This Month’s FEATURES

If I Lived at the North Pole

Bless Santa’s heart for choosing such an obscure location for his world headquarters, but he’s got to have a few neighbors who don’t work for him at the North Pole. There’s probably a Farmers Insurance agent, a cop and fireman, maybe even a CVS store manager. If somehow I ended up living in the neighborhood, […]

The Nutcracker

            One of the most popular, endearing and delightful things to do during the Christmas season, is attend a performance of Peter Ilitch Tchaikovsky’s classic Christmas ballet, The Nutcracker. It is so popular it has become a traditional family outing for many devoted families and fans alike. In some cities it has become an annual […]

The Great Wave

     Courageous immigrants to America from the early1900s came vibrantly to life recently in Walnut Creek. Okay, not the actual immigrants. But they were powerfully portrayed in the world premiere of an original musical poem-play on immigration titled The Great Wave.      Walnut Creek writer Judith Nielsen authored the play. It was staged by the […]



Looking Forward to Future Conversations

I remember reading an interesting article, years ago, about longevity. It touched upon the scientific considerations of aging and how, due to a better understanding of nutrition, along with advances in science and medicine, human life expectancy was steadily increasing. The discussion then went on to broach the topic from a philosophical perspective, asking the […]


The Star

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Relieving RSD and Chronic Pain Naturally

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Snoring and Pregnant? Time to get evaluated.

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Five Ways to Have a Happier, Healthier Pregnancy

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A Holistic Approach to Treating Sleep Apnea

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Winter is Coming. Be Careful to Avoid Falls

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Getting a Head Start

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Christmas Wrap, Trees & Plant Gifts

Q. Why is the holiday or gift wrapping not recyclable, after all, it is … [Read More...]

Wine After the Wildfires

The winter holidays have arrived and it’s time to consider which wines … [Read More...]


2017 Toyota 4Runner 4X4

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Gift Ideas For The Holidays

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The Future of The BCR

On November 9, 2017, the voting members of the Berkeley College Republicans … [Read More...]

You made a Life-Changing Difference This Year

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Christmas Trivia

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