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The Talk Pod has Sprouted!

The way we receive information is changing. One of the more exciting and welcome changes is the ability to easily access original, on demand audio content. You can now listen to the personalities you love, anytime and anywhere, thanks to digital technology. A couple of years ago, due to a number of factors, the world […]


Bohemian Grove

The Bohemian Club of San Francisco is one of the Bay Area’s best-kept secrets, and is considered to be one of the premier private men-only clubs in America. It boasts an elite membership, past and present, of some of the nation’s foremost power brokers, policy-makers, and several generations of Fortune 500 leaders. Within the sanctuary […]


Everyone Has a Book in Them

It’s been said that everyone has a book in them. Not literally of course. That would be grossly uncomfortable. Suffice it to say that we’re all filled with stories or life experiences that could or should be translated into book form. Take me for instance. Many years before the international acclaim of my first book, […]




America: Imagine the World without Her

It started with a bus and a curb. Independence Day is one of my very … [Read More...]


Making More Than Music: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

One of the primary missions of the Danville Community Band, (DCB) is … [Read More...]



Glorious Grapes

Fresh corn and watermelons abound. The earthy fragrance of vine-ripened … [Read More...]


Sad Sod

Q. We installed a new sod lawn three years ago and it’s now in terrible … [Read More...]



Are You Laughing Enough?

Probably not. The major cause of this jaw dysfunction, as my jaw TMJ/TMD … [Read More...]


Healthy Gut = Smart Brain: Is Your Gut Holding Your Brain Hostage?

Is your gut health preventing your brain from functioning at its best? That … [Read More...]

Getting Well

Healing Chronic Pain and RSD/CRPS Naturally

Since its founding in Danville in 1999, Align Healing Center has treated … [Read More...]


Problematic skin? We’ve got some solutions for you!

Problematic skin is something people of all ages face. Whether you’re a … [Read More...]



No More GIGO, Please!

Garbage in, garbage out. I believe the term originated in reference to … [Read More...]


Are Your Daily HABITS Serving or Sabotaging You?

Did you know that inspiration can get you started— but HABITS keep you … [Read More...]


Back To School Beauty 2014

A new school year means a new you, but who has time for a mini makeover … [Read More...]


I Now Pronounce You…

I Now Pronounce you Rachael Ray's cousin on her father's side twice … [Read More...]

AW14 Myrrhia Hi Neck Cardi- Brown

Beyond the Fitting Room

Protecting the planet and looking chic are not exclusive endeavors. As … [Read More...]


He Said/She Said with Robin and Shawn

Dear SSHS, My boyfriend and I recently became engaged and are getting … [Read More...]

Tap Icon

Who is Saving Water?

If you have ever wondered why some Northern Californians want to break up … [Read More...]

2014 Ford Explorer

2014 Ford Explorer: Explore This!

I love camping and have been setting up tents amongst the trees for the … [Read More...]

ALIVE Restaurant Guide

Brass Bear Delicatessen

I am almost ashamed of myself… almost. Why you ask? Because this column … [Read More...]


Just Another Joe

OK. OK. I did it for Jack and did it for Tom. Now, Joe is asking for equal … [Read More...]