Tailor Your Beauty Wardrobe

Custom Foundations Are A Perfect Match.

A foundation is one of the most important beauty accessories to have for the majority of women.  It is the coveted beauty accessory and understandably so – it makes the skin look flawless, youthful and healthier, but only with the correct color foundation will you achieve the most natural looking skin.

A customer with beautiful blond hair and rosy cheeks came in to our beauty boutique. She complained that she couldn’t find anything to conceal her red cheeks and that everything made her skin look pale. When questioned on what she was currently using, we soon realized why the redness in her skin had not disappeared. It was clear to us that she was using too much. Her morning ritual began with a “one shade fits all” foundation tint, a cream concealer, followed by an application of a green stick pen and a mineral based powder. She was using products that had very little coverage, not to mention her skin looked pale and cakey and too made-up. We suggested a custom foundation with AB coverage, with a warmer shade tint mixed with a beige undertone, followed by a mica powder with 45 percent pigment, by Fleur Visage, thus leaving the skin perfectly matched with full coverage to hide the redness. She was elated that her skin looked so smooth and beautiful, flawless and very natural. Walking out the door radiating her new-found beauty, she was ready to conquer the world with confidence.

Foundations are one of the most sought-after commodities in cosmetics today. It takes up to four years for a make-up artist to develop an eye for color. Most beauty counter sales girls do not have the experience or the know-how to choose the correct color for women. The “one shade fits all” foundation does not always work for everyone. Our client is a perfect example of incorrect products and wasted time and money. What women don’t know is that a perfectly matched foundation can make your skin go from dull and pale to a radiant glow in seconds.

At The Rouge they have been custom blending foundations for women for over 20 years. They are committed to excellence and ensure that their clients have the most updated cosmetics in the industry. They are available Tuesday through Saturday to help women select the right color foundation and they can color match their skin with the custom foundations they provide from Fleur Visage Cosmetics.



Allergic Reactions To Cosmetics? Symptoms and Treatments

We are going to look at some of the most popular problems women face today in allergic reactions to cosmetics. I see more and more women acquiring rashes, flakey dry skin and peeling lips, like never before. Here we will take a look at the problems, symptoms and solutions to these complicated conditions.

Problem: Time Sensitive Skin Care Products

Symptoms: Some women think by using the same skin care product for years is good for the skin. Sometimes it is okay, but if women are suddenly having skin problems, like rashes, breakouts, and dry flakey skin, the product you have been using may have harmful effects, causing the skin to be irritated. It is hard to believe that their precious products they’ve been using for many years, could possibly harm their skin. What women don’t know is that companies will try to cut costs, sometimes taking out the expensive ingredient and using fillers in their product, with a less expensive ingredient. What used to be a wonderful product is now causing havoc on the skin.

Solution: Check the label from time to time to see if the ingredients are different, especially if the bottle or jar has been changed. Changing the label, jar or bottle is a red flag; because the packaging has not only changed, but they most certainly altered the ingredients. It would be worth the time to research a new skin care line that is updated and with the latest technologies for optimum skincare health.

Problem: Dry Chapped Lips

Symptoms: When you are allergic to a lip product, lips will peel, dry and crack. Lips do not irrupt in rashes or bumps they peel and dry out. Women think they need to use more of the lip product, almost like an addiction, to keep their lips moist and hydrated, but what they don’t know is they are making the problem worse, by using the same product. Chapstick and mineral oil based lipstick are the number one problem associated to dry, peeling, cracked lips.

Solution: Stop using the lip product immediately and find a lipstick or lip hydrator that has a Vitamin E base. This will not only solve the allergic reaction of dry cracked lips, but it is a healthier choice.

Problem: Dry Peeling Skin Around The Eye Area

Symptoms: The skin peeling and drying around the eye area indicates a severe allergic reaction to the product the consumer is using. Like the lips, the delicate area around the eye, does not irrupt in rashes or bumps, it dries out and peels. It could be the eye cream, the concealer or the eye shadow the user is applying that is causing this inflammation. In addition, old eye shadows and dirty cosmetic brushes cause severe allergic reactions to the eye area, causing it to break down, dry out and wrinkle.

Solution: Clean all instruments, including eye shadow brushes, with an anti-bacterial soap. Try a different concealer, eye cream or eye shadow. Throw away all old eye shadows, if they are older than one year. After changing products, you should notice a dramatic difference in the eye area in less than a week and the eye area should look smoother and healthier, not dry. Diagnosed early you can save your eye area from future damage and wrinkles.

At The Rouge we are committed to excellence in analyzing skin and the problems associated with cosmetic related conditions. If you are suffering from unexplained rashes or if you have problem skin, we are here to suggest options and offer you skin care consultations, so you can get on the right path to a healthier looking skin.