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The Voice: The First Instrument

From the grunts and groans of ancient man, to the highly trained and remarkable vocalizations of modern day opera singers, we can trace the development of vocal music through the ages. The human voice sets us aside from all other creatures on earth. It is certainly one of the defining aspects of being human. The […]

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Mona Lisa—Over 500 Years of Face Time

The Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic painting wasn’t always as famous as she is now. Prior to Vincenzo Peruggia ripping her off the wall in the Louvre in August 1911, she was just another pretty face. My longtime affinity for Mona Lisa goes back to childhood; my mother always displayed her image, and my […]

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The New Year’s Signs

I love the New Year! It’s a fresh start, a blank canvas, a clean slate, a “Do Over,” if you will. The question on everyone’s mind undoubtedly is: Will it be a good new year or a bad new year? There is obviously an equal chance it could go either way, but 50/50 really isn’t […]

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Stamps In My Passport: Bruges

I’ve never managed to get around to putting together a bucket list. Done lots of exciting and different things over the years, so never felt the need. Had I ever assembled one, it would have been divided into two distinct categories – one being things to do and the second would be places to visit. […]




Top Ten of 2014

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Sitting is the new SMOKING!

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Scrubbing Away those Winter Blues

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New Year’s 2015 Beauty Resolution

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He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

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Random Thoughts for 2015

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A Look Back

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1915 Rewind

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Crabgrass & Roses

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Starting Fresh

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