Know the SF 49ers?

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If you would like a clue as to my age, I was in attendance at Kezar Stadium for the very first 49er game in 1946. Don’t worry. I am not going to ask questions about that game. But let’s look at the 49ers over the years.

1. In the 1950s, a very entertaining SF team featured QB Y.A. Tittle throwing the Alley Oop pass for touchdowns. It was a high arching pass to the end to a tall, agile receiver who out jumped their defenders and usually caught the ball. Who was that receiver?

2. SF did not win very often in the 60s. One Sunday afternoon, the fans were treated to an occurrence rarely seen. A Minnesota Viking defensive player, after turning around a few times trying to corral the 49er, picked up the fumble and proceeded to run the wrong way. He was followed by 49ers who protected him. He did not score a TD for SF because he spiked the ball and it went out of the end zone for SF safety. Who was this unfortunate Viking?

3. The 70s were another decade of small accomplishments for the 49ers. They got close to championships, but the pesky Dallas Cowboys beat them in the playoffs three seasons in a row. The SF quarterback battled bravely, but could not get the important win. He was a Stanford star, who had a fine career with SF. Who was he?

4. The 49ers made the grade in the 80s, with 4 Super Bowl titles led by QB Joe Montana. The most famous play was called “The Catch.” Montana completed this pass in the waning moments to finally beat Dallas in the NFC championship game. Here’s an easy one. Who caught it?

5. They won another one in the 90s behind QB Steve Young. The key player acquisition that year is when they picked up a dynamic defensive back who only played one season. He moved on to Dallas and, wouldn’t you know it, he won the Super Bowl with Dallas. Who was he?

6. In the new century, the 49ers are yet to win a Super Bowl, but it is still early. I have not mentioned Jimmy Garapallo yet, but maybe he will be an answer in 5 years. The 49ers did play in a Super Bowl a few years back, but lost. What team beat them?


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