This Month’s FEATURES

Remembering Alan Thicke

On July 19, 2008, Alan Thicke was the headliner at the Sing for Your Supper Benefit Concert at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek. ALIVE Feature writer Antonia Venezia interviewed Thicke some time prior to the concert and we published that interview in our July 2008 issue. We were saddened to hear […]

Taste the Stars

Happy New Year! Did you drink Champagne on the big night? Or sparkling wine? Do you know the difference? The difference is not necessarily in the taste. The aromas and flavors of some finely crafted sparkling wines often rival Champagne. The real difference rests in the origin of the wine, the actual place where the […]

Random Thoughts

… while Watching Electrons Exciting Pixels             PROFOUND CONJECTURE #1. If Apple announced that they were introducing an I-Buggy Whip next Thursday, by next Monday lines would already be around the corner so that one can “Be the first on my block to have an electronic buggy whip.”  (Next question:  What’s a buggy whip?)                 […]

One Writer’s Voice

My #1 New Year’s Resolution is to watch fewer singing competitions on television. Is it cheesy to admit that I like The Voice, American Idol and The Sing-Off?  Actually, only the Voice is still on, but I resolve to stop watching that incredibly entertaining NBC reality singing show where the winner goes on to do […]



2016 = 2017 (not)

We begin this new year as we always do—with a choice of expectations. many tend to look back and put all their chips in that basket, believing future outcomes will be based upon what took place in the prior year. While this approach is valid to a degree, we ought to apportion it less significance […]


Sticking to Your Fitness Goals

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Get Motivated!

Here we are again—a New Year and a new start for goals, aspirations and … [Read More...]

Question Drugs for Depression

Quite often, patients are referred to me that are already taking … [Read More...]

Relieving Chronic Pain Naturally

Since Align Healing Center first opened our doors in 1999 we have seen a … [Read More...]

Being a Parent

Have you ever applied for a job that you had no education or training in? … [Read More...]


The Harp

            A noble, … [Read More...]

A “Rocky” Road

I had this idea. I was going to write a review about Sylvester Stallone; a … [Read More...]


Starting Over…Again

I’ve already abandoned the whole New Year’s Diet thing. For the first week … [Read More...]

Berries, Sage & Seeds

Q. I’m going to replace several struggling roses. Should I plant patent or … [Read More...]


New Year… New You!

New cosmetics that can make you look ten years younger without a face … [Read More...]

60 Minutes

It only seems like "60 Minutes" has been on TV for 60 years. It is the … [Read More...]