Wake Up America

Most of us are aware that something is wrong with the medical industry. Quite frankly, greed has devoured it. The FDA is right there with them as well as the politicians. As a result of the lack of enforcing the existing antitrust laws, millions of Americans are suffering and dying extremely painful deaths that could have been prevented.

In my book, WHY? The Question That Could Save Your Life, I mention a few culprits, one of which is Pfizer, the provider of Lipitor, a drug that lowers cholesterol.  This company found that a protein was discovered in Italy that prevents cholesterol-related heart disease.  Pfizer bought that company and shut it down. There is a lot of evidence that lowering cholesterol really doesn’t prevent heart disease and even causes many other problems. How many millions have died, all while Pfizer, lobbyists and politicians make money?

Cholesterol levels that are too low can negatively affect hormones as well as increase the chance of strokes. But who cares about you and me when there is a ton of money for them?

Another example of this corruption is the story of Dr. Sam Chachoua.  Dr. Sam not only developed a cure for cancer, but a vaccine for HIV. His findings were tested by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and found to be very successful, creating headlines in August of 2001 as, “The most effective treatment for AIDS and cancer in history.” Somehow, suddenly, Cedars-Sinai became quiet and destroyed his vaccines, reversing their statements about these cures. Dr. Chachoua won a ten million dollar judgment against Cedars, but that’s pennies’ against the billions the medical industry makes from our suffering.

Right now, Dr. Burzynski is back in court for curing brain cancer. Our medical methods rarely work, but his do. The problem is that his way takes away the monster profit our system gets from its death producing methods. His methods do not require hospitalization which brings big losses to that industry.

Once again, you might ask why a dentist specializing in Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ is concerned with this subject. Almost every day, in my practice, I find that legal drug abuse is being done by doctors treating symptoms, not patients.  In my opinion the medical profession is not aware that many of the drugs they prescribe are to cover the side effects of other drugs and, even worse, exacerbating the original problem.

It’s time for everyone to WAKE UP and insist that their doctor treat them, not their symptoms. It is also time to wake up and clean up the corruption in our leadership that actually promotes unnecessary medical problems.