Treat the Patient, Not Just the Symtoms

My patients greatly benefit from my pain. I learned the hard way. I have had heart surgery, hip replacement surgery and all kinds of medications, not to mention suggestions of further surgical procedures. I have been misdiagnosed to the point I had a near death experience. Finally I came to the realization that “modern medicine” is little more than a Hollywood term. A true doctor is one who is humble and constantly seeking more knowledge. Most think the “standard of care” is all that they must follow. Our government admits that the “standard of care” is responsible for at least 250,000 deaths a year (it’s much more).

My goal is to help you deeply understand that YOU can take control of your health and vitality – I DID!  In my book, WHY: The Question That Could Save Your Life, I emphasize the need for you to become informed and precisely WHY. Our bodies are very capable of healing, if we allow it to happen. We prevent the healing processes by literally eating poisons and/or abusing ourselves with stress.

In my case I used to eat like everyone else, and I suffered like everyone else. About ten years ago I did what I now tell my patients to do: I changed my diet and lifestyle (I mostly follow a Paleo diet); I take supplements and exercise with guidance. I am now experiencing the best health of my life with no allergies, am never sick, have no arthritis and a great, healthy heart. Not to mention people tell me that I look ten years younger, (but I feel 40 years younger).  Friends that have not seen me for years ask me how I do it and I am helping them.

My point here is not to brag, but to emphasize that my methods of relieving pain in my practice, without drugs, have the side effects of better health. For years dentistry has been treating “TMJ” as a dental problem. If that were true, almost everyone would have “TMJ” problems. At my office we treat patients, not symptoms. Occasionally, once all symptoms are arrested, a minor adjustment to the teeth may be necessary. Often, because we treat the patient, much more than just TMJ problems are helped. Many times the patient is off drugs for the first time in years. This should be the goal of all doctors.

Occasionally I speak before other professionals and surprise them when I say the most important medical book I have read is, How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. If one looks at his worst medical experiences, the doctor was not friendly and/or did not care enough.  In holistic medicine, the confidence of the patient in knowing the doctor cares is of extreme importance because cooperation at home is critical as are the doctor’s additional suggestions.

At AODTC, we treat the patient, not the symptom, which not only makes for great results but lasting relationships. If you are suffering from TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) or sleep apnea we can help. For a free consultation or for more information please visit or call 925-837-8048.