5 Summertime Beauty Tricks

 …To Make You Looking Fabulous!

When it comes to facing sweltering, dry summer elements, keeping your make-up looking fresh and natural is key to the season’s trying temps. That said, when summertime rolls around I like to pull out a few of my favorite beauty tricks to look fabulous while combating unwanted puffy eyes and dry parched skin.

  1. Moisturize Smart. Since the summer is characteristically a very dry season, it’s a great time to up your game and use a serum with peptides to give the skin an intense moisture surge. Neuro-Peptides will lock in moisture like no other serum or cream, smoothing the complexion, repairing the cells, firming the surface and intensely hydrating the skin. Neuro-Peptides will secure your skin’s youthfulness and suppleness for the future of your skin’s health.
  1. De-puff. After a day spent in the sun (and possibly poolside drinking margaritas), you will most likely find yourself with a major case of puffy eyes the next morning. To reduce puffiness, apply an anti-puff eye cream (preferably Ongrien Premier Eye Cream), the night before, massaging the eyes towards the nose for 1 minute. This will ensure deep penetration into the delicate eye area and help reduce toxins. The next morning your eyes will look refreshed without ANY puffiness… works like a charm!
  1. Lighten Up. Since cake-face is never a good look, use a wet sponge instead of a dry sponge when you apply your face make-up during the warmer months. This makes your regular or custom foundation a bit lighter and sheerer, which is ideal for summer. It’s a good idea to use less foundation and more primer (unless you’re up for risking a serious facial landslide) and preferably a primer that is silicone-based to prevent smudging and sliding. A good primer is key in the summer months for that fresh-faced glow.
  1. Go Sheer. After you have applied your foundation, add a little color to the skin with a matte peach fusion bronzer. Matte peach fusion bronzers give the skin the oh-so-natural look, while also looking healthy and youthful. Add to the cheeks, forehead and chin for that effortless summertime healthy skin glow.
  1. Chill Out. While I love a bright lip color, going to the beach with a bright red lipstick can be too much (unless you live in Malibu in which case wear those gorgeous reds and be seen!). A great alternative to lip colors are Lip Liner Stains. They last all day and look sensational with a little gloss. Lip Liner Stains come in so many amazing colors. You will love the natural, and effortless way it makes the lips look while chilling on the beach or poolside with your besties.