This Month’s FEATURES

Suzanna Spring: Music and Yoga

Country singer-songwriter and yoga instructor Suzanna Spring strongly believes that there is a definite connection between her two passions. “In every element of life there are moments of unpredictability. Music and yoga are harmonious, combining elements of breathing, movement and focus,” Suzanna states. “They are both a dance of grace and strength that unexpectedly brings […]

The Record Rage

            Who would have ever thought that a virtual relic from the past would be coming back like gangbusters in the early years of the 21st Century? Yes, that’s right—after all these years the phonograph record is again in the spotlight. Today’s young people are very intrigued with record players and vinyl discs many of […]

You’re not a Millennial if;

Wikipedia, not me, defines Millennials (also known as Generation Y, Generation Me, Echo Boomers and Peter Pan Generation) as the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort (they used that word twice) starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early1980s as starting birth years and ending […]

The Art of Beauty

Our Beauty Staff Writer, Theresa Taylor-Grutzeck has been writing for Alive Magazine for over 10 years, while running The Rouge Cosmetics, a beauty business in downtown Danville on Prospect Avenue. Every month, we look forward to her impressive articles that share her extensive expertise in the beauty industry with our readers. She has helped thousands […]



Yummy!: Memorable Meals

Most of us experience meals that are especially memorable from time to time.  Sometimes the food tastes or is presented so wonderfully that we remember those factors, perhaps even forgetting the occasion. Then there are the times when “yummy” was not enough, but something special happened or a celebrity or famous person appeared or was […]


Dirty Dancing: A Movie Review

Has it truly been 30 years?  Was I only…oops I almost did it!  … [Read More...]


Chronic Pain: It’s Not in Your Head, It’s in Your Brain!

The formal definition of pain as coined by the International Association … [Read More...]

Sugar: Health Enemy #1

I always like to look back at our evolution to test what “modern medicine” … [Read More...]

Is Neuropathy on Your Nerves?

What is Peripheral Neuropathy? Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition in … [Read More...]

Getting/Staying in Tune: The 15 Minute Rule

As a student in college I remember living by what we used to call, “the … [Read More...]


A Departure from Tradition

This is the month when everyone is Irish…if not in fact, at least in … [Read More...]

Seed Germinating Time

Q. I saved the seeds from last year’s tomatoes and pepper plants. When … [Read More...]

Rhone Valley Wines: A Trip to France in a Glass

Have you ever tried a wine from the Rhone Valley? If not, put it on your … [Read More...]


ALIVE Poetry Contest

April just happens to be National Poetry Month and here at ALIVE, we want … [Read More...]

2017 Volvo S90: A Lesson in Elegance!

Around 25 years ago, my parents gave me their old Volvo 240. At the time, … [Read More...]

Beauty News: 10 Facts About Anti-Aging

There is a lot of confusion about anti-aging products today. To maintain … [Read More...]

Play Ball… Where?

Baseball season is upon us, basketball is mid season and football has … [Read More...]