This Month’s FEATURES

Be Mindful of The 3rd Law

Regardless of where one stands on the removal of Confederate statues and monuments I’m sure everyone would agree that the recent, ultimately tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, got very far out of hand. A few legitimate, important questions that ought to be answered are, “Why did the Charlottesville city government issue permits to two opposing […]

International Pub Crawl

Despite the underwhelming response to My Beer Garden article in the July issue of Alive, Eric Johnson – CEO of Alive World Wide, graciously bestowed upon me the enviable assignment to write an investigative journalist piece on pubs, inns and taverns throughout the United Kingdom. Who could say no to an all-expenses paid “Stamps in […]

Service Above Self

As we approach fall, a time of the year that for many signifies the return to school, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you the story of a young man who has an incredible amount of passion for learning and sharing his experiences with others – Staff Sergeant and Sentinel, […]

A Fable…Or Is It?

Once upon a time, in the not too distant future, or maybe even today, a small country called Teenieland was severely excoriated for violating the civil rights of a neighboring territory named Malicea. The civil rights that Teenieland supposedly violated included the right of the Maliceans to shoot rockets into Teenieland cities, the right to […]



Have a Ball and Beat Cancer

The Have a Ball Golf Tournaments based in Danville have established themselves as one of the largest privately held golf tournaments in the world. The Have a Ball Foundation has raised more than $2.75 million for cancer since 2005 through two “double shotgun” (that’s 300 people at each event x 2!) golf tournaments. This year […]


Sweet September

Many parts of the country are already dealing with fall weather, but here … [Read More...]

Pumpkins, Gardenias, and Raccoons

Q. How do I go about preserving my pumpkins until Halloween? They have … [Read More...]

Sipping South Of The Border

If the rowdy wine-tasting crowds in Napa, Sonoma, or Santa Barbara have you … [Read More...]


Make the “Now” Resolution

While most of us wait until January to make our "resolutions" for the … [Read More...]

Dealing with Stress

Stress is a major cause of TMJ problems, insomnia, immune deficiencies and … [Read More...]

Healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a chronic illness characterized by extreme … [Read More...]

Old World vs New World Coaching

While recently attending an educational summit in Boulder, Colorado, the … [Read More...]


The Care and Feeding of Musical Instruments

(Woodwinds and Brass) In order for any instrument to operate properly it … [Read More...]


Summer Break is over and all the kids are heading back to school. While … [Read More...]


The New Free Speech Movement

Some readers of ALIVE Magazine might be aware that New York Times … [Read More...]

Be Inspired

Some of my fondest memories of growing up are of times I spent with my … [Read More...]

2017 Hyundai Veloster

Three Doors…And Good to Go! Two-doors, three-doors, four-doors, … [Read More...]

Fall Beauty Forecast

In a world where all aspects of our lives are customized—from our Netflix … [Read More...]

Competition Questions

The 37th annual Kings X Trivia Tournament was held July 23 at Magoos … [Read More...]