New Technologies in Acne Skin and Anti-Aging: Restoring the Skin to Its Youthful Appearance

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Several months ago a client of mine of many years came into our salon to purchase her products and I noticed her skin was different. It was youthful, smooth and glowing like she just had a mini lift or a skin peel. Her youthfulness was so amazingly noticeable I was curious and had to ask her what she was doing to her skin to have such a beautiful glow. She then explained to me that she was getting J-Bio’s™ Intensif Concentre´ Human Growth Factor Serum micro-needled into her skin, while working as an R.N. at the office of Dr. Valerie Schneider M.D. Inc., Medical Aesthetics in Walnut Creek.

I decided to research this further and found that Human Growth Factors have been around for decades and that doctors have been using HGFs for wound healing, burn victims and to reduce scarring. Researchers also discovered by using the same method of treatment to aging skin, it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves the appearance of sun damaged and photo-aged skin. I also found that it helps people who suffer from severe acne and pitted skin as it dramatically reduces inflammation and heals the skin from the inside out, restoring the skin to a healthy state.

To further this technology of Human Growth Factors, not to be confused with Human Growth Hormones, a totally different entity, Human Growth Factors in J•Bio™ Serums’ Proprietary ICG 9 Triplex, uses specialized growth factors from human fibroblasts, specifically chosen for their ability to enhance the skin. These factors stimulate the skin’s ability to repair the cells deep within the skin, replacing damaged collagen fibers with new ones and creating a proliferation of healthy, new skin cells. Doing a series of monthly J•Bio™ Intensif Concentre´ Micro-Needling treatments have shown impressive results in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, increased plumping of the skin, promoting a smoother complexion, and leaving the skin extremely supple with an overall youthful glow.

In September I booked an appointment for a series of these treatments with Gretchen Ranhoff R.N., at Dr. Schneider’s office, as I’ve been battling with acne and breakouts for years and I also wanted to improve my skin. During my consultation, I learned that this procedure not only helps women and men with aging skin and acne, but it augments IPL and Laser Facials by greatly enhancing the results of these treatments.

I have so enjoyed my HGF treatments that after having just two sessions the acne that I was experiencing is now under control and my skin is much smoother. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the outcome. Both practitioners have a special passion for helping women and men of all ages and have dedicated their professional skills in using the highest anti-aging technologies available today. They are extremely accommodating and committed to giving you the very best in skin care.






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