Spring-in to a Bright New Style

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We all crave change. We love the thought of starting something new, but it is so hard to take those first few steps, which is why The Rouge Cosmetics offers Mini Make-0vers. You can try something new as part of a self-love enhancement while following some simple changes in cosmetic colors that are uplifting, updated, and fun.

I realize that when it comes to cosmetics and suggestions on how to improve one’s self, our troublesome tendencies or habits can get in the way of our progress. It can seem like just one more rock to push up the hill, which is why we try to keep the make “over” part to a minimum while pushing the make “better” with the hope that you’ll take it in the spirit intended.

With this being the beginning of Spring and time to reinvent ourselves, think about how good the change is; it is positive and it’s time to refresh our psyche. That said, get ready for a Mini Make-Over, designed to renovate your look into a modern, updated version of a more youthful, beautiful you.

Spring Looks 2018

Spring Eyes

Think cool, fresh, pale-nude colors because that’s what you will be seeing a lot of this season. Put aside the bold eyeliner and indulge in some beautiful, modern colors. Try a soft gray crease color rather than a brown. Own your style by using a soft, pale, peachy-nude eye shadow on the eyelid rather than a cream colored one. Invite a new color in your wardrobe until you get used to the idea. That mysterious hipness just might delight your shift in attitude.

Spring Cheek Colors

Now we’re talking super-sheer fusion blush colors for cheeks—and in a big way. Beeline to your nearest cosmetic boutique to try on a cool pink shimmer blusher, while staying true to your urban coolness. Without uttering a word and spiking up your fashionista per se, you will add some spice to your trend-watching swagger. It’s nice to be in the know, and to wear it well you need to add just a hint of this enduring color to the cheeks to pull off this elite fashion re-shift with confidence.

Spring Lips

With all the new modern colors swirling around this season, lips take on a whole new natural wave with baby palette essentials. Think cool light pink nudes, soft peach nectars, and flawless angelic plums. Dabble in a world of beautifully-crafted change without sacrificing all the home-grown principles you still identify with. Instead of using just a clear gloss, use a lip shine with a hint of peach. Or check out a nude pink lipstick rather than a gloss. The possibilities are endless and so much fun.
Spring Forward this season and let yourself in on something fun! You never know until you try it and you may be delighted you tried something new!

The Rouge Cosmetics will be offering Mini Make-Overs for Spring starting February 12th through March 31, 2018. Come in to discover a newer and brighter fun you, while experimenting with all the new and exciting colors for Spring!

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