Are You Ready to Step Into the “Winner’s Circle” for WEIGHT LOSS Success?

In my private practice, over the last nine years, I’ve helped many clients step into the “Winner’s Circle” by offering them practical tools to nourish, water, and prune their colorful “inner gardens.” An “inner garden” is the place where a person’s innermost thoughts and emotions come together. Now, just as a cared-for “outer garden” feels good when we come home to it (and relax into a comfy lounge chair)—a nourished and cared-for “inner garden” can also feel good when we “come home”…and relax into it (ah-h-h).

By contrast, when we don’t take the time to nourish our “inner gardens,” we may lose touch with what our soils/souls are longing for. Often, when we are out of touch with our innermost thoughts and feelings, we “act out” our emotions in unconscious ways, like compulsively overeating.

Unfortunately, if this habit becomes a “mainstay of our diets”—we are likely to become overweight. Meanwhile, with unhealthy food temptations lurking around every corner, it would take TRUCKLOADS of willpower to resist all the junk food enticements!

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I offer “guided imagery” and find it to be one of my most effective tools. “Guided imagery” helps weight-loss seekers harness the power of their unconscious minds—instead of trying to succeed on their conscious willpower alone. Now, you may be wondering, what is guided imagery and how does it work?

First, guided imagery gently guides people to relax and calm their minds and bodies. Then, they simply listen to some positive suggestions that nourish and support them on a deep level. In this way, unhealthy eating habits are addressed by engaging the wisdom of the unconscious mind. And this is where it gets really interesting—based on studies from Stanford University, the University of Connecticut, and Washington University, research shows that guided imagery can DOUBLE the success of a weight-loss program!

Now in case you missed my EXCITING NEWS last month, here’s a recap: After three years of development—with the help of an extremely talented team—I’ve created a weight-loss program that offers guided imagery as its central tool. Our program is designed to help people step into the “Winner’s Circle” for weight-loss success. Our web-based program is called:

~ Weight Loss 18 Minutes ~

We chose this name because it takes about 18 minutes a day—to use the program’s “primary tools.” As you’ll see in my illustration


the primary tools of Weight Loss 18 Minutes are:

  • DAILY GUIDED IMAGERY (about 11 minutes of listening)
  • A DAILY EMAIL that offers support and TIPS…designed to empower personal success (about 1 minute to read)
  • Downloadable “SELF-CARE” FORMS (about 5 minutes to use)
  • ARTsy INSPIRATIONS…sprinkled generously throughout our program (a few seconds to enjoy!)


These primary tools provide a solid “Circle of Support” to help people stay focused on their weight-loss goals as they patiently move forward, one-step and one-day at a time.

Now I must tell you, to introduce our weight-loss program, I had my first experience of “starring” in a video. Eric Johnson, the publisher of this magazine and owner of ALIVE MEDIA, produced the video. He and his team did an amazing job showing what sets Weight Loss 18 Minutes apart from other programs—and helped me bring my “personal story” to life. (Thank-you Eric and Michael!)

I’ll be honest here, prior to filming I was quite nervous about being “on camera” and especially about telling my story—including my own struggles with food. Thank heavens, my passion for sharing these important tools helped me overcome my camera shyness and avoid becoming a “deer in the headlights!”

So, on that note, I hope you enjoy seeing my video and hearing more about our program’s powerful tools! If you’re ready to embrace the healthier body you’ve been longing for and experience our “Circle of Support”—then don’t miss out on getting your 10-Day Free Trial. Simply go to: and click the purple gift box.

“I feel supported throughout my day using the tools. Best of all—I’m changing my relationship with food—and am losing weight!”  Maureen

Trina Swerdlow, BFA, CCHT, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, an artist, and the author of Stress Reduction Journal. Trina has a private practice in downtown Danville. You can reach her at: (925) 285.5759, or

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy services in California can be alternative or complementary to licensed healing arts, such as psychotherapy.