This Month’s FEATURES

Wounded, Not Broken

Over the next issues of ALIVE, I will attempt to tell the incredible stories of the brave men and women who have been wounded and injured during their military service to our nation. It is truly an honor for all of us at Sentinels of Freedom to be able to share these stories from our […]

Music Can Cure

…and relieve physical and emotional stress Can exposure to music produce curative results from physical and mental distress and disorders?  Science has proved many times over that the answer is yes! Experts have shown that experience with music has great benefits for individuals with various afflictions and pain. For many generations health professionals have used […]

Make America Great? Again?

My country, t’is of thee, Sweet land of liberty, OF THEE I SING! In honor of our country’s birthday, this article will be a subjective, personal, and individual assessment of the United States of America, and how it stands in my eyes. Your assessment may be different, but that too is one of the beautiful […]



More Than a Feeling

Tri Valley resident, David Victor, former member of the mega-popular classic rock band Boston, is launching Strum & Spirits, a “guitar and sip” class for music lovers. The structure is similar to the popular“paint-and-sip” classes, only here the art is making music. The class is tailored for beginners and even the guitars are provided. David will share […]


…and the livin’ is easy

A morning spent at the July farmers’ market is my happy place. The … [Read More...]

Lemons, Weeds & Palm Trees

Q. I’m curious as to why the leaves of large palm trees are tied up when … [Read More...]

Screw Cap Versus Cork: The Real Story

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a group of 23-year olds about … [Read More...]


The Secret to a Healthy Life

The best advice is usually information that has been touted for centuries. … [Read More...]

Prevention is Infinitely Better than Treatment

The medical industry wants you sick.  There is no profit in healthy … [Read More...]

Why Aren’t My Scars Healing?

Exploring Class IV Laser pain relief for injuries and post-surgical … [Read More...]

Athletic Performance

People often ask me, “Why triathlon—what possesses you to race an Ironman?” … [Read More...]


Last Man Club

More than 415,000 men and women lost their lives on the lonely battlefields … [Read More...]


Planting My Beer Garden

I’m sitting here at the Danville Brewing Company, waiting for a few friends … [Read More...]

2017 Hyundai Ioniq: Electrifying!

“Going Green” is on everyone’s lips these days, and choosing to live … [Read More...]

Tailor Your Beauty Wardrobe with Custom Foundations

The correct color foundation is one of the most important beauty products … [Read More...]

Man it’s Hot!

On one of the hottest days of the year, our genial editor, Eric Johnson, … [Read More...]

Top of the Hour Power

July is celebration month for Americans. We have Independence Day, summer … [Read More...]