Beauty Bloom – New Surprises in Cosmetic Technologies

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I love when new technologies improve our life, making it easier and less complicated. Here is a list of a few noteworthy items to hit the market to help you love applying make-up all over again.

“NEW” Gel Eyeliners
Remember how eyeliner pencils used to be so hard that it would hurt to apply them? Or you would have to hold the eye in order to put it on, only to look at yourself an hour or so later and it all faded off to a hint of a line? By the end of the day you looked washed out and you would wonder where all your make-up had gone.

No more worries because now they have invented Gel Eyeliners! We have them. They glide on oh-so-very smooth and effortless, then dry in 10 minutes for a waterproof long-lasting 24 hour hold. You can apply it very natural or beautifully bold. It is like no other pencil to date and comes in eight different shades. The perfect eyeliner with many benefits—we are obsessed.

“NEW” Super Wear Brow Definer
Some of us just can’t get our eyebrows to look beautiful and natural. We have used many different types of cosmetics, like eyebrow powder, waxy eyebrow tints, and eyebrow pencils, just to name a few. Eyebrow powders look natural but always rub off and smudge. Eye pencils are still wonderful and work very well but if you are looking for extra fullness, then the Super Wear Brow Definer may be the product for you.

The Super Wear Brow Definer is a new gel formula invented for utmost precision. It looks like a felt tip pen and dispenses a perfect brushstroke look. It defines effortlessly and fills-in brows for a more modern updated look with hours of extended wear. Designed for expert control and easy application, the quick-dry formula sets instantly, and won’t rub off or stray, as it delivers a lasting, natural finish that looks like your very own brow. Love!

“NEW” Pro Beauty Lip Primer
Have you had trouble with lipstick fading beyond the lip line and then going up in the lines of the lips? Most red lipsticks will smudge all over the lips making them look unkempt and messy. We have a new product to make your life easier and to hold lipstick in place. This new lip technology we have discovered will never allow lipstick to smudge or run into the lines of the lips. The lip-caring primer formula penetrates instantly, a patent pending technology that helps suspend pigments to create a soft cushion so lipsticks don’t move. For best results, apply the primer on first then your selected lip liner and, lastly, your favorite lip color. You will never have an embarrassing lip smudge moment ever again using this wonderful Pro Beauty Lip Primer.

At The Rouge, we are dedicated to giving you the best in knowledge and the utmost updated information in cosmetics. With our research of top-performing products we test market everything before we write about it. We welcome you to come in and see for yourself and try some of these wonderful new cosmetic technologies to improve your life and confidence.

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