Have Americans Become One Big Bad Experiment?

In my book, WHY, The Question That Could Save Your Life, I point out how our leaders have become demagogues. Their goal appears to be motivated more by greed than by serving the people, wanting to own the electorate for their gain. One such ugly conspiracy is the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into our foods without proving their safety. Since their introduction in 1996, diseases resulting from inflammation have severely increased. Several years ago the World Health Organization declared that inflammation is the number one cause of death in humans.

One company that makes absurd profits over our suffering is Monsanto. Because our leaders have all but deserted their first responsibility, to protect us, executives from such companies have been appointed to high positions in the FDA and the EPA. I could write volumes on this subject, but I will proceed to describe the mechanism by which GMOs cause inflammation.

The cells of genetically altered foods have had DNA from sources such as bacteria injected within them to create a new cell with new abilities. In the case of Soy, 94% of United States soy has been altered to be resistant to herbicide called Roundup. Then, to further insult us, Monsanto makes Roundup.

One mechanism by which severe damage can be done with GMOs occurs in the digestive tract. Within this tract exists 80% of our immune system. When a dangerous germ, severe irritant or allergen enters, our immune system immediately reacts to defend us. A GMO is not recognized as normal in our digestive system and an immune response occurs in a similar manor as if it were a germ. The resulting inflammation takes place and the host gets to enjoy the damage many times without feeling it.

Don’t think that avoiding soy or corn saves you from suffering. Soy and corn products are found in many processed foods and, worst of all, in baby formula. We know that inflammation causes diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s; but what about the increase in autism? In addition, many of the auto immune diseases are exacerbated by chronic inflammation. In my book I have a chapter on a much under-funded science called Epidemiology. Epidemiology is under-funded because there is no financial profit in its findings, and those findings may actually cause losses. This field could quickly identify foods that are related to diseases.

America now leads all the developed nations in sickness. Could it be that one reason is that GMOs are illegal throughout Europe and many countries?

You might ask why a dentist specializing in TMD and Dental Sleep Medicine is writing on this subject. Let us not forget that, unless something has radically changed, the head is still connected to the body.

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