Healthcare Providers Must Change!

When one completes medical school, upon graduation he or she should never feel they have all the knowledge they need, but just enough to be able to learn. Science has not touched the incredibly vast amount of information we have yet to learn.

In my research in Physiology I find it impossible to keep up with the new findings that will, someday, make many present medical practices obsolete. I have just begun working with a group involved in the study of the effects of electromagnetic fields on cellular and neurological communication. Not only could this work help explain the mystery of acupuncture, but may possibly open up entirely new fields of medicine and a greater understanding of many mysteries, such as autoimmune diseases and mental disorders.

In November’s Alive article the importance of cellular communication was suggested as part of a healthy immune system. Three physiologists received the Nobel Prize, just last year, for their discoveries in cellular communication. The work I mentioned on electromagnetic effects on cellular communication dovetails right in.

One more example of these new findings is that there are more functions of the Thyroid Gland than we knew. It also is a large contributor to the immune system. I am not trying to confuse you with too much information. I am just trying to demonstrate that the era of giving a blood test followed by a prescription to mask the condition will someday disappear. We are learning to identify some of the underlying factors which cause symptoms that “modern medicine” has been calling diseases only treatable by drugs such as: Crohn’s disease, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and many more.

The best acupuncturists can feel your radial pulse and diagnose malfunctioning organs and diseases. Is this due to their incredible sensitivity to electromagnetic fields? No one has been able to explain it yet.

There are trillions of cellular activities going on at any one time in your body; far more complex than any industry, and we all understand the effects poor communication can have on any industry, easily resulting in its death. If our cells aren’t supplied with the nutrients they need or are subjected to toxins or invaders, their ability to function at all, including communicate, can be severely jeopardized. Some drugs have actually been found to interfere with cellular communication, which explains some of the serious side effects.

Now that you have some knowledge of how complex the process of keeping you well is, maybe you’ll have more reason to discipline your eating habits and lifestyle. Complex carbohydrates help cellular communication, while simple carbohydrates interfere, actually creating increased inflammatory responses requiring the need for even better communication. In my TMJ practice, to the extent that the patient is proactive in changing their lifestyle and dietary habits that created the problem, the results are remarkable. I recently dismissed a lady in her fifties that exclaimed she had not felt so good since her twenties. She was emphatic in stating she would never go back to her old ways. By the way, these patients will never have to worry about their weight.

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Have a beautiful and healthy Holliday Season.