Beauty Buzz: Springtime Transformations

Springtime is a marvelous season to make a change to your make-up wardrobe. It is positive, energizing and uplifting. It encourages you to shift gears, wearing different lip shades, radiant blushes and softer eye palates. As sumptuous sweaters get traded for lightweight silks and cottons, the same texture transformation should be happening in your make-up bag.

This spring, textures brilliantly straddle the line between extraordinarily silky and luxuriously velvety. High-pigment color feels shockingly light and the shades of the season are effortlessly wearable in subdued nudes that are softer and more sophisticated than ever before.

Spring Protocol 2015

Lipstick Attitude
There is a Nude Attitude this season, giving you that effortless, natural lip look. Lipsticks are silky and sheer; they soften and soothe, all while hydrating your lips. Try a soft-nude or a silky-mauve tone to give the lips a fuller, on-trend, plumping sophistication.

Lip Gloss Manners
New this season is the all-in-one plumping-gloss. New technologies in cosmetics make life so much easier and efficient. Look for lip glosses that have these key ingredients such as: Plumping action, peptides to hydrate, ultra shine and sheer color. Your lips will look smoother and more youthful than ever!

Lip Liner Etiquette
Lips are supposed to look smooth, full and defined. The new technologies in lip liners are phenomenal. Try a new, waterproof lip-stain to define and add fullness to the lip. Using a gel stain liner not only makes the lips look fuller, but also holds lipstick on for hours longer. If you don’t want to use a lipstick, find a lip liner that is close to the same color as your lips and apply all over your pout for a beautiful effortless, full-lip look.

With every change there comes a season, and with every season there comes a change. This spring we are not only changing colors in our cosmetics, but we are doing some changes in our business. The Rouge Cosmetics is moving to the heart of beautiful downtown Danville—to 145 East Prospect Avenue, Suite #100. With constant change in life, they say change is good; it is positive and challenging for the soul.
Drop by and tell us what you think of our new location at 145 East Prospect Avenue Suite #100, opening April 1st! We would love to see you and hear your comments on your new shopping experience.