This Month’s FEATURES

Risk, Reward, and Republicanism

I laced my work worn boots, tightening them more firmly than usual against my ankles and shins for one reason: in case I needed to run. I stood and walked to my dorm bathroom, looked myself in the mirror, and pulled my red hat below my eyes. That will hide my identity well, I thought, […]

Directing the Braggart Warrior

Or… Murphy’s Law Revisited Probably most people who read this column—all three of you—have never had the privilege, the excitement, the frustration, the anguish, and the exhilaration of directing a play. Some might even ask, “what the heck does a director do?“  The answer:  Mostly he or she worries a lot because the director is […]

Summer Writer’s Block, Vol. 4

Yes, if you’re keeping score at home, this is my 4th summer of writer’s constipation. As both of my loyal readers know, I struggle each year with something to write about at the conclusion of my summer vacation season. Sadly, “vacation” this year ultimately means moving my daughters to their respective colleges, (pause for a […]

Night at the Museum

The Blackhawk Museums of Danville, known for their premier classic world class automobile exhibition International Automotive Treasures, has recently launched two new exhibitions; Art of Africa and Into China with a third Wonders of Natural History opening later in the fall. The Spirit of the Old West exhibition that was launched in 2014 illustrates the […]



Assistance League’s Assisteens Auxiliary

Assisteens select and model fashions sold at the Assistance League Way Side Inn Thrift Shop at annual sell-out fundraiser held in March. Since 1977, Assisteens®, an auxiliary of Assistance League® of Diablo Valley, has encouraged teens living in the Contra Costa community to volunteer by raising funds that benefit children and seniors.  Now celebrating 40 […]


De-mystifying a Concert Program

Most concert programs provide interesting reading and information regarding … [Read More...]

The Book of Henry

Once in a while, I love seeing a movie that I know nothing about ahead of … [Read More...]


Get Enough Sleep: Your Life Depends on It!

We can all remember our parents telling us how important it is to … [Read More...]

Aging & Osteoporosis

The risk of bone fractures from even small types of trauma increases … [Read More...]

Bike vs Car

I’ve seen it time and time again—a group of cyclists blow right through a … [Read More...]

Take This Warning Seriously

Let’s take a look at many diseases that are really symptoms and are truly … [Read More...]

Healing Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injuries

The Rotator Cuff muscles (four muscles in total) are the primary support … [Read More...]


Tequila Time!

Summer is here and as ever, we are on the eternal quest for the ultimate … [Read More...]

Berry Good Times

This is the month to leave no stone unturned, as tree-ripened peaches, … [Read More...]

Peppers, Roses & Native Plants

Q. Can you tell me what has happened to my hot peppers? For the second … [Read More...]


Shame on U.C. Berkeley

One of the hallmark characteristics of liberty is the protected right to … [Read More...]

2017 Kia Sorento Camping Wars – SUV/Crossover

With summer upon us, I have found that one of the primary questions around … [Read More...]

Ben’s Favorites

I have been asked which of the many trivial subjects that are in general … [Read More...]

It’s All About The Lips!

Step aside lip Shimmers. Creamy Lipsticks are back in a big way, making … [Read More...]