Choice Kitchen

Friends, I feel like a change is in order. Give me a minute to find my soapbox.

By now you are familiar with the eating patterns my family has adopted. The shift happened in our household upon the addition of our littles, coupled with a smattering of mind-jarring movies.

As our minds were peeled back, we seemed to find the perfect media that served as visceral reminders of why we were making the change. These movies we not propaganda, but truths about how we eat as Americans, and our generational inevitabilities, if something isn’t done now. These movies included: Fast Food Nation, Forks Over Knives, Food Inc. and most recently, Fed Up. The bottom line is that we are an overweight and over-medicated society and it all has to do with what we put in our mouths for “nourishment.”

The concerning realization has been the lack of restaurants in our immediate area that cater to the solution without making you feel overwhelmed and on-your-own as you peruse a foreign menu. How then are we supposed to “baby step,” without our hand being held, into a better tomorrow? We need that.

Look no further! Choice Kitchen is your guide and promotes learning at your own kitchen table.

Some back-story: Choice Lunch was established in 2003 by Justin Gagnon (son to the Gagnon Empire), to provide healthy and delivered lunches to our children in school. Today they deliver 40,000 lunches a day. (I reserve the right to explore this business more in the future).

In January of this year, Choice Lunch saw the shift occurring, or rather primed and ready to do so. They devoted their Danville location as the kitchen for this new endeavor and enlisted the nutritional moxy of Sophie Johnson to oversee the operation. In March they brought on the talented Executive Chef, Harold Sena-Okoto, formerly of Ruby Hill Golf Club, to make Sophie’s vision become a reality.

With Justin’s business savvy, Sophie’s educated passion and now Chef Harold’s culinary prowess, Choice Kitchen was born. But how does it work? Go to and peruse their menu items, fill your cart for the meal you want your family to have delivered to your home (order by noon for a same day delivery 3-5pm to your front porch) and spend far less than eating out and without the burden of burning valuable family time or your fingers.

Choice Kitchen is organic and whole-food based. All produce is local and a partnership with the Danville Farmers Market and Hodo Tofu are evident. (You can visit Choice Kitchen at the Farmers Market every Saturday.)

Sophie eats well for health. Her menu items are Paleo, vegan and gluten friendly. There are sustainably-raised seafood and meat dishes. Sophie puts any misconception to bed with one comment: “This is not a take-out alternative. This is how you would cook if you had the time. These are busy parents that care about diet spending time enjoying their families.”

I have been in their kitchen and it smells like grandmas house at Thanksgiving.
Their Beta Testing was unprecedented. Prior to launch, Sophie gave 20 families in Danville, Alamo and San Ramon $500 dollars credit and then met with each family individually for feedback.

Currently these are the only towns being delivered to, but Walnut Creek and LaMorinda are on the horizon. There are no membership fees and free delivery for orders over $50. My family and I (four people), spent $47 and ate to our fill with left-overs.

I know that wanting to eat well, and actually doing it, is daunting. Sophie has bridged that chasm simply because she cares.

She even gave us our own coupon code. Go to and cook dinner. Use the code ALIVE and get 10% off your whole order and free delivery regardless of how much you spend.

This is how we are supposed to eat!

569 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Danville