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Not Dancing in a Mirror

While it was not officially branded as such, our February 2014 issue was a “special” edition of ALIVE—at least to me it was. If you’re a regular reader you may remember; it was our ALIVE… for the love of chess issue, and most of the editorial in the magazine that month had something to do […]


I have been a dad for almost 20 years. Despite what you might have heard to the contrary from two Danville girls in their late teens, whose names rhyme with Banana and Bear, I’d like to think I’m a pretty good dad. There’s no question I have a few flaws; over protective, overly involved, and […]

Make America Great!

My hope for a great America can truly be realized during our current presidency.  America is now in many ways a much better nation of individuals acting as a whole than it was in 1776. When the Declaration of Independence was signed, the actions of Americans did not follow the words and ideals that were […]

What’s in a Name? Lies!

In recent years we have heard a great deal about renaming sports teams that have names considered offensive to Native Americans. The primary objects have been such professional teams as football’s Washington “Redskins” and baseball’s Atlanta “Braves” and Cleveland “Indians,” as well as smaller teams with similar names. We will not belabor that point which […]




The Lute and Mandolin: Ancestors of the Guitar

One of the most popular and ever present instruments in our youth culture … [Read More...]

Hidden Figures

I’m a native Californian.  I live in a “nice” area of … [Read More...]


Training Without Injury

I recently conducted a running clinic for a group of athletes who had … [Read More...]

Don’t let Sciatica Ruin Summer

The condition known as Sciatica is one of the most common conditions that … [Read More...]

Prevention is Better than Treatment

The medical industry wants you sick.  There is no profit in healthy … [Read More...]

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a new medical buzz term and is a very useful and … [Read More...]


Bring on the ‘Cots!

Anyone who has ever purchased an apricot at the supermarket has probably … [Read More...]

The Rosés of Summer

Summer is here! Time to let down your hair, slip on your flip-flops, and … [Read More...]

Tomatoes, Roses & Clematis

Q. I have two tomato plants growing in large pots. They’re doing real well, … [Read More...]


2017Mazda 6 The Sporty Family Sedan!

The battle of the mid-size car has grown not only in participants, but also … [Read More...]

Just Ask: How Are Your Doing?

I recently saw a news story on TV about people who had survived jumping off … [Read More...]

The Doctor is In

As most old people do, I spend an inordinate amount of time with doctors. … [Read More...]

No Beauty Goals Are Out Of Reach

Summertime is a time to refresh your skin care and revamp your make-up for … [Read More...]