Natural Healing for Pinched Nerves and Bulging Discs

If you are suffering from a pinched nerve or herniated disc, you know how debilitating it is and how the pain slowly leaks the vitality from your life. Since 1999, when Align Healing Center opened its doors, we have been specialists in treating pain naturally; whether it’s back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or any other pain, we have been there to awaken the healing potential in the body and relieve the pain. That being said, we are always in search of miraculous new ways to relieve pain without the use of drugs, invasive procedures and certainly without inducing more pain! If you or someone you care about suffers from a pinched nerve or disc-related pain, it is worthwhile to explore the exceptional, non-invasive, natural therapies that are available today. emotional-wellness-dimension-of-wellness

Can I heal my pain without drugs or surgery? Yes, here’s how…

1. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy
Non-surgical spinal decompression is a state of the art treatment that has been helping thousands of patients with chronic neck or low back pain, sciatica, and herniated, bulging or degenerated discs. This is an entirely different treatment from traditional chiropractic adjustments. Many of the patients who are candidates for this procedure have already tried chiropractic, physical therapy, injections, and/or were told they would need surgery.
This breakthrough treatment works by gently separating the vertebra which decompresses the disc, thus causing the bulging material to be drawn back into the disc. It does this by reversing the internal disc pressure, thus creating a vacuum effect. According to the Journal of Neurosurgery (vol. 81, 1994), decompression was found to substantially reduce the pressure inside disc, therefore allowing water and nutrients to be absorbed and initiate the healing process within the disc itself. Non-surgical spinal decompression is very effective, has a high success rate, and can be utilized for both cervical and lumbar disc injuries.

2. Class IV Laser Therapy
Laser treatments at Align Healing Center are done with the K-laser 1200 Class IV Laser. Class IV Laser therapy gets to the root of the injury and treats it at the cellular level, providing energy to the cells so they can heal. This laser does not cut or burn but is gently absorbed by the tissue. During each painless treatment, laser energy increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area. This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and pain. As the injured area returns to normal, function is restored and pain is relieved.

There is hope!
We have found that a combination of Class IV laser therapy and spinal decompression offers outstanding results in healing stubborn pain due to a pinched nerve, bulging disc or spinal degeneration.
As a general rule, most patients experience significant changes in symptoms within one to three sessions. Occasionally, a more advanced degenerative condition or multiple level herniated discs may take 8-10 sessions before realizing a major decline in symptoms. Relief response varies according to age, body morphology and the degree of severity.

This unique combination of non-invasive therapy offers a chance for realizing a permanent cure for neck or back pain. This eliminates the long-term care commitment forced upon patients by other symptomatic low-back pain treatments, such as drugs, injections or surgery. With proper care and rehabilitation of your spine you can be back to your healthy self quickly!

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Many of us are unaware that we might suffer from OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). Many know they have OSA and have sought help only to be given a CPAP that they can’t tolerate. Until recent years, physicians believed that the only standard of care for OSA was the CPAP. Extensive research has concluded that an oral appliance can be just as effective. Just think, no more mask and forced air and you don’t have to take an extra bag for the CPAP when you travel, just something the size of a can of tuna.

To emphasize how absolutely vital the situation is, here are just a few of the dangers untreated OSA can cause: Almost a 500% increase in developing cancer, a 600% increase in heart disease, a 300% increase in auto accidents as well as a 500% increase in the accident being very serious. In my practice I am beginning to see the loss of one’s driver’s license as a result of non-treatment. Although these are scary facts, we should not lose sight of how much better the quality of our life can be—from a healthier body and brain, to the elimination of a major source of chronic inflammation—when OSA is properly treated. The body must have deep sleep in order to restore the immune system and to prevent inflammation.

Unfortunately there are many dentists that offer oral appliances for OSA as a small part of a complex dental practice. Many do not have the training and experience necessary to supply the patient the most comprehensive service. Proper design and adjustment of the appliance can be quite time consuming which can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule, not to mention the extensive training necessary to be a qualified provider, providing adequate care.

At Advanced Oral Diagnoses and Treatment Center, located in Danville, we specialize in Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ dysfunction only. These two conditions are many times associated with each other and it can benefit the patient greatly to be treated by an expert in both fields.

A properly designed and adjusted oral appliance has made a huge difference for me and for hundreds of my patients. Our office uses a very specialized computer called an acoustic pharyngometer. With this device, both the patient and I can see the location of the obstruction and watch it altered as the lower jaw is repositioned both forward and vertically. The increased air flow is right there for the patient to see. The appliance is then made to these exact specifications.

Once delivered, the oral device may require some adjustment to insure ultimate comfort and function. Once the patient is happy with the results, I highly recommend a follow up sleep study, which can be done at home, to verify that the OSA is being effectively treated and the user is getting proper sleep.

Your initial appointment is complimentary, allowing you to get all the answers you need to choose the best treatment option for your condition. Advanced Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Center is located in Danville. Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ treatment are our specialties. Please feel free to contact us at 925-837-8408 and visit our website at for more information.

Sitting is the new SMOKING!

