Prevention is Infinitely Better than Treatment

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The medical industry wants you sick.  There is no profit in healthy people.  Time after time, in my holistic practice, I see so many patients that are having their symptoms treated with medications, many times with side effects that have created or enhanced the symptoms that brought them to my office in the first place.  To make matters worse, the cost of this treatment can be into the thousands of dollars, sometimes doing damage that cannot be reversed.

One factor that qualifies me to help these patients as well as to write this article is that I have been through this malpractice myself, not just by the medical profession, but by my own malpractice of poor diet and reliance on the medical profession to correct my self abuse.  

In my first book, WHY? The Question that Could Save Your Life, I emphasize the importance of being proactive in your healthcare, studying how to achieve optimal health on your own.  Never take a prescription without checking it out online.  Is there an alternative? Could I change my diet and lifestyle to correct this condition?

I did just that and it changed my life to such an incredible extent that I will never go back.  No more arthritis, psoriasis, indigestion, headaches or allergies—and I experience the energy I had as a kid! 

Let’s take a look at the cause of the gradual breakdown of our bodies as we age and even when we were young.  God created a wonderful creature in the human animal, capable of defending itself against diseases that now destroy us, so we invent drugs which further pollute our bodies.

The natural immune system is phenomenal but very delicate. Our cells are like a city. They require delivery of food, energy, water, bacteria and communication as well as a disposal system that takes away all pollution.  Our internal ecosystem is not designed to be overloaded with pollution that did not exist during the millions of years of our evolution.  That system also requires nutrients that are no longer in our food, especially processed and fast food.  To add insult to injury, we add stress which produces fight or flight hormones that further mess up digestion and elimination processes.

We all think that modern conveniences are so wonderful, and some of them are.  Every step we take away from our evolution has its problems.  Refrigeration prevents the fermentation of veggies which previously kept us supplied with our flora and many nutrients that contribute to our health.  One of these nutrients is SOD (super oxide dismutase), an antioxidant that is 3500 times stronger than Vitamin C, as well as being an anti-inflammatory and an anti-aging agent.

I find there are endless lessons to learn from antiquity.  Chapter IV of my next book is entitled Learning from Antiquity. There is so much knowledge to be found from ancient history that is being overlooked, and in the process we are losing this valuable resource.   

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