). Many know they have OSA and have sought help only to be given a CPAP that they can’t tolerate. Until recent years, physicians believed that the only standard of care for OSA was the CPAP. Extensive research has concluded that an oral appliance can be just as effective. Just think, no more mask and forced air and you don’t have to take an extra bag for the CPAP when you travel, just something the size of a can of tuna.

To emphasize how absolutely vital the situation is, here are just a few of the dangers untreated OSA can cause: Almost a 500% increase in developing cancer, a 600% increase in heart disease, a 300% increase in auto accidents as well as a 500% increase in the accident being very serious. In my practice I am beginning to see the loss of one’s driver’s license as a result of non-treatment. Although these are scary facts, we should not lose sight of how much better the quality of our life can be—from a healthier body and brain, to the elimination of a major source of chronic inflammation—when OSA is properly treated. The body must have deep sleep in order to restore the immune system and to prevent inflammation.

Unfortunately there are many dentists that offer oral appliances for OSA as a small part of a complex dental practice. Many do not have the training and experience necessary to supply the patient the most comprehensive service. Proper design and adjustment of the appliance can be quite time consuming which can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule, not to mention the extensive training necessary to be a qualified provider, providing adequate care.

At Advanced Oral Diagnoses and Treatment Center, located in Danville, we specialize in Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ dysfunction only. These two conditions are many times associated with each other and it can benefit the patient greatly to be treated by an expert in both fields.

A properly designed and adjusted oral appliance has made a huge difference for me and for hundreds of my patients. Our office uses a very specialized computer called an acoustic pharyngometer. With this device, both the patient and I can see the location of the obstruction and watch it altered as the lower jaw is repositioned both forward and vertically. The increased air flow is right there for the patient to see. The appliance is then made to these exact specifications.

Once delivered, the oral device may require some adjustment to insure ultimate comfort and function. Once the patient is happy with the results, I highly recommend a follow up sleep study, which can be done at home, to verify that the OSA is being effectively treated and the user is getting proper sleep.

Your initial appointment is complimentary, allowing you to get all the answers you need to choose the best treatment option for your condition. Advanced Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Center is located in Danville. Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ treatment are our specialties. Please feel free to contact us at 925-837-8408 and visit our website at www.aodtc.com for more information.