Lose Weight = Be Healthy = Be Happy

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Obesity has become an insidious national health concern over the past 20 years for multiple reasons. Fast food restaurants have made it easier and cheaper to eat an unhealthy diet than a healthy one. Our entire culture in fact has gradually moved to “bigger is better” mentality where literally everything can be Supersized. Since the 1970s the average caloric intake has increased by 600 calories per day. Over a week, 500 extra calories per day will cause weight gain of one pound—that’s 52 pounds in a year!

All of us can develop bad eating habits for different reasons. For one reason or another, food can satisfy needs other than hunger and sustenance. Boredom, loneliness, social events and emotional dissatisfaction are a few reasons to eat other than feeling hungry. If done on an inconsistent basis, most people are able to minimize the effect on their baseline weight by exercising and cutting back calories on other days.

However, this type of eating can change into a habit and become the “new normal” if it’s done too frequently. Behavioral research indicates that it takes three weeks of consecutive action to create a new habit. This is also good news because that means it can be as easy to break a bad habit as it is to start one.

I have added LeanMD weight loss program to my medical practice. This program helps people lose weight, but it’s also an educational opportunity to show people why they have gained weight and teach them what, when and how they should be eating. It also teaches how to manage triggers and stressors that add to overeating or preventing long term success in other programs or on your own. When you are trying to lose weight, WHAT you’re eating is just as important as HOW MUCH you’re eating. With LeanMD you will develop healthy eating habits that will change your mentality towards food and eating.

There are three phases to the program:
1. Weight loss phase (up to 5 pounds per week)
2. Transition Phase (increase calories and incorporate your favorite foods)
3. Sustainable Loss Phase (maintain your new weight and habits).

I have been extremely impressed with the philosophy and results of this program. I highly recommend it for anyone who has been struggling not only to lose weight, but also for those who have trouble maintaining their goal weight. LeanMD doesn’t give you food to eat or have you count numbers as with other weight loss programs. It gets you back to the basics of eating fresh, clean, healthy food and making smart choices regarding your diet.

The way you eat should be a healthy habit that you feel comfortable doing for life. It’s much like brushing your teeth twice a day. It would be nice if teeth were “self cleaning” but you feel good doing it and having done it. If you do miss a brushing once in a while, that’s okay because the groundwork for healthy teeth and gums is being done on a regular basis. The groundwork for our general health is done every day in the way we eat.

Carrying extra weight on your body is an enemy that unfortunately becomes more tolerable with time, but your health fails during that time. Chronic pain, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cataracts, gout, and sleep apnea are just a few of the chronic illnesses that are caused by being overweight, making poor diet choices, and obesity.

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