Eddie Papa’s American Hangout

Today we take a trip into Pleasanton and discover a building dripping with Americana. It is not very often that I find myself completely bowled over by a concept, and certainly not very often that I encounter a person like Eddie Westmoreland that has not only put all of his heart into a concept, but passionately seeks ways to keep the product and message fresh. Eddie Papa’s is the most unique restaurant that I have ever set foot in, and allow me to remind you that I have eaten freshly harvested goat off an outdoor table in Kenya.

Before any of my spy-savvy readers have a chance to blow my cover, allow me to expose the platform from which I write this month. As of earlier last month, and on select days, you can find me tending bar or even waiting the occasional table at Eddie Papas as my business partner and I fight tooth and nail to side step those pesky small business loans and I prepare for the March arrival of my baby girl. Eddie has just built an amazing front patio off of the bar area and was looking for seasoned veterans to help carry the bar message to the throngs of patrons that will come to discover us, some for the first time and some again because we already know their name. I printed my resume and headed out looking for Seth Thurman, the Bar Manager. I met Eddie right inside the door and we quickly grabbed a table to talk.

Eddie explained to me that he created the restaurant as an homage to the large family he continues to build, the rich culture of the Country we are lucky enough to wake up in everyday and most importantly his grandfather that came here via Armenia to live this American Dream. Eddie has nailed all that he has set out to accomplish.

Eddie Papa’s American Hangout is built on the G.F.U.N.D.: Genuine, Fun, Uncommon, Nostalgic and Delicious. The menu is a culinary history and geographic lesson from around the country boasting items like the real Hollywood Cobb Salad, Kansas City Ribs or Louisiana Jambalaya and Beignets, all made to the letter of where they originated. He has quarterly specials that pay homage to regions like the West Coast Korean Tacos (a tip of the hat to the food truck scene in LA). He even has S’mores with house-made marshmallows and open flame for their guests to prepare, and at the end of every meal, the guests (with child or not) gets hand spun cotton candy to cleanse the palette. This is the sheer definition of unique and nostalgic. These touches have put him at the top of rated family friendly restaurants in the Bay Area.

Then you head over to the bar. The concept here is Pre-Prohibition Era Bartending where bartending was an art form involving hand squeezed juices, fresh ingredients, infused syrups, fresh herbs and bitters. Couple all of this with showmanship and the requirement for the men to behave as gentlemen and the women like ladies and you really do have a bar that would have thrived in the early 1920’s.

Seth is a Cicerone. For those unaware, Cicerone is to beer what Sommelier is to wine, and Seth knows his beer! He hosts a remarkably well balanced and predominately local beer selection on draft in either 16oz or 24oz pours. Labels like 8 Bridges, 21st Amendment and Drakes drive the beer program and if you have spare time, get Seth talking about his whiskeys. This man knows his stuff and his back bar proves it.

I am truly honored to be a part of the happiness that Eddie is turning out from this location and my only desire now is that you stop taking my word for things. Come down and let me shake you a Broken Spoke!

4889 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588
(925) 469-6266

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