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Flick Nation Review: The Wrecking Crew

As I am clearly a passionate music guy (just talk to me for 30 seconds and it becomes obvious), I am frequently asked who my favorite band is. As The Beatles would be my somewhat clichéd but true answer, I often confound by answering, “The Wrecking Crew.” After I get that long stare, as they […]

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Boldly Go: My Journey in Stem Cell Therapy

I am living proof! I admit to being a little bit of a risk-taker, but it has always served me well. I had Radial Keratotomy performed when I knew no one who had. It has been so long ago that unless you’re my age you probably haven’t even heard of it. RK was the precursor […]

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The Spring Clean: House, Yard and Garage Beautification

Spring is in the air. Birdsare chirping, flowers are blooming and the Giants are at Spring Training in Arizona. Now that we’ve all given up on our New Year’s resolutions, or at least postponed them until after Easter, it’s time to think about Spring Cleaning: That traditional time of year when we plan a major […]





Chamber Music and the String Quartet

To know chamber music is to revere it. To hear chamber music is to enjoy … [Read More...]


The Sound of Music—50 Years and Counting

The hills are alive with the sound of music, la la la la la. If you have … [Read More...]



What is Reiki?

Reiki has become a popular treatment for those who seek to calm that unseen … [Read More...]


Just Mail-in Your Head

Just Mail-in Your Head and We’ll Send it Back with Perfect Teeth It … [Read More...]

Getting Well

Healing Arthritis Pain – From the Inside Out

Joint pain, known as arthritis, comes in many forms. The most common type … [Read More...]


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Conspiracy Theory

I’m not often one to subscribe to conspiracy theories regardless of how … [Read More...]


Trusting “The Man”

I attended a family reunion recently and was happily re-connected with some … [Read More...]


He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear SSHS, My daughter, who’s been living with her boyfriend for two … [Read More...]



I am a sucker for a good restaurant success story, especially those that … [Read More...]


Spring Beauty Trends

March into Spring with a New Trendy Look This season, add a little skip … [Read More...]


Lions In, Lambs Out

The old saying is that March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a lamb … [Read More...]


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Of Cabbages and Kings

“An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a … [Read More...]


Organic Gardens & Bougainvillea

Q. If, I don’t use organic seeds, can I still have an organic vegetable … [Read More...]