New Skin Care: Science not Fiction

Fact: The Rouge Cosmetics has moved the needle in anti-aging innovation with Ongrien Technologies. Real results start now.

Future Perfect Skin:

Buzzing with great cosmetics and highly-advanced scientific skin care since it opened its doors more than ten years ago, The Rouge Cosmetics offers the most effective skin care products in the industry. The Rouge products start with science, with their Ongrien Advanced Skin Care Treatments. The Rouge Cosmetics along with Ongrien Technologies’ research team has helped pioneer the advent of cosmeceuticals and has continued to lead the industry as one of the first companies to provide scientific evidence to support product benefits. Their anti-aging, nutrient-based products deliver advanced protection, while neutralizing free radicals. Better than organic, Ongrien Technologies is a nutrient-based line that is healthy for the body, with valuable vitamins that ensure safety, all designed to prevent damage to the skin. Qualified and proven as one of the most superior anti-aging products on the market, while backed with scientific facts on repairing skin from the inside out, these anti-aging treatments help reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother complexion and healthier skin for the future. Aging Is Optional!

Break-up with Break-outs

Using new technologies and science-based techniques to repair, control and reduce break-outs, Ongrien Technologies has come out with an acne treatment line that helps reduce acne and skin related problems. While the cause is still unknown, hormones and stress are contributing factors; that is why Ongrien developed a Clear Skin System that treats acne for those with sensitive skin. Treating the skin delicately without harsh chemicals is key, while using triple action exfoliating agents and perfectly balanced glycolic acids to unclog pores and kill bacteria, it improves the skin’s balance and controls breakouts. Pathogenic bacteria lives on acne skin types, so reducing bacteria on the skin helps prevent future breakouts.

Pure Skin Appeal

Ongrien’s nutrient-based anti-aging treatments are healthy for the body and given the attention and nourishment that your skin deserves, it can be strengthened, toned, and indicative of the youthful and healthy beauty you always wanted. Harness the scientific benefits of Ongrien Advanced Skin Care Collection that has been created with YOU in mind—Ongrien Technologies offers state-of-the-art skin care solutions and products meant to respect every skin type and need. There is no one-size-fits-all skin care solution, so they have developed options for every woman’s skin type.

Ongrien Technologies has formulated these science-based products, using perfectly balanced antioxidants and peptides with the highest quality ingredients and formulations including:

  • DMAE – Repairs, Restore, Thickens The Skin and Lifts.
  • Lipoic Acid – 400 Times Stronger Than Vitamin C, Smoothing Effect.
  • Ester-C – Exceptional Antioxidant To Reduce Free-Radical Damage.
  • Co-Enzyme – Restores & Regenerates Cells.
  • Neuropeptides – Lifts And Slows Down The Aging Process And Formation Of Wrinkles.

Through years of research, Ongrien Technologies has formulated a collection of world-renowned, pharmaceutical-grade, anti-aging skin care products, that deliver powerful, effective benefits to provide a youthful, toned and radiant appearance to the complexion.

For more information related to your specific skin concerns, The Rouge offers skin care consultations to help you choose the correct balance, regime and treatments for the future of healthy skin.