Custom Foundations: The Best New Year’s Resolution

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Do you wear a foundation? Are you correctly protecting your skin from the Sun’s damaging effects on the skin? Dermatologist are now recommending all women wear foundations instead of sunscreens. Researchers have found that sunscreen protects the surface of the skin, but does not give protection to the layers underneath the skin, so you cannot get the level of protection needed. The fact is, with only sunscreen, the delicate collagen under the skin is still damaged. Wearing a good foundation gives the skin a maximum blanket of protection against the Sun’s damaging effects.

Swap Your Foundation for a Custom Blended Foundation
Having a custom foundation made is the best way to go for color matching your skin, with perfect skin tone harmony and ideal, medium coverage. While matching your skin tone perfectly you will achieve confidence and self-assurance with an unmistakable, perfectly matched custom blend, that will smooth the skin and give it a youthful glow, all without lines around the chin or that “dirty face” syndrome. Make your new year so much better by knowing you have the most beautiful skin possible—perfectly matched and protected.

What A Custom Foundation Can Do for You
Fleur Visage Custom Foundations provide second skin coverage stability with a seamless flex formula, providing the skin with a perfectly balanced color made to match each and everyone’s unique skin tone and color. This all-in-one formula provides medium coverage, giving the skin that youthful, flawless and naturally-smooth appearance. Perfect for all skin types, this unique formula contains beneficial antioxidant ingredients with a SPF 25 sunscreen to protect and deflect the Sun’s damaging effects on the skin.

Dermatologist recommended
Dermatologist have discovered that applying a foundation everyday with SPF 25 not only protects the skin, it minimizes wrinkles, reduces sagging skin, and reduces damage from the Sun. With a shield of protection it’s like wearing a sweatshirt on the skin when using the correct foundation. While dermatologists recommend using a foundation everyday for complete protection, what better way to have a foundation that is perfectly matched and color-balanced to your own unique skin tone color.

The Rouge Cosmetics offers expertly and perfectly created, custom-blended foundations with second skin coverage and full protection SPF 25. They offer free consultations and walk-ins are always welcome.

Get protected for the New Year and save your fabulous skin!

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