5 Simple Rules for a Natural Make-up Look

Rule 1. Let your skin shine through. Prep your skin, which means exfoliate! You’ll create a radiant canvas and glow for BB Creams or foundations. For an everyday look, don’t overdo make-up with tinted moisturizers. Use lightweight products to even out skin tone. A foundation that has added pigment is a perfect way to get that no make-up look. It has medium coverage without the sticky feeling of a cream. If you are dry use a moisturizer with peptides so foundation glides on skin and looks smooth. If you have dark spots and blotchiness use a concealer stick then apply a BB Cream skin corrector to smooth out the complexion. Cheeks should look baby fresh. Try an illuminating soft pink blush shade that looks like a baby’s cheek color to give the complexion that fresh, natural sheen.

Rule 2. Apply a powder that is made of “mica.” Mineral powders tend to give the skin a matte, dried-out look, accentuating wrinkles. Mica powders are formulated to make the skin look silky and is three times more refined, giving the skin a more refreshed, smooth and satiny glow.

Rule 3. Choose a neutral Shadow. Apply a shade that’s similar to your skin tone or just a hint darker all over your lid. If you have redness on the lid, balance it out with a yellow-beige shadow to brighten. Stick to mattes. Non-sparkly eye textures disappear into skin leaving no chance of creasing, and it looks smooth and oh-so-natural.

Rule 4. Add soft definition using waterproof eyeliners. Apply the eyeliner along the base of the lash, then smudge it with a Q-tip, softening the edges to make it look smoldery and smudgy. There is a rule of color types in eyeliners. Use dark browns, blacks, and dark prune colors. These colors will make the eyes look alive and vibrant, and in focus. Do not use light colored eyeliners for the top liner as eyes will then look sleepy and featureless. Never use red-brown eyeliners as this makes eyes look too weary, tired and red.

Rule 5. Boost your pout with a new budge-proof lip liner stain outlining the lip a little further than your own natural line. Lips look full and natural, plus these wear seven times longer than normal lip liners. Add a new comfort technology lip plumper for volume and smoother lips. Lip colors this season are all about nudes and mouth-watering pinks, so try some scrumptious new color to stay on-trend.

The Rouge Cosmetics new location on East Prospect Avenue offers girls of all ages a chance to see custom foundations blended for their individual complexion and perfectly formulated for their skin tone color. They also offer a full line of cosmetics and advanced skin care for all of your beauty needs. You may want to check out their new Spring Line by Fleur Visage Cosmetics and catch a Nude Attitude.

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