Spring into Style

Designing with the season is a great way to update your space. Interchangeable pillow covers for the family and living rooms, different table cloths and runners for the dining table, and throw blankets for the bed and sofas are all great places to start. Bringing in new designs also means it is time to clean and declutter. Nothing makes a room feel better than a freshly cleaned, bright and airy space. Updating is an excuse to purge and replace items that have seen better days.living room

Did you know that reupholstering a sofa can cost about the same as buying new? The cost largely depends on the type of fabric chosen and if the cushion fill needs to be changed out. It is always a good idea to look into the cost of buying new before you settle on updating the old. A new style of sofa in the living room can brighten the space and lighten it up. Older sofas that weigh down a room can have a huge, negative impact on the space. Working around one element or item in a room that you are not in love with is difficult. Make sure the base elements of your room are to your liking; paint colors, flooring, and lighting elements.

Spring is the perfect time to start designing. The winter market is over and manufacturers are just starting to release their new styles, so you are sure to get the latest fashions for your home. Fun new fabrics and furniture styles come into my office every day; I am able to present them to my clients before anyone else has a chance to see them. Working with a designer on your springtime update will save you valuable research time and money. Brighten up your space just before the rush of summer!