Ego vs Progress, Continued

Scientific research, in its pure form, is magnificent. It has no predetermined outcome and is conducted by individuals who are totally open to new and different information. Medicine at its best is quite similar in as much as the doctor should not be prejudiced and should always have an open mind, quickly recognizing that the diagnosis may be incorrect, and a new approach or specialist be considered.

In both of the above examples, throw in EGO along with a memorized protocol to a misconceived initial idea or diagnosis and you have a very common result: failure and/or lack of progress.

Looking back in history there exist classic examples of egotistical attitudes severely slowing growth in both physics and medicine. Around the end of the 19th Century, Max Planck was one of the earliest scientists to propose what came to be known as Quantum Physics. Other greats like Einstein and Tesla got involved as well. To this day their ideas are challenged. One resulted in the world being prevented from having free, pollution-free electricity, a Tesla invention.  Because of the better understanding of magnetism and electricity, a doctor by the name of Albert Abrams, a Stanford professor, began a study of the electricity and magnetic fields created in the human body.

One of Abram’s inventions was the “Reflexophone” that detected disturbances in magnetic fields that could identify not only the disease, but, in some cases, the cure.  He used this tool and accurately detected the presence of syphilis in the director of the medical school at Stanford. Due to his ideas being so outside of the norm, he was labeled a quack by the American Medical Association.

Today Abram’s work is reappearing in Europe with instruments that can detect, and sometimes cure or prevent diseases. It seems that a malfunction of an organ can create a situation that brings on a disease and this malfunction can be detected.  Once detected, there is a chance that immune system and other factors can be concentrated into that area to correct that condition.

The egotists never were able to stop Quantum Physics, even though in many cases it does not appear logical.  Our brains are not there yet. A famous physicist, Micho Kaku, said, “It is often stated that of all the theories proposed in the 20th Century, the silliest is quantum theory. Some say the only thing that quantum theory has going for it, in fact, is that it is unquestionably correct.”

Why should a doctor specializing in Dental Sleep Medicine, Pain and TMD be concerned about the above history?  I am sick and tired of doctors throwing pills at undiagnosed diseases, causing prolonged, needless, secondary diseases and suffering.  As the old saying goes, he who does not study history is destined to repeat it. If medicine is to progress, research must be performed by purely scientific methods, not guided by profit.

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