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Book Review: An Obstinate, Headstrong Girl

If Jane Austen were alive today, what would she say about the contemporary world? No longer is this question idle speculation—for the great authoress herself appeared in California at the turn of the twenty-first century and wrote about what she found there. The result is An Obstinate, Headstrong Girl, her modern-day Pride and Prejudice, which […]


David Ovelowo in “Selma”

Like most Americans, I suspect, I have been only peripherally aware of the events that took place in March 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King led three historic (and very dangerous) voting rights marches from Selma, Alabama to the Alabama state capital, Montgomery. I understood the importance of the march, and (vaguely, I admit) what […]


Patriarchs of Alta California: Sunol and Amador

My curiosity was piqued recently when I pulled an antique leather-bound book from my library shelf. I had purchased the liturgical Latin Missale Romanum altar prayer book in the late 1960s as part of St Patrick’s and St. Joseph’s church libraries. The weighty missal’s leather cover is gold-embossed: “IN MEMORIAM JOSEPHINE SUNOL –1906”. As I […]


The Gift of Me: Another Interview with Myself

Here I am again, at the home of author Mike Copeland on the eve of the release of his second book, Alive and Chillin’ – More Sideways Views and Do You Know Who’s. Given that his first book, Alive and Kickin’ – Sideways Views From an Upright Guy only sold about 23 copies, I can’t […]



Shabaikai cover

Book Review: Shabaikai

Bill E. Clarkson’s first full length novel, Shabaikai, is a riveting page … [Read More...]


Cuddle Up. It’s Showtime!

Choosing a movie to watch is a little like choosing food to eat; sometimes … [Read More...]


Handel’s Messiah: A Tradition of Christmas Music

The Christmas season is a time of great joy, goodwill toward men, gift … [Read More...]


Getting Well

Get a Grip on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome is pressure on the … [Read More...]


Healthcare Providers Must Change!

When one completes medical school, upon graduation he or she should never … [Read More...]


Much Ado About Memory, Part II: 8 Ways to Increase Your Memory

Last month I discussed some of the theories of memory and why we need to be … [Read More...]


Happy Hour Has Come to Healing Hands!

When we think of happy hour, the first thing that comes to mind is … [Read More...]



The Parallel Road

This past September, my column was entitled Choose Life. At the time, I … [Read More...]


He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear SSHS, My best friend is getting married soon and has asked me to be … [Read More...]


The Holidays: Renewing the Spirit

December: the month when most of us celebrate our faith. Our focus can … [Read More...]


A Personal Christmas Story

Took a sentimental journey to renew old memories. Visited the Normandy … [Read More...]


Slow G’s Eatery

It was one of those late night thoughts that creep so effortlessly in the … [Read More...]


Cruise Into Some Trivia

Just returned from a wonderful Princess Cruise to Mexico. My wife did not … [Read More...]


The Rouge Holiday Hot List

Let Us Make Your Holidays Merry and Extra Nice Our Favorite Things It’s … [Read More...]



Redwoods & Christmas Cactus

Q. We have a huge problem with the leaves from a Redwood tree in our … [Read More...]


Ending on a Sweet Note

‘Tis the Season of Lists. Greeting card lists. Gift lists.Grocery lists. … [Read More...]