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Get Your Book Published

Get Your Book Published: Start to Finish / Top to Bottom / A to Z / Soup to Nuts This article was originally published in the July 2013 of ALIVE and is being re-published due to repeated readers’ requests for this information. “I have a completed manuscript but I would NEVER pay to have my […]

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Review: The Theory of Everything

One of the most impressive films of the year is now in theaters: The Theory of Everything, directed by James Marsh. It’s a stellar telling of an extraordinary real life biography, classically centered on a moving love story and the overcoming of extreme physical disability. Based on the memoir by his first wife, Jane, The […]

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The Business of Comedy

Comedian David Van Avermaete had just come off the stage at a recent Anti-Bullying fundraiser for the Discovery Counseling Center at the Village Theater in Danville, when he turned to me and asked, “How did I do, was it too much?” Judging by the fact that most in the audience were still howling with laughter […]

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Vaudeville – Entertainment of Yesteryear

“Everything I know I learned in Vaudeville…” The house lights dim, the music begins and the curtain goes up as the anticipation of what’s to come is electric in the air – the show begins. It’s Vaudeville! Vaudeville was an enormously popular form of entertainment in the United States from approximately 1880’s well into the […]




Veteran’s Day: Ever Thankful

I like to consider myself a Patriot but I have to admit to some very strong … [Read More...]



We’re Not Called Healing Hands for Nothing!

You know that feeling you get when someone tells you that they’ve never … [Read More...]

Getting Well

Is Neck Pain Nagging at You?

If you are suffering with neck pain from a pinched nerve or herniated disc, … [Read More...]


Much Ado about Memory (Part I)

Other than consciousness, which is arguably the most important aspect of … [Read More...]


Your Own Departmant of Defense: Your Immune System

Just for comparison, let’s pretend that we are building a supersonic … [Read More...]



Poinsettias and Blueberries

Q. I’m looking to plant several Blueberries as I’ve read they grow well in … [Read More...]


Thanksgiving…One Bite at a Time

I do most of my Thanksgiving shopping in the fresh air at the farmers’ … [Read More...]


2014 i-MiEV Aqua

2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Go Electric…Or Go Home!

It may be nice to see the price of gas going down at the pump; however, the … [Read More...]


He Said / She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear SSHS, I’ve been dating this seemingly nice guy for about a month when … [Read More...]


Close the Borders?

I saw a Facebook post yesterday; actually one of my Facebook friends. Just … [Read More...]

ALIVE Restaurant Guide

Choice Kitchen

Friends, I feel like a change is in order. Give me a minute to find my … [Read More...]


Confidence Is The New Sexy

Confidence is beautiful! A woman that is confident radiates strength, … [Read More...]


San Francisco Stuff

My apologies for being a bit nonplussed. I had the great fortune of … [Read More...]


Sit Down and Write!

Walk into any library or book store and what surrounds you? Books, right? … [Read More...]