This Month’s FEATURES

A Day to be Remembered

A tsunami of love took place for nearly 700 East Bay children on December 15. The epicenter was in Oakland at the Cathedral of Christ the Light where children from schools in Contra Costa and Alameda counties were treated to a day-long celebration and fiesta. The event was based on universal human values emerging from […]

2017Acura MDX

Utility meets High-Tech! Sales of cars have been steadily been replaced by SUV’s as people want and need more space. Is that because our population is becoming more overweight? I don’t know. Maybe we just want as the late great George Carlin use to say, “when we go somewhere we take part of our stuff.” […]

The Trip of a Lifetime

In February I celebrate my eighty-sixth birthday, and at eighty-six we celebrate every one of them as though it could be the last one. Shirley, “the Boss,” and I will be going through the Panama Canal from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  We did the trip from East to West several years ago. Although […]

Mika’s Houseboat Ark

As I keyboard away on my monthly piece for Alive, I might be overstating the obvious when I report that it’s been raining a lot lately. For days and days, there has been an abundance of precipitation in our ecosystem. It makes one wonder if it will ever stop. In fact, it reminds me of […]



I Wish I had Said That

(Actually I have said that, but I was not the first.) Greater and, sometimes even lesser, minds than mine have uttered sayings that have stayed with me over the years, and in some cases, changed my life or at least some of my attitudes toward life. Some are so simple as to be almost obvious, […]


Music Schools

If one has a real passion and love of music and wants to make it their … [Read More...]


Most of you know that Chesley Burnett Sullenberger is a bonified hero. You … [Read More...]


It’s Winter; Be Careful to Prevent Falls

Slips and falls in the rain and snow are a major cause of painful traumas, … [Read More...]

What About that Pain or Sound in Your Jaw?

For years we called it TMJ (temporomandibular joint) but now we refer to it … [Read More...]

Healing Pinched Nerves and Neck Pain

If you are suffering with neck pain from a pinched nerve or herniated disc, … [Read More...]

The Power of Strength Training

As an endurance coach and athlete, I was skeptical about the value of … [Read More...]


The Best Red Fizz

February is upon us and it’s time to gear up for a romantic Valentine’s … [Read More...]

Comfort in the Familiar

Most of us have undergone a detox of sorts since January 1. But between the … [Read More...]

Azalea, Potato Vines and Bougainvillea

Q. My Potato Vine and Bougainvillea suffered from frost in the recent cold … [Read More...]


America’s Ring of Devotion

With Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day being in February, it seems … [Read More...]

Spring Beauty 2017: Catch the Color

Did the long winter leave you yearning for energizing, glowing color? … [Read More...]

Trivially Presidential

Most U. S. Presidents are portrayed eventually in movies or TV. I think our … [Read More...]