Too Much Exfoliating Damages Skin

While doctors all over the country are selling strong abrasive exfoliant products to skim off wrinkles, what women don’t realize is their skin is becoming extremely thin and deficient in nutrients, thus the skin cannot maintain its elasticity, so wrinkles form faster. Not only is the skin getting thinner it gets dehydrated by using those strong exfoliants because it can no longer retain moisture as long. Once the skin becomes dehydrated it can no longer carry out its protective barrier role. If this continues, we’ll have more sun damage and skin cancer than ever before.

Ever wonder why physicians are telling everyone to use sunscreens? It’s because the protective barrier in our skin is gone. I see many in this generation having transparent, thin, ruddy, saggy and damaged complexions. Their skin is so thin you can barely touch the surface without breaking capillaries. Rosacea is at an all time high because women are overusing exfoliant products, trying to smooth wrinkles. It’s a sign that their skin can’t take it anymore.

Obage, Retinols, Glycolic Acid Peels, skin smoothing laser treatments are all to blame, to name a few. The prescribing physicians do not have time to oversee the care of each person, so month after month the patient keeps purchasing the same product without any direction, thus continuing on the same exfoliating path, ruining the surface of their skin. This problem is a global epidemic. Strong exfoliant treatments are at a new all time destructive high and it’s damaging effects are creating havoc to women all over the country.

While some of these exfoliant products can be very beneficial, you should not over use them. Period. You need a “Nutrients in your skin care program,” to build lasting suppleness and youthfulness to the skin. To properly apply strong exfoliating treatments you should only use them, “for one month,” (preferably in the winter months), and follow with highly nutritive products for the next three months, to heal the damaging effects of the exfoliants.

I recommend using pure, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients at optimal concentrations with proven scientific results so they can aid in building up the surface of the skin to achieve a strong foundation; nutrients that have building properties like DMAE, Lipoic Acid, Ester-C, Co-Enzymes, Peptides and Vitamin E. Pharmaceutical products can be found at licensed Aestheticians salons only.

Women with sensitive skin should never use strong exfoliants. Sensitive skin is already thin and exhibits inflammatory responses to various triggers such as allergens, preservatives or fragrances. Furthermore products that contain aroma-therapy often cause severe acne and dermatitis. Sensitive skin types require pure pharmaceutical-grade nutrients that have no fragrance to keep the skin healthy, free from break-outs, less irritated and hydrated properly. Women with acne have very sensitive skin, so they need to use a skin care program that is high in nutrients and is labeled for sensitive skin and is fragrant free.

It’s no wonder women are complaining of pre-mature aging. Strong exfoliants don’t promise one youthful skin! The key to beautiful skin is “Nutritive Pharmaceutical Treatments,” to keep the skin smooth, firm and youthful.

For additional information on the correct skin care program for your skin type, The Rouge Offers skin care consultations Tuesday through Saturday. The Rouge Licensed Aestheticians and professionals will get you on the right path and assist you with the right skin care program for the health of your skin’s future. Note: Doctors sell deep exfoliating treatments not nutritive treatments and or programs. Not all Aestheticians use Pharmaceutical grade skin care, so ask for pharmaceutical grade when purchasing products. These superior pharmaceutical ingredients build the skin’s structure from the inside out, allowing the skin to repair and restore the infrastructure.

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