This Month’s FEATURES

A Baseball Reminiscence

Spring comes to America and one thinks of fathers playing catch with sons and daughters. Often, words are not involved. A person with eyes closed can tell a lot about the relationship—the sound of the baseball in the gloves, the cadence of the exchange, the pauses, the imagined life of an unseen baseball and the […]

And Then I Wrote…

The Father / Son Competition Never Ends On December 4, 2015 my age numbered exactly 84 years, 10 months, and 2 days. While that number, 84-10-2, does not usually call for celebration, it bears great importance to me. My father lived 60 years, 10 months, and 1 day. So on December 4, therefore, I beat […]

The Valentine’s Day Advice Column

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many men are filled with a certain amount of anxiety trying to find just the right token oftheir love and affection for their wife, girlfriend, or partner. A card is expected, as is flowers and chocolates in some cases, but what about lingerie, dinner out or jewelry? Just to clarify, those […]

Salami and the White Horse

Book Review by Robin Fahr Being an ALIVE Magazine book reviewer as well as a television talk show host, I’m in the enviable position of getting to read great works, both fiction and non-fiction, and then getting to interview their authors, face to face. When I interview someone I really like, I automatically love their […]




Winter’s Sweet Spot

Depending upon where and when you read this, Valentine chocolates may be … [Read More...]

Tomatoes and Lemons

Q. I've saved some of the seeds from some wonderful tomatoes I had last … [Read More...]


Music of the Old West

The saga of the settlers/pioneers migrating to the “Promised Land” is … [Read More...]

Rainy Day Romance

Roses are Red Violets are Blue If you don’t get this right We’ll … [Read More...]


Sleep Apnea from A to ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

The following is a brief review of the illness referred to as sleep apnea; … [Read More...]

Be Positive and Never Give up Hope: Go Warriors!

One of the most common sentiments that my patients share with me is "don't … [Read More...]

Are Bulging Discs Getting On Your Nerves?

If you are suffering from a pinched nerve or herniated disc, you know how … [Read More...]


He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear SSHS, I’ve been dating my guy for nearly four years now and really … [Read More...]

The Transcendent Trail

And so it is February—the month of Saint Valentine—when we think about the … [Read More...]

What Does the Volatility in the Market Mean?

As humans, investors are naturally inclined to follow tendencies dictated … [Read More...]

The Organic Coup

Okay friends, you have been with me long enough to know my love for “good … [Read More...]

Oscar Night: And the Winner is…

Well, it is Oscar season again. I have been around so long, I still think … [Read More...]

Ten Simple Steps for Beautiful Skin

1) A New Level Of Lux For refreshed, glowing healthy skin use products … [Read More...]