Milk: The Deadly Poison

This is the title of a book by Robert Cohen, first published in 1998. This book is quite accurate in its scientific investigation of one of our many corrupt cover ups that occur in our government and industry. This is not the first writing on the subject. Don’t Drink Your Milk, another great book, was published in 1992 and written by Dr. Frank Oski, physician and chief of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Medical Center. I thought I would relay a few of the highlights that these two doctors found regarding the negative effects that the consumption of milk has on our health…

Humans are the only animals that drink another animal’s milk. It is just not in nature’s plan—not even with raw milk. On the other hand, breast milk given by mother to infant, not only supplies the new born with the mother’s immunities, but studies have shown that a breast fed baby averages a 10% higher IQ than those fed cow’s milk. In addition the mother must not drink cow’s milk herself.

Now enters our real villains, companies like Monsanto. Genetically altering cows is not only bad for the cow, but for the cow’s milk. Then this company comes up with bovine growth hormone, BGH, aka BST, to increase production and profits. Unfortunately they have now found that this hormone passes on to the human that drinks it. The poor cow has a 50-79% increase in mastitis requiring antibiotics which, again, show up in the milk, and in the milk drinker.

In addition, milk has a high sugar content which is proven to contribute to Type II Diabetes. In Finland, which has the world’s highest rate of dairy consumption, the diabetes rate in children is six times that of America. Studies at Harvard and Roswell Park Memorial Institute have found up to a 300% increase in ovarian and prostate cancer in adults that consumed milk.

If you take time to read any of the literature that I have mentioned, you will find that there are other goodies that are allowed to be in milk, coming from the cow and its environment. Some of these goodies include blood, bacteria, white blood cells, pus, pesticides, herbicides, and pollens. When I was practicing orthodontics I would take a look at the younger siblings of my patients. If they were primarily mouth breathers, especially with dark circles under the eyes, I would suggest stopping milk. The parents would be amazed at the improved health after following my suggestion. Almost always when a teenage patient suffered from acne, milk was the cause.

Uninformed “experts,” including many doctors, believe that we need milk for calcium. Contrary to that belief, excessive dairy consumption actually interferes with calcium absorption. In fact, studies have shown that the countries with the most intake of dairy products have the most osteoporosis. Cows are much smarter than we. They get their offspring off milk and into vegetables quite soon. That is where the calcium is.

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