All About Brows: What Do Your Eye Brows Say About You?

Throughout history eyebrows have played a significant roll in fashion and identifies the era in which women lived. When we tweeze and define our brows, we are actually taking part in a long, long history of facial grooming. During the Renaissance, women shaved their eyebrows off completely, while the colonial elite in 18th-century America preferred to make their eyebrows more pronounced by adding coal to give them more definition.

More than ever, eyebrows are the focus in beauty today. How to capture the correct brow style for our generation is as important as the right way we update and apply make-up to the eyes and lips.

Eyebrows are a very significant aspect of our appearance. They are one of the most distinctive features that make up our faces. Eyebrows are also one of our most expressive facial features. Brows help us signal emotions, but they’re also on autopilot: as the pitch of your voice rises, so do your eyebrows and visa-versa. Not only do they signal our responses, when you make an expression without thinking, such as when you’re surprised, eyebrows move in a way that’s symmetrical to each other. Conversely, when you make what’s called an, ‘intended’ expression, like suspicion and curiosity, your brows will furrow asymmetrically.

A study done by MIT found that people had more trouble correctly identifying the faces of people they knew when they were presented with images of them missing their eyebrows. Thus, researchers concluded that brows might be more important for facial recognition than the eyes themselves. One of the clearest ways to tell somebody what you’re thinking is to simply move your eyebrows up or down; we all know what different eyebrow positions mean.

Your brows say more about you than you know. According to face experts, the type of eyebrow you have defines who you are. Curved eyebrows indicate someone who is people-oriented and needs real-world examples to understand a problem. While straight eyebrows with a slight arch imply that someone is more direct, factual, and logical, thriving on technical details. Angled eyebrows show someone who likes to be right and strives to be mentally in-control, no matter the situation. Unkempt eyebrows could give a person the persona that he doesn’t care and could be aloof. Happy face eyebrows or rounded eyebrows can make you look mad or mean even if you’re not.

Having your eyebrows shaped professionally is key. Whatever the shape everyone is individually different with their own personality. You cannot find your ideal shape with an eyebrow stencil or by reading a magazine.
Having a professional with expert knowledge and experience in eyebrow shaping is one of the best beauty assets you can have and is as important as washing your face.

Discover your own eyebrow personality by seeing a professional today. So few women know how to shape their own brows but it is one of the most important things you can do. Paying attention to the smallest of details tells a lot about who you are. A Confident, refined, sophisticated, and a modern girl.