Your Own Departmant of Defense: Your Immune System

Just for comparison, let’s pretend that we are building a supersonic fighter. When several of the parts come in they don’t meet specifications. Due to a lack of titanium several were made of aluminum. Even with no knowledge of engineering, we all know this plane would fail. But isn’t that the way we have been building our bodies? Due to our own actions, to the medical industry and to our lack of leadership, the specifications for an adequate immune system cannot be met, thus our defense is down.

Wait, there is help! The Drug Cavalry is coming, just in time, to hide our deficiencies and cover the symptoms. Now, with their special drug, our plane is able to fly with aluminum parts. We can even get AMA and FDA approval that the “standard of care” was followed and those parts are fine, although, with a serious challenge, those parts are more like paper.

What can we do to make up for this disaster? The purpose of this series of articles on the immune system is to help find an answer. The immune system is so complex that we are only just beginning to discover its many intricate and interrelated activities. Just last year the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was given for the discovery of how cells communicate allowing cellular cooperation in the destruction of invaders.

What can you do to help these heroes, aka your cells, keep defending your body? Give them the supplies they need. Even if you follow all guidelines for ideal nutrition, you could easily be missing critical minerals that are necessary in order to provide your immune system with what it needs.

Over 75 years ago a health agency for our government warned our country that, due to farming methods, the soils were being seriously depleted of essential minerals. So far, science has found that we need Copper, Zink, Magnesium, Selenium, Iodine and Iron. The reason I say “so far,” is that we need more research.

When given rare earth minerals, the life span of laboratory animals greatly increases. Certain areas of our planet have human societies with incredible health and longevity. In these areas they get the minerals naturally because their crops are irrigated with glacier water or their diet includes ocean products, such as seaweed. We have idiot regulators in California that will not allow glacier dust to be brought into the state because it contains asbestos, a substance found in the soil throughout our state. I bought Canadian Glacier Dust in Oregon which contained 76 minerals and my vegetables grew faster and bigger and were bug resistant.

There are several very good supplement companies that provide these minerals in a chelated form, but nothing is as good as the colloidal form found in vegetables. It should be so obvious to all of us that even with all the incredible advances in industry and science, the USA is one of the world’s leaders in degenerative diseases.

As I explain in my book Why?, to have the best chance for a wonderful, healthy, still active and youthful life when others your age, and younger, are in rest homes or passed on, you must be proactive. The more you can educate yourself on the subjects of nutrition, exercise, stress control and happiness, the better chance you have. You can bet big Pharma will do everything it can to keep from losing customers. Their loyal followers will try to convince you that it’s easier to take drugs to feel good than to go to all that trouble of careful shopping and food preparation.

On my website,, there will be regular blogs on new findings and health tips I come across in my research for my next book. I have also made myself available for talks to groups and organizations.