I don’t know how you feel about it, but from what I can tell, sitting is getting way too popular. We sit to work, sit to eat, sit to think, and sit when we get home to relax from all of that….sitting. Clearly, sitting has crept into our daily lives, disguised as a work requirement, or a relaxing moment or as an actual goal – “sitting in the lap of luxury.” In fact I’m sitting as I write this, but a treadmill desk is in my very near future!

Although sitting can be relaxing, there is strong evidence showing that sitting is an aggressive, unhealthy activity. Our bodies were designed to move, but sitting has been making inroads into our lives for generations, first as a show of wealth (kings, queens and my Uncle Ned), and then with the invention of the chair, the Barco Lounger, the corner office and the dreaded cubicle. But in the last 10 years, sitting has really grabbed us by the rear. In America today, 60% of people spend six or more hours of the day sitting. This can’t be too surprising–after all, television, computers and commuting require people to spend hours sitting down. But how bad is that? Well, it’s a big deal—bigger than the derrière you’ll get from all that inactivity.

Before you think that this doesn’t apply to you, take an honest look at your average day. Most people wake up and sit at the table or the computer with a cup of coffee for 30 minutes, then commute for 30-40 minutes, then sit for most of the workday, another six hours. When the work is done, it’s time to sit to eat, and finally, a chance to relax in front of the TV or read or knit or play the guitar—another four hours. That adds up to almost 12 hours of sitting!

Recent research from Australia’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute shows that prolonged sitting is responsible for increased colon, breast, lung and prostate cancers. It also doubles your chance of getting Type II diabetes. But the news gets worse. Exercise doesn’t compensate for this. That’s right, sitting is its own risk factor that can’t be tamed by a run in the afternoon. In fact, the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center has developed a formula showing that if you do one hour of moderate exercise, the health gained, will be totally reversed if you sit for six hours. That would make you an “active couch potato.”


Adding even more evidence that sitting is bad news is the discovery that it suppresses a key gene (lipid phosphate phospatase-1) that helps prevent inflammation and blood clotting. This puts sitting squarely in the “scary” category. Sounds a lot like smoking, and that is exactly what many scientists are implying.


1. Your metabolism shuts down when sitting and the enzymes that breakdown fat decrease 90%.
2. Sitting over 5 hours a day will shave 3.5 years off your life even if you exercise regularly.
4. A sedentary job results in twice the chance of getting colon and rectal cancer.
5. Obese people sit 2.5 hours more per day then normal weight people.
6. Within 5 days of shifting to a sedentary lifestyle triglycerides,cholesterol and insulin levels increase This increases weight and inflammation.
7. Heavy exercisers tend to sit more than average people on their exercise days.
8. Prolonged sitting decreases the “feel good” hormones and increases depression.
9. Increased pressure from sitting generates increased fat in the buttocks.

There are things you can do to decrease sitting time and I’m sure you don’t need me tell you to stand more at work or home, but even so, try standing during phone calls, practice your balance when watching TV or just fidget at your desk. Standing breaks as short as one minute can be a game changer.

If you sit a lot and are beginning to feel effects like back pain, headaches, fatigue and difficulty sleeping, take the first step at regaining your health and schedule a consultation at our office.

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Scrubbing Away those Winter Blues

It seems that during the cold winter months, it’s universally acknowledged that our skin gets dry. I typically carry hand lotion with me wherever I may be, but during the winter months I’m wishing I had a Costco-sized bottle around at all times! We get a lot of people asking what types of treatments are going to soothe their dry, itchy skin during these cold (well, cold to us) months and we’ve got a pretty sweet solution.

Sugar or salt scrubs. Wait, what? Sugar or salt scrubs! A nice, gentle exfoliating sugar scrub will help you get soft and smooth again in roughly 60 to 90 minutes. I say 60 to 90 because those are the treatment length options we have, and I always push for the 90 minutes. Oh, before I get into that, maybe I should provide a bit more detail on exactly what a sugar or salt scrub is, here at Healing Hands.

We offer various scents, including mango, coconut, brown sugar and fig, peppermint, and more. The treatment itself is full body and won’t leave you sticky. If you so desire, you can choose to have just your legs, arms or back done, but I’m telling you, a full body scrub is where it’s at!

The treatment itself typically starts with your back and with the texture of the sweet sugar (or salty… salt) scrubbing along, it’s like the best back scratch you’ve ever had. You are basically getting an incredible scratch on all the spots you didn’t realize were itchy until that scrub hit ya! Removing the sugar or salt is also quite heavenly, a hot towel is gently placed on the area and the granules are wiped away, removing all the dry, dead skin the scrub helped you get rid of. After the removal of the scrub, you’ll get a nice, light massage with hydrating cream to bring your skin back to life. I swear, you won’t be let down once you feel how incredibly silky your skin is after the treatment is done.

We offer these all year, but the winter months seem to bring out the necessity of the treatment to men and women everywhere. Whether you are looking for a quick fix to winter skin or something you can do regularly to keep your skin super smooth and soft, sugar and salt scrubs are the way to go. As I said before, I always recommend going for a 90 minute treatment because not only do you get the scrub on all the parts you need, you also get some extra time to relax and really soak in how sweet the treatment really is. Get it? Soak in how SWEET it is?

Just to throw the idea out there, we also offer a coffee scrub which helps with stubborn cellulite – call for more information!

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