This Month’s FEATURES

A Thanksgiving Day Story

Once upon a time there lived a ruggedly handsome writer man (me) who loved Thanksgiving. He (I) loved everything about the holiday including the food, gathering with family, the food, watching football, the food, time off from work, more food, the lead into the Christmas/Hanukkah season, dessert, the holiday television specials and, did I mention […]

Ten Years Ago We Lived in Another World

If we can count on one thing to always remain constant… it is… change! Whether we’re talking about politics, the environment, culture or technology, the longer you’re alive the more you realize that nothing stays the same for very long. Since we are celebrating our tenth anniversary here at ALIVE Magazine, we thought it might […]

I Really Miss It

I confess: I miss ethnic humor. Not the mean-spirited kind that condemns, ridicules, or demeans an entire nationality, religion, or other ethnic group. Have we, as a nation become so sensitive that we cannot see that there are idiosyncrasies and unique qualities in most ethnic groups? Granted, that as people become more adapted to our […]

The Baby in the Mirror

Beyond the usual blessings, our family had a great deal to celebrate on that Thanksgiving Day. Both of our children and their families, as well as my wife and I, had moved into new and nicer homes, with my wife and I settling into a new condominium in a Retirement Community a few miles east […]




Music of Faith

For a few thousand years, music of faith has been sung and listened to and … [Read More...]

Taking Chance

I consider myself a Patriot (yes, capital P). I don’t usually cry at … [Read More...]


How Sweet It Is

The holidays are officially upon us. Instead of panicking over what lies … [Read More...]

Impatiens and Dead Lawns

Q. This summer I planted three New Guniea Impatiens in pots and grew them … [Read More...]


The “Secret” Key to a Healthy, Long Life

The best advice is usually information that has been touted for centuries. … [Read More...]

Exploring Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Since Align Healing Center opened its doors in 1999 we have been treating … [Read More...]

Overcoming Overindulgence

As I mentioned in my article last month, while this is not the flu season, … [Read More...]


Ten Years Later…

So, here we are, with you once again, just ten short years after the first … [Read More...]

Do You Have a Master Wealth Plan?

Kathy and John realized their long planned retirement days would have to be … [Read More...]

8 Holiday Beauty Tips That Will Make Heads Turn!

Eight nights of gorgeousness and on trend looks to astonish your friends … [Read More...]

He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear HSSS, My husband has a rather big personality and has always spoken … [Read More...]

Quick, Easy and Cheap

I was in line at Safeway the other day and asked the twenty-something … [Read More...]

Radio Days Weren’t So Trivial

One of the very few advantages of being so darned old is that I remember … [Read More...]