This Month’s FEATURES

Savor the Moments

We’ve all had out moments. Good moments and bad moments, happy moments and sad moments, moments of triumph and moments of failure. I, for one, have had moments that I’m extremely proud of and moments that have caused me great embarrassment. Huge embarrassment. I’m pretty sure I wet myself in the outfield of my first […]

All About Book Publishing

“I have a manuscript but would NEVER pay to have my book published.” Those were the words of a young author in response to my mentioning to him that in addition to publishing this magazine, ALIVE publishes books too, but in most cases the author pays the front-end cost to have their work published. While […]

The Littlest Angel

As part of my “Let There Be Light” series of articles, I plan to introduce you to my thoughts and views about the benefits of music and graphic arts enrichment programs, in addition to sharing knowledge about theater companies that specifically are tailored towards ameliorating the needs of our communities’ children. I’m going to start […]

Italian Love Notes

Valentine’s Day is around the corner: yet another reason for consumers to rush to the shops with mad looks in their eyes, searching for just the right card, box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, or bottle of sparkling wine. But why? Does anyone remember why we celebrate Valentine’s Day at all? Saint Valentine was a […]




Pucker Up for Valentine’s Day!

Life without lemons is not worth living. There. I said it. I’m crazy about … [Read More...]

Roses, Fruit Trees, and Fountain Grass

Q. My roses haven’t been pruned in several years and are now seven feet … [Read More...]

Roses and Winter Vegis

Q. Last spring, I planted nine shrub roses for a background barrier. … [Read More...]


A Natural Approach To Treating Sports Injuries in Kids

You have no idea how often I hear from my adult patients, how the sport … [Read More...]

Managing Chronic Pain Admidst the Opioid Crisis

The fact that the country is currently in the midst of an opioid abuse … [Read More...]

Stress: The Unwanted Invited Guest

In my practice I find stress to be the number one cause of chronic pain and … [Read More...]

Healing Pinched Nerves and Neck Pain

If you are suffering with neck pain from a pinched nerve or herniated disc, … [Read More...]


Rock ‘n’ Roll

If there was ever a tumultuous craze among teen-agers in the 1950s it … [Read More...]

When Harry Met Sally

I loved the '80s and '90s. I’m not sure what it was, but those years … [Read More...]


We’re Ready When You Are

Walk into any library or book store and you are surrounded by books, right? … [Read More...]

Meet Our Nation’s Wounded Veterans

Over these past few months, I have shared with you the stories of some of … [Read More...]

2018 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD

Crossover vehicles flood every parking lot, freeway, school drop off line, … [Read More...]

We Love Valentine Trivia

Don't kid yourself. Old guys like me know what love is. I have three … [Read More...]

Spring-in to a Bright New Style

We all crave change. We love the thought of starting something new, but it … [Read More...]

DOJ Supports BCR’s Lawsuit

In late January, the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, … [Read More...]