Yannis Greek Taverna

Even if you have only read me every other month (or less) chances are pretty good that you know my penchant for Mediterranean food. In few words…I LOVE IT! It is clean, fresh, quick, and follows a healthy eating regime.

Picture how over the moon I was when I heard that Danville was getting another place to get my fix. Yes, there are a few, and I do not deny that I reserve the right to regale you with tales of hummus, gyro, and falafel from these place at a later date however, I am certainly glad that I came across Yannis and am writing about it before a couple of the others. You see, I do not take my responsibilities lightly. As stated, many times before, I will not give you any negative reviews. I only get to talk to you once a month, and we have enough mud flying in our day-to-day lives than waste a whole article on more, but that does not mean I don’t have my favorites. A place really does need to be “article” ready for me to tip my hat. This place is ready!

First of all, Yannis is tucked down the little alley way across from the “New” Danville Veterans Hall. I have always loved this small-town’s side alley of commerce, and now the end building is reserved for food greatness.
Secondly, they have a shady outdoor patio in front that allows for wonderful nights eating great food and gazing down this story-book little alley. A great place for an Italian mobster, as nothing can approach from the back.
Thirdly, the inside is rustic, perfectly lit, and cozy. There are hard floors with coffee colored/high back leather chairs, exposed dark beams of wood against the cream yellow walls and lower ceilings. Huge picture windows allow for a view of the outdoor diners and natural light to come pouring in. The atmosphere is far deeper than the price point suggests. They almost don’t match, but I am afraid to say that too loud for fear they might change their prices. I would certainly have it this way than the other way around (of which there are places like that all over Danville…dammit…mud).
I am no longer a drinking man (buy my book and learn more) but if I were, this bar is exact place that I would seek. Almost square with seating on two sides, in plain view of the large screen TV (playing the A’s on the night we went, extra bonus points for that), separate from the dining room by a half wall allows any patron to feel a part of the dining experience as a whole, but still have their privacy. Again, the low ceilings, and decorative low hanging lamp shades, the tile back splash and full view of servers coming and going, making espresso, pouring wine. Awesome place to misplace an evening for dinner.

Yannis is brought to us by a husband and wife team, Anthony and Voula. Anthony was there the evening we went with an ear-to-ear smile, watching the comings and goings and personally touching tables. The type of hospitality that comes from Greece, and sure enough after investigation I found they both come directly from Piraeus, a costal city in Atica! This is not some team from New Jersey that decided they make a pretty good falafel. This is the real deal people.

We had the hummus and pita for our two year old, the falafel wrap for me and a veggie gyro for my wife. With no drinks the total was around $23.00. See what I mean….shhhh! But of course it was also how it was delivered. Rachel was our server and she brought water in a sippy cup for the boy before we even got settled. Never stopped smiling and was everything you want in a server.

I am very excited about this place. You should be as well.

Yannis Greek Taverna, 120 E. Prospect Avenue, Danville, Ca.