Quit Smoking – It’s Bad for your Cat

There is now an anti-smoking ad that is trying to appeal to smokers’ love for their cats. Cats that live in the homes of smokers are more likely to die of cancer and other diseases.  If it’s not a powerful enough reason to quit for your own health or for the sake of your human family, then by all means, quit for your cat. Allow me to give you some specific and concrete information about why smoking is bad for you and your cat.

I speak to people everyday about how their smoking addiction is hurting their health. For the most part, people understand that smoking is “bad” and that they are at an increased risk of cancer. It seems though, that their belief is that the harmful effects of smoking are far off into the future and something to worry about “later.” This couldn’t be further from the truth, because the harmful effects of smoking are affecting organ function now on a day to day basis. Far before causing cancer, smoking causes COPD, Cataracts, Crohn’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Infertility, Impotence, Psoriasis, Reynaud’s phenomenon and many other illnesses. Smokers have a general life expectancy of ten years less than non-smokers.

There are many toxic elements in tobacco, even smokeless tobacco, that cause disease and illness. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds including carbon monoxide, arsenic, cyanide and formaldehyde. E-cigarettes aren’t currently monitored or controlled by the FDA, so there are large discrepancies in content from manufacturer to manufacturer, but formaldehyde and other cancer causing compounds have also been found in the solution that is then mixed with nicotine in the cartridges. Even the “nicotine-free” cartridges have been found to have traceable amounts of nicotine.

Obviously, inhaling the poisons in cigarettes is harmful, but nicotine itself is a poison in the body beyond its addictive properties. Nicotine causes vasoconstriction or tightening of the arteries of the body so that blood doesn’t flow as quickly and easily to the places that it needs to go. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to skin, muscles, nerves, bone and soft tissues. Some tissues don’t have blood flowing to them directly and they have to rely on nearby blood vessels to leak nutrients and oxygen by diffusion to get what they need. A person who smokes is automatically making their heart work harder by having to push blood into the body against the resistance of the narrowed arteries. This causes high blood pressure. The body works harder to get blood flowing therefore it has to decide which organs need the blood and oxygen the most. The brain, heart, liver, lungs and kidneys are the “vessel rich” organs that need it the most. The skin, nerves, bones, discs of the spine, ligaments and other areas get less. Skin is the largest organ of the body and its appearance is a tell tale sign of what’s happening on the inside of the body. Smokers look older than they are because their skin isn’t getting enough blood flow and oxygen causing early wrinkles, sagging and a dull, dry, off color look.

More and more studies on the effects of tobacco use are showing that chronic pain, especially neck and low back, is directly related to smoking. The discs of the spine only get oxygen and nutrients through passive diffusion of blood flow from nearby spinal arteries. Discs that don’t get proper blood flow and nutrients are more likely to have early degeneration and lose their cushion effect on the spine which can cause nerve pain and damage. Slower tissue growth and healing is a major problem for all smokers whether they are healing from a relatively minor injury or surgery. Any type of chronic pain is made worse by smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes because those toxic elements accumulate in the tissues and prevent the body from healing itself. Unfortunately chronic pain isn’t always preventable or treatable but the decision to smoke can be changed and the harmful effects of smoking can be reversed if done early enough.


Where is Our Government?

One would think that the first duty of our government would be to protect you and me, yet it appears they are doing the opposite. One of the more recent acts of stupidity is allowing a GMO that allows a glyphosate-based herbicide (GBH), Monsanto’s Roundup, to be sprayed on crops meant for our consumption.

In a recent report in the Journal of Environmental Health some of the grossly underestimated risks of GBH use were revealed.  One danger, not anticipated, is that GBH can last up to one year in the soil and can build up over time.

Some of the effects to the consumer are liver and kidney damage, hormone problems and disturbance of the bacteria in our digestive system.  Presently there are no studies being done in regard to these dangers.

To add insult to injury, the use of GBH has a damaging effect on the soil which relies on the normal weeds for its rejuvenation. The dirt found in farms using this herbicide has become hard and compact, making it even difficult for the crops to obtain nutrition. Fertile soil is a very important resource of any nation, yet this abomination of a practice is destroying this resource. Certain butterflies rely on special weeds for their survival along with many organisms.

