8 Holiday Beauty Tips That Will Make Heads Turn!

Eight nights of gorgeousness and on trend looks to astonish your friends and family. No more “I don’t know how to do my make-up.” Here’s a whole season worth of head-turning, heart-stopping and just flat-out fantastic ideas for nailing your look every single day or night this holiday season.

1. Modern Sleek
Vibrant red lipsticks always enhance a holiday chic look, but this year try a matte burgundy for that retro-modern swagger look. There is a wide range of burgundy lip colors out this year, even a maroon is interesting, so try a few to find your favorite shade for your very own contemporary festive vibe.

2. Hollywood Glam
Push the holiday fashion envelope by accentuating the eyes with a thick black eye liner, sweeping it up in the corner. This gives the eyes a serious, modern intensity, while looking totally chic and freshly up-to-date.

3. Holiday Lip Liner Stains
Get more mileage out of your lip color this holiday season by using a lip liner with a stain! Match your lip color with a lip liner stain to make your lips look fuller and sexier than ever! So brilliant! What will they think of next?!

4. Perfect Holiday Cheeks
Your trusty blush won’t do this holiday season if it is in pink tones. You want to punch it up to a burgundy undertone with a slight shimmer to give your skin that spot-on evening cocktail-hour glow.

5. Smoother Fuller Brows
Add some definition to your brows for drama this season with a *New* gel brow balm. A good gel brow balm will appear so natural and will look like your own brow hairs, while keeping true to your brow’s shape. Best new product!

6. 70’s On-Trend Beauty
Tap into the 70s trend by applying a soft shimmery bronze eye color on the lid, then add a champagne eye shimmer all over, follow with a bold cat eyeliner. Take a minimalist semi-sheer burgundy lip-gloss, to create an understated holiday statement. This level of unfussy mixing will earn compliments and everyone will say what a master make-up artist you are.

7. Holiday Family Brunch
To look cute but not too dressy for a brunch, marry dark, bold navy eyeliner with a winter-white eye color. Master at leisure and still look put together by teaming a sumptuous highlighter on the cheeks and a low-key rosy blush for a natural but awesome glow. Add a maroon lip-gloss for oomph!

8. Holiday Rush Hour Beauty
Blue isn’t a hue you usually reach for in winter, but it brings dreary, holiday rush-hour eyes to life. Apply a soft matte, peach eye color on the lid, follow with a gray-taupe in the crease, and top it off with a shimmer-beige color under the brow. Add an elegant plum liner on the top lid, followed by scrumptious, dark-shimmer, navy-blue eyeliner under the eye for accent. Spice up the holiday cocktail hour with a matte burgundy lip color to provide an effectively super-luxe finish that will make heads turn!