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The Islamic Enigma

Islam is considered to be a “noble and great religion of peace.” This statement is made upon the basis of percentages (peaceful Muslims compared to violent ones). On the face of it, this seems like a logical assumption; indeed, with some 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, it is obvious that only a comparative “handful” […]

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Flick Nation Interview: Oscar Isaac

To say that actor Oscar Isaac’s star is soaring like an X-wing may be the biggest movie-industry understatement of 2015. In addition to the upcoming thrillers Ex Machina and Mohave, Isaac will be starring (with the always-interesting Catherine Keener) in the HBO mini-series Show Me a Hero, from The Wire and Treme creator David Simon. […]

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2 B a Teenager in Love

When I think of February, I can’t help but think of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day inevitably conjures up images of love and romance. My earliest memories of love and romance take me back to my teenage years. That’s when those of us in the 44-55 year old demographic likely went on our first date. By […]

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Human Traits

Often while traveling I find myself contemplating human traits. For example – courtesy, kindness, humor, and rudeness – to mention a few. Without realizing it I begin comparing these observations made outside the United States with characteristics I find at home, particularly among occupations similar, both here and over there. Examples might be waiters, vehicle […]




ALIVE Review: Life of a King

Life of a King stars Cuba Gooding Jr., LisaGay Hamilton, and Dennis Haysbert. It’s directed and co-written by Jake Goldberger. The movie takes place in a gritty Washington, D.C. neighborhood in the early 1990s, and is inspired by the true story of Eugene Brown, a man who spent 17 years in prison for armed robbery, […]



Last Chance Harvey

I like Dustin Hoffman. I like Emma Thompson. I like them because they have … [Read More...]


The Saxophone

The unique and melodious sounds of the saxophone are recognized by almost … [Read More...]



When will my pain go away?

Exploring Class IV Laser pain relief for injuries and post-surgical … [Read More...]


Holistic Frustration

In my book, WHY? The Question That Could Save Your Life, some of the many … [Read More...]


What to Do About Spinal Pain

We ask a lot of our back. It's supposed to bend, lift, twist, and support … [Read More...]


If I could turn back time… Aesthetically, at least

It’s no surprise that the majority of woman (and men) who seek out skin … [Read More...]



Advice to the Candidates

The 2016 general election will be here before we know it. Potential … [Read More...]


5 Simple Steps to Have Youthful Skin for Life After Thirty

The beauty clock starts ticking at thirty. Things can go south very fast if … [Read More...]


He Said / She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear HSSS, If someone takes their clothes off inside out, should the … [Read More...]


Protest Responsibly

The first month of this year has had many of us struggling with a social … [Read More...]



I am amazed by the lack of excuses I have had in my life, living in the San … [Read More...]


Hustles, Scandals & Scams

As I sit here dreaming up this nonsense, I keep hearing about … [Read More...]


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Hearts, Flowers, and Produce

I’ve learned to write 2015 on my checks. The cymbidium orchid in my patio … [Read More...]



Q. I love Horseradish, the hotter the better so I would like to grow my … [Read More...]

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