Who cares about soil and insects when more profits can be made?  It is quite clear that a monster cover-up is taking place and I am sure further research will find many more health risks and birth defects associated with this practice motivated by greed, and supported by neglect. Don’t hold your breath waiting for someone to do something. There are powerful forces aligned against what needs to be done.

YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. WHAT CAN YOU DO?  Take every effort to avoid foods that may contain GBH or GMO grains, like those found in packaged foods containing corn, wheat or soybeans.  Over 90% of soybean samples in one study contained GBH.  Shop organic. If you must buy breakfast cereal, make sure it is not a GMO grain.

I would strongly suggest research into the GBH levels found in grain-fed meat. They are even feeding grain to farmed salmon. America is the sickest developed nation in the world considering we, by far, spend the most money on healthcare. Something must be done to shake up the present system that is contributing to this ugly reality.

In my practice of TMJ disorders I use a holistic approach to relieving pain. In the majority of my most successful treatments, diet and lifestyle changes were essential.  In some cases another health problem was the root of symptoms. In other cases, multiple prescriptions with multiple side effects contributed. Anything that diminishes one’s health can cause a multitude of symptoms.

Sadly, it looks like even profits in the medical industry will be helped by Monsanto.

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Get a grip on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome—Naturally

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is pressure on the median nerve—the nerve in the wrist that supplies feeling and movement to parts of the hand. It can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle damage in the hand and fingers. The median nerve provides feeling and movement to the “thumb side” of the hand (the palm, thumb, index finger, middle finger, and thumb side of the ring finger). The area in your wrist where the nerve enters the hand is called the carpal tunnel. This tunnel is normally narrow, so any swelling can pinch the nerve and cause pain, numbness, tingling or weakness. This is called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Causes and risk factors

Carpal tunnel syndrome is common in people who perform repetitive motions of the hand and wrist. Typing on a computer keyboard and using a mouse are the most common causes of carpal tunnel. Other causes include:

  • Driving
  • Assembly line work
  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Use of tools (especially hand tools or tools that vibrate)
  • Sports such as racquetball or handball
  • Playing some musical instruments

A number of medical conditions are associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, including:


  • Numbness or tingling in the thumb and next two or three fingers of one or both hands
  • Numbness or tingling in the palm of the hand
  • Pain extending from the elbow
  • Pain in wrist or hand in one or both hands
  • Problems with fine finger movements (coordination) in one or both hands
  • Wasting away of the muscle under the thumb (in advanced or long-term cases)
  • Weak grip or difficulty carrying bags or opening a jar (a common complaint)
  • Weakness in one or both hands

Class IV Laser Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Until recently the most common treatment for Carpal Tunnel has been the use of anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, wrist splinting and surgery. These treatments do not treat the cause but the symptoms only and are not always effective long-term.

Now, however, we have a powerful, effective, non-invasive solution to reverse the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Ending the symptoms caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome requires stopping the cycle of inflammation at its source. Class IV laser therapy is an excellent method for this, because it is presently the only modality that can both reduce inflammation and heal tissue simultaneously. Laser treatments at Align Healing Center are done with the K-laser CUBE a Class IV Laser. This laser does not cut or burn but is gently absorbed by the tissue. During Laser Therapy the infrared laser light interacts with tissues at the cellular level, increasing metabolic activity and improving the transport of nutrients across the cell membrane. This initiates the production of cellular energy (ATP) that leads to a cascade of beneficial effects, increasing cellular function and health. Therefore, laser therapy creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and pain. As the injured area returns to normal, function and strength are restored and pain is relieved.

Relief is Possible!

At Align Healing Center we are having great success treating carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, shoulder and neck pain, migraines, arthritis, tendonitis, post surgical pain, sports injuries and more; even if it’s long-term residual pain. Ar­thritis and degenerative disc disease sufferers can see long term benefits from this treatment without any of the negative side effects experienced with the long term use of medications.

Dr. Niele Maimone, DC is the owner and founder of Align Healing Center in Danville, CA. She has been active in our natural health & wellness community since 1999. For more information or to set up a consult call 925.362.8283 or visit www.alignhealingcenter.com.