We Love Valentine Trivia

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Don’t kid yourself. Old guys like me know what love is. I have three generations of people to love. That is a wife, three beautiful daughters and seven adorable grandchildren. No great grandkids yet, but there is still time, I think. In honor of Valentine‚Äôs Day, let’s talk about love, hearts and Valentines.

1. She has been on the music scene for a few decades and was the wife of Kurt Cobain. Who is she?

2. He was the right fielder with the great arm in the same outfield with Andre Dawson. Who was he?

3. Who was the female star of the 1955 movie “Love is a Many Splendored Thing?”

4. He was the front runner for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination until word of his affair with Donna Rice aboard his boat Monkey Business. Cannot make this stuff up! Who was he?

5. Fred Astaire played Robert Wagner’s father on this TV spy thriller of the 70s. They were reformed thieves. What was the name of the show?

6. The Giants had a third baseman from 1963 to 1973 with a potent bat and some difficulty in controlling throws to first. His name included three names. Who was he?

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