Slow G’s Eatery

It was one of those late night thoughts that creep so effortlessly in the dark of the night. I was sprawled out in bed, reading (something health/diet related) and was stricken with the fear that I was ostracizing you, the readers, and chastising those of you who were not living like me. Here I have been preaching to you my families new found glory in nutrition and health. Up on my soapbox, force- feeding you my philosophies and practices, and suggesting—nay, telling you, how you should live as well. These thoughts are a bi-product of our one-sided

Then I took a step back. Why shouldn’t I care about you and your longevity? Even if I never meet you, why shouldn’t I try and spread the gospel on nutrition and health? And why shouldn’t I be dismayed at the availability of businesses promoting the same message through their consumer-based fare.

I have decided that I was being neurotic, but I still very much want to hear from you. Like my Facebook Page, “Written By Tobin,” go to my website,, or follow me on Twitter @tullist, to open up the conversation.

So, I continue my quest with a little egg on my face.

Through a wonderfully executed cross-promotion with Acai-Me, my wife heard of an amazing, health conscious deli in the Fresh and Easy shopping center on Diablo Road, called Slow G’s Eatery. I walked in and ordered lunch and asked to speak to the owner. The man preparing my sandwich had a backward baseball cap and apron on and introduced himself as Gary. I explained how excited I was to find him and that I wrote the Restaurant Column for Alive. Without hesitation, he said “You’re Toby!” I had just met one of my readers.

Gary is one of our angels that have answered their calling. He traded the boardroom for cutting boards in an effort to make the world healthier without sacrificing flavor or quality. The egg on my face is that he has been doing this for three years! I was shocked I had not been here before, but I refuse to live in the past. I know now (after eating here a couple of times) that I will know Gary Ramponi for a long time.

Slow G’s has a three-pronged message: “Cut Sodium,” “Cut Sugar,” and “Cut Unhealthy Fat.” This is not enough to write on a logo and forget. People should live up to this high standard, and Gary is doing it! Here’s how: No packaged meats. Gary makes all of his own deli meat in house. Raw, skinless chicken breasts are the only way to cut sodium, pork and roast beef slow cooked in his dual ovens.

He makes all of his own sauces and spreads. His edamame pesto is out of this world; high in protein and fiber and replete with fresh basil and nuts (no added salt or sugar). He is at the Danville Farmers Market every weekend picking up his ingredients in an effort to maintain his farm-to-table mantra as well as supporting local growers. His bread is supplied by Semifreddi’s Bakery and he donates the daily-unused quantity to people in need through St. Vincent de Paul.

Gary’s motivation comes from the same place this article comes from, “a frustration of not being able to find a place where he knew the food was of good value and wasn’t laden with unhealthy fats, sodium, and sugar.” In short, Gary “get’s it.” He is doing for us, what we may be scared or intimidated to try ourselves, and he has been doing it quietly for a long time. My aim is to change that. Slow G’s Eatery is not merely a part of a movement, they are the driver.

So go and rediscover how a deli should taste. Introduce yourself to Gary, and tell him that you are interested in living a long and happy life.

440 Diablo Rd. @ I-680, Danville