Our Magnificent Immune System: How Can we Save it?

Whether or not you’re Godly or Atheist, I think we can all agree that man did not create man. One thing man did create was arrogance. In a chapter in my book, Why?, entitled “Left Brain vs. Right Brain Thinking”, I attempt to explain why this defect has become such an obstacle to progress in healthcare. Put arrogance, politics, and greed together and you have what it takes to change what should be health care into disease care.

The purpose of health care should be to strengthen and to promote excellent health, not to interfere with it. One of the wonderful results of these practices was reported in the JAMA that up to 225,000 deaths per year were from “iatrogenic causes” (results of the treatment by physicians).

Let’s take a look at one example of deliberate deceit created by the medical industry: the creation of phony names for diseases of the immune system. This industry would have us believe that Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Scleroderma, Lupus, Psoriasis, Asthma, Addison’s Disease, and many, many more, so called diseases, are all separate entities and must be treated by the current “standard of care”. This standard usually includes a number of specific drugs, all having side effects.

I have had many patients in my practice who suffer from osteoarthritis who have been told by their rheumatologist that diet has nothing to do with their arthritis and drugs were the only way to help them. Over 50 years ago Dr. Colon Dong wrote a book entitled, New Hope for the Arthritic, which clearly demonstrated that diet was an incredible tool in the treatment of this disease.

I highly recommend a relatively new book, The Code of Life, by Dr. Ronald P. Drucker. In this book Dr. Drucker describes the complexity of the immune system and how easily it can be damaged by our habits and life styles. One hugely significant factor is the unavailability of the nutrients necessary to maintain this magnificent guardian of our well being. Our farming methods do not replace the depletion of important minerals in the soil; and then add a diet of processed foods, which further deplete our food of nutrients; and one wonders how we survive. Actually, a lot are not surviving, but that makes for a very healthy pharmaceutical industry and full, profitable hospitals.

It has become quite clear that those of us who want not only good health, but a vital livelihood, really must become proactive in our pursuit of knowledge and demand that we have access to the essential phytonutrients we need. I would like to see a sign at my farmers market stating that the soil in their farm has had mineral replacement and with what minerals. What is really important to understand is how delicate the immune system is, making it vulnerable to something as simple as taking antacids for acid reflux. Once part of this system is hurt, a domino effect can occur, making the immune system unable to respond to even a simple challenge.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if part of our public education, K through 12, included learning about that incredible gift we were given, our body? It would be so much more difficult for the medical, big pharm and political complex to deceive the public into believing them.

The second addition of my book on this subject, Why? is now available. Please visit my website at drbrownwhy.com. In this site I will attempt to keep you informed of new developments in alternative medicine. I am also making myself available for talks on health.