This Month’s FEATURES

Cinco de Mayo Event

On May 5th—”Cinco de Mayo” in Spanish—nearly 1,000 children from Bay Area inner-city neighborhoods were treated to a day unlike any they had experienced before. They were bussed to St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco where they were treated to an original musical drama about Junípero Serra, the 18th century Franciscan who founded many early […]

Theme Music – Radio, Television & Film

Let me take you back in time when the primary form of entertainment in the home was radio. Before and during the radio era the other basic form of entertainment was the phonograph. This may seem strange to younger folks but there was: no television; no computer and internet; no cell phone; no smart tablets; […]

Honda Takes Flight!

It seems that every automotive manufacturer assumes that when they redesign a vehicle, it has to grow in character and size. Some versions, however, end up lacking in character. In most cases, their footprint gets closer to the mammoth Big Foot, or, at least, sprouts enough so that he feels a little less cramped in […]

June = Graduation Day

When one thinks of June, we undoubtedly conjure up images of all the beautiful and talented women, past and present, named June—such as: country singer June Carter-Cash, actress June Lockhart, model June Wilkinson, ‘pointer sister’ June Pointer, the Beaver’s mom June Cleaver and reality star Mama June Shannon (Honey Boo-Boo’s beloved mother). Come to think […]



How Movies Molded Me

“Ah, come on. Pu-lease take me with you. Pu-lease!” I begged whenever my brothers, Keith and Bill, went to the movies back in the early 1930s. They ignored me. Well, you know the definition of a big brother: a large pain in the household. Finally one day Keith and Bill said, “Okay. You can come.” […]


Drought Tolerance, Sheet Mulching, Liquidambers and Bamboo

Q. I'm looking to remove a portion of my lawn and replace it with drought … [Read More...]

Give a Fig!

For those who are passionate about perfectly ripened, locally-grown fruit, … [Read More...]


The Big Short

Dark comedy, satire, disaster, detective, true story drama or a character … [Read More...]


“What Happened?”

This was what my new IT consultant asked me regarding the prescription … [Read More...]

Sugar: Public Enemy Number One

The idea that industry, government and the FDA gives a damn about you and … [Read More...]

Why Aren’t My Scars Healing?

Exploring Class IV Laser pain relief for injuries and post-surgical … [Read More...]


Fingernails on a Blackboard

I’ve always enjoyed learning about words—their meanings and origins—and … [Read More...]

And Then I Wrote…

AND THEN I WROTE . . . $13.9 TRILLION?  $18T?  $19T? OMG! Many people … [Read More...]

He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

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5 Summertime Beauty Tricks

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June, Sweet June… Bug?!

Summer is here. Kids are home. Vacations are nigh. What could be better? I … [Read More...]

He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear SSHS, I have guests in my home quite regularly, and I’m getting fed … [Read More...]