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8 Tips on How to Look Fabulous and Natural for Your Summer Vacation!

It’s almost summer and things are heating up. You’re probably going on trips, exotic cruises and of course, spending a lot more time outdoors. You want to look great, right? Follow these steps below to achieve an absolutely stunning yet completely natural look this summer.

  1. Saving Face: Always remember to remove your make-up at the end of the day. Make sure you cleanse your skin twice and day (morning and night). Find out what skin type you have by a professional, and purchase a facial cleanser for your specific skin type, not a “one-size-fits-all” cleanser.  What most women don’t know is that when you cleanse the skin it keeps the surface from dehydration. If you don’t cleanse the skin it will not breathe properly, suffocating the surface, thus wrinkles start forming.
  1. Daytime Protection: After your skin is cleansed and toned and moisturized apply a BB cream with sunscreen for extra protection. While it is good to get some Vitamin D from the sun, it can be harmful when you get too much sun and burn. A sun burn will destroy the collagen under the skin, and when you lose collagen the skin wrinkles and sags.
  1. Eye Concealer:  Apply a concealer around the eyes for extra protection. Most people don’t think to put sunscreen on the eyelids, so the eyes suffer and wrinkle, looking years older than they are. You can avoid sun damage and droopy eye lids by simply applying concealer. Your eyes will look years younger, bright and youthful.
  1. Sun Glow: Bronzers are great to create a beautiful glow to the skin. Apply a red-based bronzer to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin area. Choose a bronzer that is realistic to your skin tone color. There are many to choose from, so ask a make-up specialist to help you find your perfect summer bronze color tone.
  1. Summertime Lips: Use colors that are neutral with a bit of color. I like a lip stick with Vitamin E, with a slight tint. Vibrant lips are very popular this season but not at the beach, so wear your lip color accordingly.
  1. Lip Care: Use a good sunscreen on the lips when out in the sun. Sun can burn lips too. Use a lip balm that is organic with vitamin E and with sun protection SPF 20, for optimum benefits.
  1. Body Bronze Glow: Self-Tanners are a wonderful product to get that nice summer glow. Many people have sensitive skin and can’t get too much sun, by using a self-tanner you can get that Caribbean glow without ever going in the sun. Yay for self-tanners! Ongrien has the perfect self-tanner because it works with your own melanin in your skin. It will tan you in two hours and the skin will look three to four shades darker than your natural color. We Love This!
  1. Dry Body Oils: Dry body oils were designed to give the skin a sheen and a glow. After you use a self-tanner all over the body, the next day you can apply a dry oil to give your body a beautiful sun kissed sheen. Kai has a body glow oil that makes your legs look like you just walked down the red carpet. It looks super silky and gives the legs that perfect sheen.

Have a safe and purely fabulous summer!